A desperate Founder looking for people that want to help


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Sep 29, 2018
Hey. I originaly started my server-project in mid 2017. In the beginning everything looked fine but after a few months the team fell appart. Now I'm trying to revive the project. I've been active as long as MC exists and the past 4 or so years I spent building. Now I wanted to set up a server myself. I aim to create the most immersive, feature-rich MMORPG server that has ever existed. By now ove 300 hours have gone into the development and configuration of this setup.

I'm currently looking for the following positions:
More builders (ofc as I can't build all these maps myself)
Msg me or respond on this thread with an email if you want to get more information. Currently there are 3 members in the staff.
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Oh yeah btw for the great help by forums such as nulledforums: I spent all my money into the hosting (Dedicated server), and I don't think I could buy all these awesome plugins myself :( So thanks a lot!