SKYBLOCK SETUP | ■ Custom menus ■ | Upgrades ■ | Eight islands

MC-Market Setups SKYBLOCK SETUP | ■ Custom menus ■ | Upgrades ■ | Eight islands 4.9

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Skyblock setup | Contains a lot of custom features never seen in other setups. Also, we have a test server on you will be able to test it.

▪ TEST SERVER - 4 slots maximum. [From CANADA]

Test server contains MOTD + server icon, add to your server list instead of connecting with a direct connection.

▪ Check out my new resource: Survival
[!] If you don't have a mcmarket account, buy it through sellfy, click here.

Features "list of some things that it contains, not all of them"
▪ Custom island panel | Using /is cp will open a custom panel menu with custom heads, etc.
5x | Donator ranks and 7x | Staff ranks
25x | Total kits "including pickaxes, donor kits, etc"
Portal | Custom portal on the main spawn, with sounds, etc.
Armorstands | The entire spawn it's decorated with armor stands, like the bar, npc decorations, auction, etc...
Images | Images decorating the shop, portal, preview zone, etc.. And you won't need any resource pack to see it.
Islands | The main spawn consists of five islands, the main one, the PVP, mine/enchantment/bar island, crates island and the another one is up to you, so you will be able to use it in whatever you want to use it.
Skyblock islands | All our islands are custom built, players can choose up to 8 ISLANDS.
▪ 3x | Crates
with more than four rows each.
▪ Silkspawner | W/Custom messages
▪ Chestshop
| W/Custom messages
▪ Craft list
| A GUI will be opened if you right click a crafting table, showing you all things you can craft with your current items in your inventory. Players can disable this feature if they don't like it.
▪ Spawner upgrades | When you right click a spawner, you will be able to upgrade it w/level or w/money, it also shows some stats.
Auction | Auction with custom messages
Generators | You will be able to open a custom menu to upgrade your island generator, there are five upgrades available.
Bartender | You will be able to try luck with the drinks, each drink have different chances
Custom menus| More than +8 Custom menus
▪ Kit preview
| Kit preview zone in the spawn, where players will be able to see all contents of each donator kit.
▪ Featherboard | Custom made configuration for the featherboard, also, when you join it shows a welcome scoreboard showing you the time you had played, your last join, etc.
▪ Mine | Public mine with iron and some stone for all players.
▪ Shop | Shop with shopgui+
▪ Trading system | Trade system for all players, using /trade <player> will let you trade with the other player.
▪ Vote system | When voteparty reach the limit, it will open to all players a vote crate.
▪ More features..

Islands, [9 | Including the classic one]

Custom island panel "it has sounds, but in a GIF can't be heard, I recommend you testing it on the test server."





Craft list, depending on the items that you have in your inventory, it will show which items you can craft with them.

You can disable it too:


Vote crate "sorry, gifs can't be longer", but you can see them in the test server.

Rare crate

Legendary crate


Portal "it has sounds, but in a GIF can't be heard, I recommend you testing it on the test server."

Kits | Preview

Main menu


And more menus in others sections..


Votes "Images were taken from my prison setup, but it's the same config".

Vote menu, showing top voters, stats, etc.

Receiving a key after voting

Vote party "a vote party crate will be opened for all online players"

Premium plugins used
[Not included, only the configuration folder will be given]
▪ Featherboard [Optional]
▪ ShopGui+ [Needed]
▪ Voteparty [Optional for votes]

To-do list | [✈] - Soon [✔] - Done [✘] - Not started yet
▪ [] Vote menu (/votes)
[?] Your suggestions

▪ You can not
▪ You can not share this setup to anyone
▪ You can not can not claim it as your own
▪ You can not resell this piece of work or configurations inside it.

If you need any help, contact me through PM.
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    Updated: Chestshop updated, there were some errors "players could bug shops, etc"...