TreasureRaces - (1.8-1.13) + (API)

SpigotMC Plugin TreasureRaces - (1.8-1.13) + (API) 3.4-BETA

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12

Supported Versions: 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13​
Do you want a racing plugin where you can choose a race upon when you join the first time? Then this is for you! TreasureRaces is a brand new plugin that allows players on your server to take competitive teamwork PvP to a whole new level. TreasureRaces has a bunch of cool features to add that extra kick to your server. For example, Race Effects, Race Commands, Race Permissions. Want to test before you purchase? Join our test server here:


  • Powerful & Lightweight with FULL Plugin Customization
    • Unparalleled Performance Boosts
      • TreasureRaces has been tested to be one of the most lightweight plugins of size on Spigot.
      • Race Chat Channels are Lightweight and will soon allow JSON messages.
      • Runnable(s) (Plugin Events) are extremely well optimized to ensure you're constantly at 20.0 TPS
    • Plugin 100% Customization Promise
      • TreasureRaces Developer promises that everything is 100% configurable. This includes;
        • Chat Messages
        • Race Names, Effects and Descriptions
        • GUI Names, Sizes, Slots and Materials
        • Whether Races can PvP each other or not
    • A flawless structured Configuration section
      • Everything in the races.yml file is configurable. This includes;
        • GUI Name
        • GUI Slots
        • Race Names
        • Race Descriptions
        • Race Crests (Materials)
        • Abilities
        • (Coming Soon) Specific Commands executed on each Race Join
      • Editable messages within the Messages.yml file
        • Race Prefix
        • Race Join Messages
        • Race Leaderboards
        • Race Top (/f top but for each Race)
        • Help Messages
        • Race Vaults & Race Stats Messages
    • TreasureRaces hooks into several plugins These plugins are extremely beneficial towards TreasureRaces, we hook into the following plugins;
      • PlaceholderAPI
      • FeatherBoard
      • Vault
      • LuckPerms & PermissionsEx
  • Optimized Systems and Functions
    • Race Permissions
      • Each race has its own permissions system which LuckPerms, PermissionsEX and GroupManager support. With this system, you can add extra permissions as well as revoke permissions from each race as a potential trait/effect.
    • Race Top
      • Much like Factions Top, Race Top takes all the Races you have on your server and bases them off the following;
        • Kills
        • Deaths
        • Player Balance
        • Ores Mined
        • Mobs Killed
      • This then runs each race through a different system which puts each race into the 1st Place slot to say the 8th place slot (8 being your 8th race)
    • Race Leaderboards
      • Race Leaderboards are pretty much the same as Race Top but it takes an individual player from each race, grabs their race top contribution stats and puts them into a mini-leaderboard of its own.
    • Spawn Override
      • Spawn override is a really cool feature, setting this to true in your config.yml gives Races the control of your spawn systems, if enabled and the command /spawn is written, races will grab spawn locations for each race from the config and teleport the player to that location, the message on teleport can also be customized in the messages.yml
    • Friendly Fire PvP
      • Friendly Fire PvP allows you to toggle on/off the ability to hit your own race, this system is an extremely cool addition to those who want to have a free-for-all type server.
    • Race Territory
      • Soon to be re-added, Race Territory. Like Factions claims, Race Territory allows you to /race claim a section of land for you and your race to build on.
    • Cohesive Command & Subcommand Structure
      • Commands have been fully re-written ready for a 3.5 update due to release in a month, this makes commands easier to use whilst adding cool new effects to make help commands look nicer. Keep an eye out for that
    • Developer API
      • The Developer API contains everything a Developer needs to hook TreasureRaces into his own plugins;
    • Race Vault (Returning Soon)
      • Race Vaults are the same as Faction Vaults except everyone within your Race can access them, they are extremely useful for helping new members out within your race.
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