SpigotMC Plugin ProdigyGadget 2.5.31

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.9 - 1.12
Languages Supported:
Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
Contributors:Iskyost (SkyoConfig), Slikey (Maths utils), ProtocolLib, xxmicloxx & michidk (noteblockapi)

Important Informations:

If you download leaked version of the plugin the development of ProdigyGadget will stop
Not compatible with 1.8 and 1.9.0 (why ? using 1.9.1 features)
Advised for hub servers
reload or plugin able to reload are not supported by prodigygadget
You need to restart


Spoiler: Others

Sneak to fly like a real blaze.

Sneak during some second to be charged, then release your power with a electric storm.

Teleport you by left clicking like a real enderman.

You can push other player !

Move and jump like a slime, you can even launch slime block by left clicking.

Just a spider

Particles of the death are spawning around you, you an launch your minion to attack other player by left clicking.

  • You must install ProtocolLib
WorldGuard Softdepend
You can use worldguard to prevent players to use cosmetics in some regions.
Add or remove regions from the blacklist:
/pg blacklist add/remove regionname

You can use some placeholder for your server:
current_<type> (suit,gadget,morph,ect..)


ProdigyGadget has its own system of disguise but you can still use Libsdisguise if you want a self disguise view

Vault SoftDepend
Vault is necessary if you are using the ammo system for Gadgets
You will need an economy plugin too.

Well designed
I love beautiful plugins, with particles, effects and so on.
This is why prodigygadget is the most esthetic cosmetic plugin, with optimized code.
I love innovation too, I made many thing with my own ideas: 3D selector, djstation, special suits, some particles, some gadgets and many other things.

Very very fast support
I am committed to responding quickly to all of your questions, check the review section if you do not trust me.
If you need a permission or you need information contact me !
I fix all bugs and problem you ask me
If I think that your idea request is good, I will add it.

  • ProdigyGadget is able to restore cosmetics when a player join the server even if the server was reloaded or stopped.
  • Save ammo
  • Mysql and flat database (async)

  • ProdigyGadget has been designed to support a maximum of players
  • Even if you have some lags, prodigygadget is able to detect tps and remove all player cosmetics in the server.
  • You can clear all cosmetics /pg clear
  • You can set maximum amount of each cosmetic in the config file
Frequently asked questions

Why should I pay for a cosmetic plugin instead of a free plugin ?
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Is it possible to make ProdigyGadget compatible with 1.8 ?
Spoiler: Show answer
Is this plugin can cause many lags on my server ?
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How can I add musics to the djstation ?
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All permissions << CLICK HERE

By purchasing and downloading this plugin, you agree that:

  • There will be no refunds
  • You may not redistribute this plugin
  • You may not decompile/edit the source code without my permission
  • You may use it for all the servers you OWN, but don't give it to anyone else.
Developpers API

Start player cosmetic:
Code (Text):

new BatblasterGadget(Player.class);
new HotMood(Player.class);
new BloodhelixParticle(Player.class);
new ZombieMorph(Player.class);

The plugin is not obfuscated, it means that you can check class if you hesitate.

Remove and utilities:

Code (Text):

ProdigyPlayer pp = Prodigy.instanceOf(Player.class);
pp.addGadgetAmmo(String type, int amount);
pp.removeGadgetAmmo(String type, int amount);
int ammo = pp.getGadgetAmmo(String type);

Why shoud I pay for a cosmetic plugin?


Thank you to Flynrod who made this great djstation tutorial
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