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SpigotMC Plugin StrikePractice 2 – Queues, Sumo, Tournaments, PvP Bots, Best of Rounds, MySQL 2.4.0 2.4.0

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13
Languages Supported:
English French Dutch Finnish
Make your practice server appear professional and custom with StrikePractice. StrikePractice offers you everything you need and many other unique features. The plugin suits any server, no matter how many players you have and is very affordable and will make your server stand out.

➡ Duels, Party vs Party, Party Split and Party FFA, Party vs Bots, Party Playbacks
➡ PvP Bot*
➡ Replay your fights*
➡ Create any ladder (build, combo, spleef, bedwars, skywars, horse, only bow damage, disable hunger and regen for UHC kits)
➡ Arena regeneration. Chests reset too
➡ Multiple rounds! Best of any number of rounds
➡ Premium matches queue and limit rankeds/unrankeds. Get more donations with this feature!*
➡ Customize almost anything
➡ Fully automatic events: 1v1 Tournament, Sumo, Last Man Standing (FFA Event), King of the hill (KOTH) and Juggernaut (1 vs everyone else)
➡ FFA arenas
➡ Post match inventory view (View after fight, can be stored in MySQL)
➡ MySQL support: stats, each kit’s elo, fights (ELO changes, inventories, kit, arena etc)
➡ Enderpearl cooldown with placeholder and above hotbar
➡ Kit Editor
➡ Customizable colored name tags
➡ Spectator mode
➡ Automatically generates a kit with armor and inventory based on the name with only 1 command ”/battlekit create <name>” and create more arenas with 1 command ”/arena copypaste”
➡ Customizable spawnitems (any item, any command)
➡ Player tablist* and Scoreboard with many placeholders and PlaceholderAPI support
➡ Open parties and public parties for streamers, staff, Youtubers and VIPs
➡ Sign stats, /stats command, customizable starting elo
➡ Addons! Leaderboards etc.* (links in ”More Information”)
➡ Multilingual. Add any language. Players can change their language with /language. English, French, Dutch and Finnish already supported
➡ Kill Cam: click the message to replay last 30 seconds of the match.
➡ Premade kits, spawnitems, arenas (Worldedit schematics, you can use for free)
➡ Performance friendly*

Spoiler: More Information


Video by DiamondRushXD

Spoiler: Screenshots

➡ PvP Bot is able to pot and soup and comes with 4 customizable difficulties
➡ Easy Developer API
Spoiler: Developer API with Downloads

➡ Match link. Send link to your website showing information about the fight
➡ Host events with simple GUI (inventory, /events)
➡ Golden heads, a golden apple named “golden head” or “goldenhead”
➡ Chest access (per kit) to give players access to customize their kits in kiteditor
➡ Player’s own gamemode they can host party events or duel players (Custom Kit)
➡ Option to not let players with high ping join ranked or premium queue
➡ Option to not let players without enough kills join ranked queue
➡ Disable/Allow hunger with UHC kits (any kit which name contains “uhc”)
➡ Disable/Allow crafting in fights, building without build kit, dropping items in spawn
➡ Disable/Allow instant void (for spleef and skywars), rain, grass spread, fire spread, remove arrows
➡ Elo rewards
➡ Build limit for build kits
➡ Per player settings: toggle scoreboard, player hiding, duel requests and language
➡ Option to disable death messages and add lightning effect when a player dies
➡ Kit Preview, preview kits before joining queue or before accepting custom kit requests
➡ Disable any party gamemode, permissions for party playback and Party vs Bots
➡ Change combo delay, combo and PvP Bot’s knockback, default and combo knockback
➡ Change starting elo, revive elo
➡ Spectator teleport and leave items



You can edit and add new languages and players can change them with "/lang". English, French, Dutch and Finnish are already supported.

Still not convinced? There are already many servers using this plugin and here are some with good number of players. (or (The server uses StrikePractice API for custom gamemodes etc.)
(Turkish) (Requires registeration on their website)

and many more...

This plugin supports PlaceholderAPI. You can use %strikepractice_placeholder% (For example: %strikepractice_global_elo%) or you can add more placeholders.

You may use [display=false/true] function in scoreboard. For example, a scoreboard line with [display=<sumo_started>] will only be displayed if the sumo has started. Use display=! to display when it’s false and not display when it’s true. For example [display=!<sumo_started>] will only display the line when sumo hasn’t started.

Spoiler: Leaderboards/Top Stats

You can see a list of placeholders here (PlaceholderAPI is not required):

Code (Text):

Common placeholders:

<players> ➡ Players online
<next_event_name> ➡ Name of next automatic event
<next_event_time> ➡ When next automatic event will start
<in_fight> ➡ Players fighting
<in_queue> ➡ Players in queue
<in_ranked_queue> ➡ Players in ranked queue
<in_unranked_queue> ➡ Players in unranked queue
<online_staff> ➡ Staff online
<tps> ➡ Current ticks per second
<time> ➡ Current server time

Per player (or event) placeholders:

<ping> ➡ Player’s current ping
<kills> ➡ Player’s kills
<deaths> ➡ Player’s deaths
<premiummatches> ➡ Premium matches left
<brackets_wins> ➡ Player’s brackets event wins
<lms_wins> ➡ Player’s last man standing event wins
<party_vs_party_wins> ➡ Player’s Party vs Party wins
<player> ➡ Player’s name
<custom_name> ➡ Player’s custom name
<display_name> ➡ Player’s display name
<world> ➡ Player’s current world
<global_elo> ➡ Player’s current global elo
<elo_rank> ➡ Player's elo rank
<elo_kit> ➡ Player’s elo of the kit (for example <elo_rankedbuilduhc>)
<party_members> ➡ Number of members in the player’s party
<party_owner> ➡ Owner of the player’s party or “None” if not found
<enderpearl_cooldown> ➡ Player’s current enderpearl cooldown or “--” if the player is no longer on cooldown
<is_enderpearl_cooldown> ➡ true if the player is on cooldown, otherwise false
<arena> ➡ Player’s current arena or “None” if the player is not fighting
<kit> ➡ Player’s current kit or “None” if the player is not fighting
<raw_arena> ➡ Raw name of the player’s arena (not display name)
<raw_kit> ➡ Raw name of the player’s kit (not icon name)
<ranked> ➡ “true” if the player’s current queue is ranked queue, otherwise “false”
<is_cooldown_(tag)> ➡ ”true” if the player is on cooldown. Tag can be ”sumo” or “brackets” for example.
<cooldown _(tag)> ➡ Duration left of the cooldown. Tag can be ”sumo” or “brackets” for example.
<duration> ➡ Duration of the player’s current fight or brackets 1v1
<total_duration> ➡ Total duration of the player’s current event or “--:--” if the event hasn’t started
<opponent> ➡ Player’s 1v1 opponent.
<opponent_ping> ➡ Opponent's ping
<cps> ➡ Clicks per second
<opponent_cps> ➡ Opponent’s clicks per second
<total_rounds> ➡ Total rounds of the fight
<round> - current round ➡ Current round
<own_wins> ➡ Rounds won
<opponent_wins> ➡ Opponent’s rounds won
<is_bestof> ➡ true/false whether the match is best of x rounds
<build> ➡ ”true” if the kit is build
<ffa_players> ➡ Number of players in the ffa arena
<ffa_rollback> ➡ Time till next ffa arena rollback
<sumo/juggernaut/koth/lms/brackets_started> ➡ Event has started , true or false
<enemy_team_members> ➡ Number of the player’s enemy team members in Party Vs Bots, Party Vs Party or Party Split
<own_team_members> ➡ Number of the player’s own team members in Party Vs Bots or Party Split
<enemy_team_left> ➡ Number of alive members in the player’s enemy team in Party Vs Bots, Party FFA, Party Split or Party vs Party
<own_team_left> ➡ Number of alive members in the player’s own team in Party Vs Bots, Party FFA, Party Split or Party Vs Party
<search_range1> ➡ Player’s current queue search starting range or “➡” if it’s an unranked kit
<search_range1> ➡ Player’s current queue search end range or “-” if it’s an unranked kit
<queuetype> ➡ "Ranked" or "Unranked" while in queue.
<wait_time> ➡ Time the player has waited in queue
<current_fight_player1> ➡ Player in the current brackets or sumo, or “--” if the event hasn’t started yet
<current_fight_player2> ➡ The other player in the current brackets or sumo, or “--”...
<player1_ping> and <player2_ping> ➡ The brackets or sumo players' pings.
<player1_cps> and <player2_cps> ➡ The brackets or sumo players' clicks per second.
<players_left> ➡ Players left in the tournament
<total_players> ➡ Total players in the tournament
<estimated_time_left> ➡ Estimated duration of the tournament
<alive> ➡ Players alive in brackets or last man standing event
<timer> ➡ KOTH current capping time
<capper> ➡ The capper in KOTH event
<capper_team> ➡ The capping team in KOTH event
<juggernaut> ➡ The juggernaut in Juggernaut event
<limits_update> ➡ When match limits will update again (HH:mm)
<rankeds_left> ➡ Number of ranked matches left
<unrankeds_left> ➡ Number of unranked matches left

If you’re looking for permissions check “Permissions ➡ Command Permissions”.

Spoiler: Commands

Use strikepractice.* to give all StrikePractice permissions.

By default players should have permission to all commands they need. If you want to remove their access to something simply give them a negative permission.

Command Permissions:

Spoiler: Command permissios

Other Permissions:

Spoiler: Command permissios

Type “/arena” to see all arena commands.

Use all commands without “, “{” and “}”

  • Type “/arena create {arena name}” to create a new arena.
  • You must set the pos1, pos2 and center.
  • Use “/arena pos1 {arena name}” to set the first spawn position at your current position.
  • Use “/arena pos2 {arena name}” to set the second spawn position at your current position.
  • Use “/arena center {arena name}” to set the center position at your current position.
  • Build arena creation: Use “/arena build {arena name}” to toggle the build mode. Build kits will only go to build arenas and non build kits will only go to non build arenas by default
Spoiler: Advanced

Spoiler: FFA setup

Type “/battlekit” to see all kit commands.

Use all commands without “, “{” and “}”

  • Use “/battlekit create {kit name}” to create a new kit. If possible, the system will automatically create a kit with inventory and armor based on the kit's name. You can add “uhc” in the name to disable health regeneration.
  • If you don't like the kit it created automatically use the following commands:
  • Use “/battlekit setinv {kit name}” to set the inventory, armor and potion effects.
  • Use “/battlekit seticon {kit name}” to set the kit’s icon. Hold the item in your hand. You can rename the item in your hand with “/sprac rename &cExample_name”. “_” will be replaced with a whitespace.
  • Use “/battlekit build {kit name}” to toggle whether the kit is a build kit.
  • You can easily create a ranked kit from unranked kit with “/battlekit rankedcopy {kit to copy} 1v1”.
Premium Queue: Use "/battlekit types premium {kit name}" to add the kit to the premium queue inventory.

In 1.9-1.12 versions you may have to reset premade kits' armor with /battlekit setinv <kit name>!

Advanced, not required:

Spoiler: Advanced

Spoiler: Kit Editor

Spoiler: Sign Stats

Website Leaderboards
Website Leaderboards LITE (coming later)

Replace {event} with the event you are hosting. (lms, brackets, juggernaut or koth).

Use "/hostevent {event}" to automatically open the event, broadcast and start the event. If you have "strikepractice.hostevent.anykit" permission you can use "/hostevent {event} [kit name]" (only lms, brackets and koth)

Players can join an open event with “/{event} join” and leave it with “/{event} leave”

Manually host events:
You can also host events manually too. Use “/{event} open” to open the event. This allows players to join the event. Use “/{event} start” to start the event. You can manually stop the event with “/{event} stop”.

Spoiler: Automatic Events

Spoiler: Installation

Terms of Service
By purchasing this plugin or downloading an update you accept the following terms of service:
  • No refunds, all purchases are final.
  • You are not allowed to redistribute, leak or share this plugin. One copy per server/Network.
  • You are not allowed to decompile or edit the jar file or say that the code or the product belongs to you.
  • I am not liable for any damage the product might cause.
  • The price may change at any time without notice.
  • These terms of service may change at any time without notice.
  • You have read the whole post and understood it.
The plugin may collect some data such as config values or number of players. The data may be used for improving the plugin.

Please send a screenshot of this page when contacting somewhere else.

Discord Support & Community Channel

Contact me:
Discord: Toppe#4670
Telegram: (Toppe)
Skype: thetoppe

If I don't reply in 3 days, please hit me up again since I might have missed your message.

Contact me if you're interested in buying the source code:

Source without updates: 60€ and only 50€ if you have bought the plugin (7̶5̶€̶)
Source with updates: 85€ and only 75€ if you have bought the plugin (1̶2̶0̶€̶)

About to post a review?

Thanks, but please do NOT post any issues as a review! If you have any errors, bugs, problems, questions or anything just private message or use the "discussion" page.
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