MC-Market Plugin (1.7.x - 1.12) [Factions All-In-One] Chunkbuster, WebLimit, F Levels, Crates, FTop, TNTFill, Stacks


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Jul 29, 2018

FAIO - Factions All-In-One

Factions All-In-One is a complete factions add-on plugin system for Bukkit, Spigot, TacoSpigot & PaperSpigot. This plugin is an extension to FactionsUUID/MCore Factions and adds all the popular and well known faction features to your server. This is a highly optimized and efficient plugin that was developed for weeks and tested by a team of testers for bugs and exploits. This plugin contains all the popular features that faction servers use today with the additional bonus of configurability as well as stability and convenience - Flix.IO

FAIO contains a total of 23 large unique features with many smaller features built in as well, they will be listed below along with GIFs and Screenshots to showcase them.
  • Factions Top System: FAIO contains its very own FTop system that is both performance friendly and quick. The system largely runsAsynchronously so that minimal stress is placed on your servers main thread and TPS.
    Spoiler: Showcase

  • Genbuckets: FAIO contains the ever popular genbuckets addition with 3 different types of genbuckets available. Cobblestone, Obsidian & Sand all available in both Horizontal & Vertical variants. The plugin also has a custom genbuckets shop where they can be purchased in bulk as well as one at a time.
    Spoiler: Showcase
  • SellChest & SellInv: FAIO allows users with permission to use the following commands to sell items in nearby chests in their own claims as well as items in their inventory.
    Spoiler: Showcase

  • TNTFill & Unfill: A must have for factions servers with large cannons, this command allows users to fill tnt into nearby dispensers as well as remove tnt from them with the unfill command.
    Spoiler: Showcase

  • Crates System: FAIO contains a fully functional crates system whereby the server owner can easily create new crates with holograms, particles, as well as custom rewards and items. The system works with virtual cratekeys that can be given to players with a command. Each crate can be configured in practically every way including their rewards!
    Spoiler: Showcase
  • Mob Stacking: A must have to improve server performance by reducing the amount of active entities on the server. Mobs spawned from spawners will stack into a single mob which upon killing will drop the appropriate loot and exp for the entire stack!
    Spoiler: Showcase

  • F Level System & EXP: A fully functional factions leveling system has been implemented into this plugin. There are 10 unique levels for factions to progress through each with their own rewards and perks. Factions will gain exp by having their players online which will give them an incentive to play for longer to gain the rewards that leveling brings!
    Spoiler: Showcase
  • Shockwave Tools: The base builders dream tool, these tools break blocks in a specified radius allowing trenching with ease. This plugin allows the creating of these tools with your own specified radius, for example you can create a pickaxe that will remove a 100x100 area with a single break. It is completely configurable!
  • Combat Loggers: Everyone hates these guys who try and escape unfairly when you're about to gain their loot, this plugin contains a system that will prevent this by creating a combat logger villager containing the loot of the player who has combat logged. If you kill the villager you will gain the loot! There is also an option to block commands when a player is in combat.
    Spoiler: Showcase

  • Automatic Factions Fly: We all secretly would love to fly, well in factions this is possible in your own and allies claims. The best part is you don't have to do anything to make it happen! All you need to do is enter your or your allies claims and the fly will be automatically enabled, it will be disabled if there is a nearby enemy, you enter combat or if you leave the territory.
  • AutoBroadcaster: FAIO contains an announcer system that will broadcast messages to the server every x amount of time
  • Cooldowns: The plugin contains cooldowns for enderpearls, golden apples & super golden apples, the times are configurable and certain ones are also displayed on the scoreboard!
  • NoCraft Items: Disable item crafting of any item you desire!
  • Night Vision: A simple command to give the player permanent nightvision
  • StaffMode: A fully functional staffmode built into the plugin to ensure maximum functionality and no conflicts! Upon entering staffmode you will be completely invisible to players, not even hacked clients will be able to see you! The staffmode has many features such as a StaffChat, Freeze Tool, CPS Checker, RandomTP & Knockback Tester.
    Spoiler: Showcase

    Spoiler: Showcase
  • Scoreboard: We all love and hate scoreboards at the same time but this plugin contains a super sleek and clean scoreboard that provides you with useful information while not blocking half of your screen! It is based on a HCF scoreboard that only shows things when it needs to!
    Spoiler: Showcase

  • JellyLegs: An old favourite, negate all fall damage with this amazing perk
  • Custom Join/Leave Messages: Send custom messages to a player upon joining the server and broadcast a custom message to the server upon a player disconnecting!
  • Homes/Logging In Territory: I have included this toggleable feature that allows or disallows homes to be set in any territory but your own or allies. It also will teleport a player to spawn if they log in other territory if enabled.
  • Mob Drop Editing: This plugin allows you to edit the drops of each mob as well as include a drop chance for each item, it is also integrated into the mobstacking feature so you will gain your appropriate custom drops for the entire stack!
    Spoiler: Showcase
  • Redstone Protection: The toggleable option to allow water to not break redstone, repeaters, comparators, torches, etc.
  • Iron Golem Tweaks: The ability to set Iron Golem health on spawn as well toggle them spawning on fire automatically so lava is not needed for grinders.
  • Worldborder Patches: This is an important feature that I decided to include that will block all liquids and enderpearls from going past the worldborder, there is also an option to toggle stacking on the border.
  • SilentTNT: For some of the hardcore servers there is an option to toggle TNT and explosion sounds so that raiding can be done with less risk!
  • Koth Support: This plugin will hook into Subside Koth's plugin to display koth information on the scoreboard!
  • F Stealth: This was a requested feature that allows a player to enable /f stealth which will allow him/her to not affect nearby enemies flying abilities, useful for raiding situations!
  • Chunkbusters: This latest addition to FAIO allows users to remove entire chunks of blocks with a simple click of an item!
  • WebLimiter: This new feature allows administrators to set a limit on the amount of webs that can be placed along each y-axis location!
  • Banknotes: Transfer money with ease now using the /withdraw command to create a banknote item which can be given to other players to redeem!
  • CropHopper: Reduce server lag with this automatic addition to regular hoppers, for those huge cactus farms, this feature will automatically grab cactus drops and transfer them directly into the nearest hopper located!
Commands & Permissions:
faio.sellchest - Allow /sellchest
faio.sellinv - Allow /sellinv
faio.tntfill - Allow /tntfill <number>
faio.untntfill - Allow /untntfill
faio.crates.manage - Allow creation of crates and giving of keys
faio.factionsfly - Allow the user to use factions fly
faio.factionsfly.all - Allows the user to fly in Wilderness as well
faio.ftop.refresh - Allow the user to refresh f top values
faio.flevel - Allow the user to access /f level
faio.fsetlevel - Allow the user to manually set a factions level
faio.jellylegs - Allow the user to negate fall damage
faio.nightvision - Allow the user to use /nv
faio.shockwave - Allow the user to create shockwave tools /shockwave give <Player> <Size> <Item>
faio.staffmode.lockchat - Allow the user to lockchat
faio.staffmode.clearchat - Allow to user to clear chat
faio.staffmode.use - Allow to user to enter staffmode /staff - Allow the user to use staffchat
faio.staffmode.lockchat.bypass - Allow the user to bypass chatlock
faio.staffmode.interact - Allow the user in staffmode to interact with objects such as chests
faio.staffmode.blockbreak - Allow the user in staffmode to break blocks
faio.staffmode.hurt - Allow the user in staffmode to hurt players
faio.chunkbuster.give - Allows the user to give chunkbusters
faio.withdraw - Allows the user to use the /withdraw command
Important Information:
Dependancies: FactionsUUID/MCore/LegacyFactions, Essentials, Vault, ProtocolLib, PermissionsEx & Subside Koths
This plugin requires a MySQL Database to function!
Working Versions: 1.7.10 - 1.12.x