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SpigotMC Plugin xInventories 2.5

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About xInventories
xInventories is a plugin created by x128 and tested by DarCraft. The plugin is very similar to Multiverse-Inventories, but is different in some key ways. For one, this plugin is not only limited to Multiverse, as this plugin supports any world management plugin. Secondly, xInventories is extremely lightweight and easy to use, while maintaining a powerful and scalable infrastructure that will grow with your server, instead of bottlenecking it's potential.
xInventories is fully compatible with Spigot 1.10!

Installation and Configuration
Installation is extremely easy and can be done in just a few minutes. After you purchase the resource, download the jar and upload it to your server's plugins folder. Once you reload/restart your server, a config will be generated automatically and all of the worlds on your server will be loaded into the config. Below you can find a copy of the config file on a fresh server:

- default
world: default
world_nether: default
world_the_end: default
respect-gamemode: false
First, add your groups. A group is essentially an instance of someone's inventory. For example, if you wanted to have a creative world, you would add a creative group. Each group is isolated from all other groups, meaning nothing is shared between the groups. Define a group for each different set of inventories you want to have on your server.

Once you have added your groups, it's time to move on to the worlds section. In the worlds section, you are assigning a group to a world. You can assign the same group to multiple worlds, and that would make those worlds share inventories. An example configuration can be seen below:

- survival
- creative
- game
world: survival
world_nether: survival
world_the_end: survival
plotworld: creative
game: game
respect-gamemode: true
The above config is sharing the same inventory for 'world', 'world_nether', and 'world_the_end.' The 'game' world has it's own inventory, and worlds 'plotworld' and 'freebuild' share an inventory. All groups will have seperate sub-groups based on the user's gamemode.
What's included in a group?
A: A group has it's own inventory, armor contents, ender chest, potion effects, health, hunger, experience, remaining air, fire ticks, saturation, and exhaustion.

Q: I'm currently using Multiverse-Inventories. Can this plugin convert from Multiverse's data format?
A: Absolutely! Check out the free conversion utility I made called xInventories-Converter

Q: Does this plugin separate between creative and survival inventories?
A: Yes, it does! Just add 'respect-gamemode: true' to the bottom of your config.yml, and player inventories will switch based on the user's gamemode!

Known Issues
Having any additional inventory management plugins installed may cause xInventories to malfunction and perform poorly. Please disable inventory management features of other plugins, or remove them completely.

Try it yourself
This plugin is currently running on a server I am a developer for, called DarCraft. They have an awesome community and great staff members, so I recommend you check them out. If you want to try the plugin, connect to and switch between the /plotworld and /survival worlds to see the plugin in action.

Contact me
If you've found a bug, or simply have a question, please contact me. The best way to contact me would be via SpigotMC PM's. I'll try to respond as soon as I can!

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the plugin or it does not meet your expectations, please contact me within 30 days of purchase and a full refund will be issued.
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