Xenforo 2.1.1 + Cloudflare = broken CSS with and without SSL https active


New member
May 23, 2019
Hello everybody, I readed every relationatedd post on Google and I can not solve this problem on my xenforo installation. I have unckecked css minify.

I need to can use cloudflare on my forum.

I tryed to create cloudflare page rules but it still doesnt works

Somebody knows how to solve this problem? Xenforo style css doesnt works on the frontend and doent works on admin panel too.
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I installed the same xenforo version on localhost wamp server and int works correctly (css etc)

After it I disabled all the SSL options on CloudFlare and I installed again Xenforo without https (ssl) and the css style problem persist.

I have disabled css,js and html cache minify in cloudflare config so it is not the problem.

I read in xenforo forums lots of topics about 1.5 version solutions and it doesnt works. It appears to be a reverse proxy problem but I dont find any solution for xenforo 2.0 or xenforo 2.1 and also the cloudflare post doesnt explain nothing concret : Using Cloudflare with Xenforo forums