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It is hard to make your server stand out in front of the many survival servers out there. But, this server setup contains the most unique content that you have most likely never seen. This setup will make your server stand out and engage your players with the many features this setup contains. I spent over 150 hours ensuring the best features are in this setup. Why purchase any other survival setup if there is this one? Try something new!

Once this resource is purchased, it takes seconds to get your server up and running. The resource comes with useful information on what you can sell on your store, how to advertise to get players and much more.

Diseases: players can get these diseases which will give them negative effects. See spoiler for more information.
Spoiler: Diseases
AMAZING Server Spawn: the spawn looks incredible, it is one of a kind!
Spoiler: Spawn
Optimised Server: it will use less resources (less RAM and a lower CPU usage) than other non-optimised servers.
Well-Decorated Spawn: particles, NPCs and custom heads are used to decorate the spawn to make it look amazing!
Custom Terrain Generation: amazing custom terrain - no premium plugin required. You don't have to spend a penny!
Spoiler: Custom Terrain
Custom Structure Generation: structures such as tents, graveyards, houses, villages, ships, ports and so much more that contain loot!
Spoiler: Custom Structures
Furniture: that is right! Players can now have their own furniture that can be achieved through the daily reward system. This includes: chairs, tables, tents, camera, sofas, hammocks, TVs, candles, lamps, flags, fences... and so much more! Players can also sit on the chairs!
Spoiler: Furniture
BannerBoards: these are here to replace the overused holograms. They look much cleaner and are dotted around the spawn to indicate certain places. No texture pack is needed.
Spoiler: BannerBoards
Quests (273x different quests): when players need something to do or when they want to earn cash, items or experience, they can start a quest. Upon completing it, they will receive a reward!
Spoiler: Quests
Chat tags (430x different tags): the chat tags gives them a cool prefix/suffix in chat. You can sell them on your store for revenue. They can also be won in crates. There are a ton of tags to choose from!
Spoiler: Tags
Crates (4x tiers, 156x different rewards): players can open up these crates and get a reward. Some rewards are rarer than others. These are the tiers: Old, Antique, Ancient and Mythical. Mythical is the best crate as it contains the best loot but is rare to get.
Spoiler: Crates
Daily Rewards (Basic + Donator reward): players would go everyday on your server to claim the daily reward. You can get crate keys, furniture, items... etc from this reward.
Pet Builder: that is right! Players can create their own custom pet! They can make it wear whatever they want, if they want it to wear something. They can customise pretty much everything about their pet. This includes the animations and particles.
Spoiler: Pet Builder
Custom Heads (800+ heads): players can get these custom heads of nearly anything to decorate their house, their farm - anything really. Not many servers have this feature available for players and it will make you stand out!
Spoiler: Heads
★ Ranks (5x donator, 6x staff): players that have different ranks have different permissions which gives them the access to cool stuff! Read more with /ranks in-game.
★ Everything is GUI based: there is a GUI for the different warps... anything really. It is better to click something rather than typing something in chat!
★ Arrow Trails: your players can select what particles should follow an arrow that they shoot from their bow. There are about 50 different particles to choose from.
★ Player Particles: your players are able to select what particle they want to follow them when they walk. This would make them look very cool!
★ Anti-grief: your players will not be able get their land vandalised by other players - a tutorial in the starter book is provided.
★ Custom Panel: players can use the /panel to navigate around the server with ease.
★ Custom Enchantments (made for survival): custom enchantments are used to give your players the freedom of having more than just a few enchantments per item.
Spoiler: Custom Enchantments
GUI Shop: players can purchase items with coins or sell items for coins.
Spoiler: Shop
★ Auction House: players can sell their items for a set price. Any other player can purchase that item.
★ Relic Merchant: players can purchase keys and the 'explorer' rank with cash. This is great so your players can "play to win" instead of "pay to win".
★ Random Teleport: players can spend coins to teleport a set distance in the wilderness to build their house or to explore.
Spoiler: Random Teleport
★ Kits (6x kits): players can use these kits to help them in-game. Donator ranks get access to different kits.
★ Titles MOTD: a message displays on the player's screen whenever they log into the server.
Spoiler: TitleMOTD
Custom Tab: the tab list is just custom.
Custom Nametags: players will have different name tag colors or prefixes depending what rank they are.
Amazing Scoreboard: this displays relevant information for your players. See the screenshot:
Custom ban/mute/kick/tempban Layouts: whenever staff punish a player which leads them to get disconnected from your server. A custom layout will be used to display what they have done wrong... etc.
Safe Trading: players can safely trade with other players with the GUI trading system. This reduces the risk of them getting scammed.
Anti-cheat: an anti-cheat is used to prevent players from cheating on your server.
Chat Management: staff can use this to clear the chat, put it in slow mode and more. There is also a swear filter.
Anti-ad: this prevents players from advertising other servers and stealing your players! This blocks their message and warns staff. Staff can bypass this filter.
Plugins Blocker: players can't steal the plugins used on their own server!
Server Icon and Server MOTD provided: a server icon and a very cool server MOTD comes with this server.
Spoiler: MOTD
Banker: exchange money for experience.
[NEW] Skylands Dimension: a dimension that is full of floating islands. This is where new mobs spawn that drop special items.
Spoiler: Skylands
[NEW] Custom Mobs with Modified Attributes: are you tired of seeing the same Minecraft mobs? To make your server even better, custom mobs with special effects have been added that spawn during the night along with the default ones. Example of some mobs: skeleton knight riding a horse, zombie knight riding a zombie horse, deadly spider... and much more!
Spoiler: Custom Mobs
[NEW] Gravestones: whenever anyone dies, a gravestone will be automatically place at the location of death. A chest also spawns underground to store the items of the dead person.
Spoiler: Gravestones

And so much more...
See the test server to see more features.

Spoiler: General Screenshots

The screenshots above show you just a little glimpse of how amazing the server is. You should go on the test server, the link is provided below, to check out this server setup before you purchase it. This will give you an idea of the quality of the server.

You want to see the server setup in action before you purchase it? Well, you're in luck. A test server is hosted with this survival setup - no differences, so you can see the server for yourself. The server information is listed below.

Server IP:
Slots: 100
Like this server setup, you will need to connect with Minecraft 1.7x-1.13.

This is my "TO DO" list. Here you will find a record of what I might be adding in the future and the status of the update. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to message me and I will make a decision whether to add that feature into this setup.

ADDED ✯ Add more custom mobs with custom abilities.
✯ Custom death messages.
ADDED ✯ New server icon and MoTD.
ADDED ✯ Make BannerBoards stand out more.
ADDED ✯ 1.13 server support.
ADDED ✯ New dimension.
ADDED ✯ Re-decorate the spawn with armor stands.
✯ Gravestones.
ADDED ✯ Redo the file structure.

I tried my hardest to limit the amount of premium plugins used in this setup to lower the costs for you. This included me making compromises and using another plugin instead of ShopGUI+... etc. Luckily for you, you only have to purchase 1 premium plugin, if you haven't already.

✯ BannerBoard:

Do you need anything editing? Send me a message on discord and I will do minor edits for free as long as I have sufficient time available to complete your request. If you need any support, have a suggestion or you have a custom request, send a message in my discord and someone will respond to you as soon possible.
Public support discord:

Please do not review this resource based on the bugs you may have came across. Instead, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible and I can get it fixed for you.
Copyrighted material was used under "fair use" for the images seen in this resource.
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