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MC-Market Setups PRISON SETUP | 20% off | ■ Custom menus ■ | Locked/unlocked mines | Kits recharge 2018-10-29

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Prison setup, one of the setups with more features right now. It contains a bunch of features that you will be able to see below here or testing it on our test server. If you have any question/suggestion, PM me.

▪ TEST SERVER - 4 slots maximum. [From CANADA]
Spoiler: Address

[!] If you don't have a mcmarket account, buy it through sellfy, click here.

Features "list of some things that it contains, not all of them"
5x | Donator ranks and 7x | Staff ranks
23x | Total kits "including pickaxes, donor kits, etc
Double check | Hit double times in Q key when throwing pickaxes and armors.
Bartender | You will be able to try luck with the drinks, each drink have different chances
Particles/armorstands | We have particles arround all our prison setup for a better look
Images | Custom made images in map_id format for a better look in each warp, etc
Auctions | Auctions, you will be able to sell/buy things in the auctioneer, and also BID
3x | Vote - Rare - Legendary crates, with a wheel opening effect and titles with your prize
Custom menus like warps, mines, kits, etc.. with special features
Prestiges x50 | Prestiges, available in the highest rank
27x | Prison ranks, A-Z and FREE
Level in all your pickaxes to see how many blocks did you broken
Custom action bar to show your percentage for the next level
Featherboard configuration
8x | Backpack upgrades, you will be able to upgrade your backpack to get more slots/rows
Free world with chestshop for let players sell their items
▪ PVP | Arena on players will be able to fight against each other
Plots with a custom road to let people build their houses, etc
Custom shopgui+ menu for blocks, etc
▪ Much more..

General screenshots

Spoiler: Screenshots

Spoiler: A-Z | Mines

Spoiler: Donor mines

Spoiler: Custom menus

Spoiler: Backpacks

Spoiler: Auction

Spoiler: Bar

Spoiler: Crates

Spoiler: Free world

Spoiler: PVP/Arena zone

Spoiler: Plots

Premium plugins used [Not included, only the configuration folder will be given]
Featherboard [Optional]
ShopGui+ [Needed]
EzRanksPro [Needed]
Voteparty [Optional for votes]

To-do list | [✈] - Soon [✔] - Done [✘] - Not started yet
[✘] Boosters for QUICKSELL plugin/general boosters
▪ [] Voteparty with a custom menu [Suggested by PandaPlaysAll]
▪ [] Trade system
▪ [] Deluxechat support [Suggested by Goldeagle]
▪ [] Fortune pickaxes
▪ [✔] Backpack upgrades
[?] Your suggestions

▪ You can not
▪ You can not share this setup to anyone
▪ You can not can not claim it as your own
▪ You can not resell this piece of work or configurations inside it.

If you need any help, contact me through PM.

Don't review the resource for BUGS/ERRORS
, PM me instead. Remember, if you find a bug tell me via PM and I will fix it as soon as possible.
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