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Annoyed with how long it takes to trench in Factions? Or maybe you want to clear out a big area or mountain! No matter what you need to dig, TrenchTNT is the solution! With TrenchTNT, players can destroy entire chunks in seconds. Everything is configurable such as the messages, the items, the GUI, the depth, even the explosion volume and pitch! TrenchTNT is also packed with a configurable block blacklisting system as well. This means that if there are certain blocks you do not want to trench, they will be ignored! This is perfect for Factions and works well with WorldGuard.

How it works:
TrenchTNT works by opening a GUI when a player places a special piece of TNT on the ground. The player has the option to Detonate the TNT, or Defuse it. By Detonating the TNT, the chunk will be trenched and the piece of TNT removed from the players inventory. However, if the player Defuses the TNT, the GUI closes and nothing happens. Also, TrenchTNT now supports FactionsUUID, MassiveCraft Factions and FactionsOne! You may now configure whether or not TrenchTNT works in the Wilderness, and you may also make it so you cannot use TrenchTNT if an enemy is nearby. A usage warmup has now been added!

/trenchtnt: Main TrenchTNT command.
/trenchtnt give <player> <amount>: Give TrenchTNT.
/trenchtnt reload: Reload TrenchTNT.


trenchtnt.*: Give all TrenchTNT permissions.
trenchtnt.all: Same as above.
trenchtnt.trenchtnt: Main TrenchTNT command.
trenchtnt.give: Give TrenchTNT.
trenchtnt.reload: Reload TrenchTNT.

Spoiler: Configuration

How to install:
Simply download the plugin and drag it into your server's plugins folder, then reload/restart your server.


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