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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13
Languages Supported:
Multiples languages
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Capability of TokenEnchant is featured in SSundee's latest Faction Series Youtube video. (Ofc, they have loads of (over 100 new) custom enchantments programmed using TokenEnchantAPI).

This plugin provides an Enchantment Sign, which a player would right-click to enchant an item he is holding. A player would need in-plugin tokens to enchant an item. You can specify what sort of enchantments you wish to provide, and which enchantment should be applied to what type of items in a config.yml.

You can also specify how cost of enchantment at different level will increase. At the moment there are two increment scheme:
  • Constant: cost = base-cost
  • Linear: cost = base-cost + (level * base-cost)
  • Exponential: cost = base-cost + base-cost*level^exponent
The enchantment sign will display the amount of token a player would need. This sign is individually displayed. The player just needs to look at the sign with an item, which he wishes to enchant, in his hand. Then an appropriate token cost will be automatically displayed on the sign.

The ability to merge enchantments using an anvil is available on the spigot version 1.9 and above. This is because org.bukkit.event.inventory.PrepareAnvilEvent was introduced in 1.9.

Command Alias:
  • With new Token Alias Commands, you can use external plugins like Backpack plugin and use Tokens to give those features to players!
Test Server:
Supported Enchantments / PotionEffects (some are free and some are premium or sold separately):

Spoiler: Enchantments: (30 types)
Spoiler: PotionEffects: (210 types)
  • /tokenenchant help or /te or /te help: displays a help menu
  • /te add <name> <token_amount> : adds <token_amount> tokens to the player <name>
  • /te remove <name> <token_amount> : remove <token_amount> from the player <name>
  • /te set <name> <token_amount> : sets <token_amount> tokens to the player <name>
  • /te reload : reloads the config.yml
  • /te or /te balance [other] : displays your current token balance of you or [other]
  • /te withdraw <token_amount> [drop] : withdraws the specified number of tokens from your account and gives you the token items in your inventory. If [drop] is specified, the excess token items will be dropped on the ground.
  • /te expexchange [max_exp_to_be_exchanged] : exchanges the specified amount of EXP or all available EXP to tokens.
  • /te givetokens [name] <amount> : gives <amount> token items to yourself (or a player [name])
  • /te pay <player> <token_amount> : send <token_amount> to <player>
  • /tealiasreload : reloads command aliases.
  • /te enchant [player][enchant_name][[+]level] : enchants the item [player] is holding with [enchant_name]. If [level] is provided, the command will apply [enchant_name] with [level] to the item, which [player] is holding. If [+level] is specified, [level] will be "added" to the current enchantment level.
  • /te refund [player][enchant_name] : refund [player] for the enchantment [enchant_name]
  • /te repair [player] : repair the item in your (or [player]'s) hand.
  • /tokenenchant givebp <name> <row> [bpname] cost:xxx : gives <name> a backpacked named [bpname] of size <row> costing xxx.
  • (since v5) /tokenenchant baltop : lists ranking of token balance.
  • tokenenchant, te, token
  • tokenenchant.sign.create : allows you to create a TokenEnchant sign.
  • tokenenchant.reload : allows you to use /te reload
  • tokenenchant.add : allows you to use /te add command
  • tokenenchant.remove : allows you to use /te remove command
  • tokenenchant.balance : allows you to use /te balance command
  • tokenenchant.balance.other : allows you to use /te balance <other> command
  • tokenenchant.withdraw: allows you to use /te withdraw command
  • tokenenchant.expexchange: allows you to use /te expexchange command
  • tokenenchant.alias.reload : allows you to use /tealiasreload command.
  • tokenenchant.enchant : allows you to use /te enchant command.
  • tokenenchant.refund : allows you to use /te refund <enchant_name>
  • tokenenchant.refund.other : allows you to use /te refund <player> < enchant_name>
You can specify "permission: xxxx.xxxx" node for each enchantment/potion in the config.yml. If you specify a permission node, only the player with the permission node can "apply" the enchantment/potion to an item. If "PermissionMode" is set to "USE" (default "ENCHANT"), this permission is used to determine whether a player can "use" the effect or not.

Then you need to install TokenEnchant.jar in the plugins folder. You would also need Vault.jar (since the support of regular economy instead of tokens)

Please make sure to install TE-XXXEnchant.jar file (which contain custom enchantments) in plugins/TokenEnchant/enchants folder.

Many massages are customisable in config.yml and most messages can be turned of by giving an empty string (""), including many cool down messages ("Potions.XXXX.cooldown_message:")

Dependency: There are no hard dependency to any other plugins.
  • Vault: if this is installed, you can use its economy as currency,
  • WorldGuard: if this is installed, you can use worldguard region to block certain custom enchants in the specific region.
Work with:
  • VKBackPack
  • EZBlock
  • DeluxChat
  • AutoSell (make sure to set "pickup: false" in Explosive)
  • VKAutoPickup (all TokenEnchant features will work with this plugin)
  • AutoPickup (use_explode_event option will not work with this plugin)
  • MineResetLitePlus
  • FeatherBoard
  • Faction (MassiveCore's official 2.x version)
  • mcMMO
  • PrisonMines
Once you set the configuration, you just need to create an enchant sign:
  • to place "Enchant" sign, you need to write !Enchant! in the 1st line, the placeholder "{ench_cost}" will be used to automatically display an appropriate cost.
  • to place "Exchange" sign, you need to write !Exchange! in the 1st line
  • to place "Withdraw" sign, you need to write !Withdraw! in the 1st line and the exchange rate placeholder "{ex_rate}" will be replaced by the exchange rate you defined in the config.yml.
  • to place "ExpExchange" sign, you need to write !ExpExch! in the 1st line and the exp exchange rate placeholder "{exp_rate}" will be replaced by the EXP exchange rate you defined in the config.yml.
  • to place "Repair" sign, you need to write !Repair! in the 1st line

NOTE: Sound enum IDs have been changed in 1.9. If you get errors saying Sound enum IDs you have in your config is not found, please use Sound enum ID from spigot version you're using. You can look up 1.8 Sound enum IDs at here

Custom naming:
All custom effects supports "alias:" option so that you can use your own name (including color) for all effects (even vanilla enchantments!!)
The following example shows Efficiency level 13 and Excavation level 1 has been customised using "alias:" option. With this option, Efficiency 13 will not show as "Efficiency enchantment.level.13" and you can control how you want it to show up!
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