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SpigotMC Plugin ProCosmetics | ---> All right belong SafeLeaking 4.1

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.8 - 1.12
Languages Supported:

ProCosmetics is the only cosmetic plugin that is full of unique features that you won’t be disappointed in. With its efficientsystem, you won’t run into any TPS drops or lag that could be caused by this plugin. It has Arrow Effects, Balloons, Banners, Death Effects, Emotes, Gadgets, Miniatures, Morphs, Mounts, Music, Particle Effects, Pets, and a Treasure Chest systemwith three tiers, Normal, Mythical, and Legendary. The perfect solution for EULA friendly perks for your server. You can give specific cosmetics to players with a rank and make them feel special and unique.

This plugin can be used in many types of servers since you can disable the cosmetics you don't want. For example, you can choose to only keep Particle Effects enabled in a KitPvP server. ProCosmetics does also support my minigames. This means the cosmetics will unequip before a game starts and enable after the game!

Supports versions 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x & 1.13.x!
The integrated anti-lag system helps to keep your server lag free. It unequips all the player's cosmetics if the server is running on low TPS.
Multi-world support - you can disable cosmetics in certain worlds.
EULA friendly - sell perks that agrees to the EULA of Mojang.
Lots of cosmetic categories such as Arrow Effects, Balloons, Banners, Death Effects, Emotes, Gadgets, Miniatures, Morphs, Mounts, Music, Particle Effects & Pets!
●Treasure chest system with three tiers, Normal, Mythical & Legendary.
Add custom rewards for a Treasure. Ranks can be added as custom rewards.
Custom currency support. Choose between Vault or Custom currency.
Supports mine and some other developers' minigames! Cosmetics will disable before a game starts.
Restore cosmetics system. Your last used cosmetics will be equipped next time you log into the server. This feature also supports multiple servers on your Bungeecord Network however to make this work you must enable MySQL.
Stores data 2 ways to store data. Flatfile or MySQL!

Looks cool right? Please check out the cosmetics below. Keep in mind not all of them are being shown here.

Arrow Effects

Death Effects




Morphs - 11



Particle Effects


Treasure Chests

1. Buy and download the plugin.

2. LibsDisguises is required for the Morph feature. Install Libsdisguises if you want this feature enabled.
Download for 1.8 - Click here!
Download for 1.9 - Click here!
Download for 1.10 - Click here!
Download for 1.11 - Click here!
Download for 1.12 - Click here!
Download for 1.13 - Click here!

3. ProCosmetics does support Vault. If you want ProCosmetics to hook into Vault make sure it's enabled in the ProCosmetics config. CLICK HERE to download Vault! Keep in mind Vault also requires an economy plugin connected to it such as Essentials or Craftconomy3.

4. Place the ProCosmetics.jar and the other files in your plugins folder.

5. Start and stop your server to make sure the configurations generate.

6. Configure whatever you want. Then start the server.



You can use /ProCosmetics, /PC & /Cosmetics to execute any of the commands below.

➤ /PC open <menu> - opens a specfic menu. Example: /PC open Main

/PC unequipAll - unequips all your current cosmetics.

/PC give <player> <cosmetic> - gives access to a cosmetic to a player.

/PC giveCoins <player> <amount> - gives a player coins.

/PC giveAmmo <player> <gadget> <ammo> - gives a player gadget ammo.

/PC treasurechest give <player> <treasure> <amount> - gives a player treasure(s).

/PC treasurechest giveall <treasure> <amount> - gives all online players treasure(s)

/PC treasurechest add - adds a new treasure chest station.

/PC treasurechest delete - deletes a treasure chest station.

/PC treasurechest setChestData - sets the chest data of a treasure chest station. Used for rotating the chest.

/PC reload - reloads the plugin.

➤ ProCosmetics.Admin
- gives you access to all the commands of ProCosmetics.

ProCosmetics.Open - gives you access to use the menu open command.

ProCosmetics.* - gives you access to all the cosmetics.

ProCosmetics.Mounts.* - gives you access to all the mounts.

ProCosmetics.<cosmetic-category>.<cosmetic> - gives you access to a specific cosmetic. For all cosmetic permissions please check the list below.

Spoiler: Full Cosmetics Permission List

This documentation is used for developers who want to hook into the plugin!

All these methods are located in a class called API. The path is "sv.file14.procosmetics.api.API".

openMainMenu(Player player)
• Opens the main menu for the player.

giveMainMenu(Player player)
• Gives the player the cosmetic item in their hand.

equipLastCosmetics(Player player)
• Equips the player's last used cosmetics. This method is should be used after a minigame has finished its in-game state.

unequipCosmeticsMinigame(Player player)
• Unequips the player's cosmetics except for Particle Effects. This method should be used before a minigame goes in-game state.

unequipCosmetics(Player player)
• Unequips all the player's cosmetics.

By purchasing this plugin or downloading new versions you accept the following terms of use:

About to post a review? Please do NOT post any issues as a review! If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, just PM me or use the discussion page! You can also contact me through Discord.
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