QualityArmory - Vehicles

SpigotMC Plugin QualityArmory - Vehicles 1.0.15c

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13

Quality Armory - Vehicles adds a variety of different cars, planes, boats, and helicopters.

This plugin uses the QualityArmory plugin to support all of the 3D models and multi-item system, using its resourcepack.

Supports updates (1.9 - 1.13)


  • Variety of pre-made cars, planes, helicopters, and boats.
  • Ability to add your own vehicles.
  • Passager system.
  • Terrain climbing system to handle small jumps
  • Sound system for engines.
  • Fuel system.
  • Per-Vehicle whitelist for player-owned vehicles.
  • Fully customizable.
  • More vehicles and systems will be added in future updates.
[!] I will not respond to bug fixes in the review section.[!]
If you are experiencing a problem with QAV, please report this issue in the Discussions tab or the Github page, including any errors you receive and whether you tried it on a clean server (with no other plugins installed). I will not respond to issues in the review section, so don't use it as a way to try to get faster responses.

  • /QAV give <vehicle> <player>: Gives a player a vehicle as an item
  • /QAV spawnVehicle <vehicle>: Spawns a vehicle instance at the player's location
  • /QAV removeNearbyVehicles <radius>: Removes all spawned vehicle instances within a radius of the player.
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.* : Gives access to all permissions.
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.admin : Gives access to all admin permissions,.
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.give : Allows player to use /qav give
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.spawn :Allows player to use /qav spawnVehicle
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.setaspassager :Allows player to use /qav setaspassager
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.removenearbyvehicles :Allows player to use /qav removenearbyvehicles
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.default: Gives access to all default commands. Added by default.
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.craft : (Planned) will allow players to craft vehicles. Added by default.
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.shop: Allows players to buy vehicles. Added by default.
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.use : Allows players to interact with vehicles. Added by default.
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.vehiclelimit.X : Limits the amount of vehicles a player can have spawned at one time (by default, all players are allowed 1)
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.unlimitedvehicles : Bypasses limit check
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.callback : Allowes players to call back all of their vehicles (either storing them in the player's garage or adding it back to the player's inventory)
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.callbackAll : Calls back all vehicles on the server.
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.candrive.XXX : If "enable_RequirePermsToDriveType" set to true, only players with that permission can drive the vehicle called "XXX" (Replace XXX with the vehicle's name).
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.overrideWhitelistCommand : Lets a user set the whitelist for a vehicle using commands.
  • qualityarmoryvehicles.usevehiclegui : Allows users to see a vehicle's GUI menu. Added by default.
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