Minecraft Ranked Account


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Aug 4, 2018
Rank & Server of account
Rank on 7 severs, Mineplex, Pvpwars, Mineheroes, Minesuperior, saicopvp, arkhamnetwork and Primemc

When was the account migrated?
25 December, 2014

Does the account include a Transaction ID?
I can look for it

Additional information? (Price, bid/bin etc)
Selling an Account with ranks on 7 servers.
Saicopvp - Zombie realm Hunter rank + a holiday kit $15
PrimeMC - 3$
ArkHamNetwork - Vindicator and titles - $3
Mineplex: Ultra, $2.50
Pvpwars: King rank on Emerald gamemode and Spark on fire gamemode + Sell chest + gkit $200+
Mineheroes: Zume,Ultimate And Sell signs/3 Special kits/1.5x Cash multi on Skyblock server-1. $100
Minesuperior - Warrior on skyblock alpha $2

[-]Clean name: AyyCallMeJacob

[-]Clean name history - had like 20 names
[-]Any bans - Hypixel and BadLion so that's like -$100

Private message me on discord if you would like to buy the account for $100
I only accept Paypal money and no trading.

By Bying the account you automatically agree to the T.O.S. I am not responsible for anything that happens to your account after it's sold
No warranty on any accounts
you must send full payment through Paypal.

Add Me on Discord Jacob#7827