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SpigotMC Plugin Watchdog Remake for Spigot 1.8.8 1.2.2

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Hey guys, i have been working on something for a bit, I would like to share with you. This is the closest remake possible of Hypixel's Watchdog and their Ban messages. To achieve such feats, I used AAC and several other plugins. The provided configs for AAC are custom-made, optimized configs made to add users to a BanWave if detected

Ban reason codes:
CR-216111 - Angle
CR-216112 - BadPackets
CR-216113 - Criticals
CR-216114 - FastBow
CR-216115 - NormalMovements
CR-216116 - HeadRoll
CR-216117 - NoSwing
CR-216118 - Regen
CR-216119 - Killaura
CR-216120 - NoFall
CR-216121 - Glide
CR-216122 - Climb
CR-216123 - Jesus
CR-216124 - FastUse
CR-216125 - FastBreak
CR-216126 - FastPlace
CR-216127 - Nuker
UR-216110 - User report from /wdr
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