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SpigotMC Plugin PinAuthentication - Advanced Login System [GUI] 5.0

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.7-1.12 Version
Languages Supported:

PinAuth is an advanced login authentication plugin for Minecraft cracked servers or servers that want their players' accounts protected by a secure, fast, easy login system. When a player joins your server, if you have this plugin, it will ask the player for their 4 digit pin. If they have not set one, it will ask them to set one. The best part, this is all done in an easy, fast GUI!

NOTE: Please PM if you would like to see this plugin in action!

Quick Preview Video, thanks to @_Dboy_
✓ Easy to use, fast and very secure
✓ Always up to date, and always adding new features
✓ 1.7-1.12 Version
✓ Use it for staff accounts, or cracked players accounts'!
✓ All in a GUI!
✓ NEW: Two Factor Authentication (Forgot Pin)
✓ More secure than AuthMe
✓ Protected from the known AuthMe hack that uses commands
✓ All messages configurable
✓ Opens login/register GUI automatically when the user joins
✓ Kick a player if they have entered the wrong pin X times
✓ Nice looking titles
✓ Teleport a player to a location upon login/register
✓ Notify operators when a player registers (Toggleable)
✓ Change/Reset player's pin ingame
✓ Permission-based (required permission to use the plugin's features)
✓ Toggle movement/blindness/chat before players have logged in
✓ Allow players to use certain commands before they have logged in
✓ Permission to bypass the login system (Not recommended for cracked servers)
✓ View your players' pins in a yml file created for every player
✓ Disable/Enable the plugin in the configuration with having to remove the plugin entirely

Work in Progress:

New pagedesign:
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New Features:
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Support discord:
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  • /pinauth changepin (player) - Change yours or another player's pin (pinauthentication.changepin(.others)
  • /pinauth resetpin (player) - Reset yours or another player's pin (pinauthentication.resetpin(.others)
  • /pinauth view (player) - View the Pin, UUID and 2FA code or you or another player (pinauthentication.view(.others)
  • pinauthentication.use - Permission for the GUIs coming up on join
  • pinauthentication.main - Permission to use the /pinauth command (help menu)


plugin-enabled: true
give-blindness: true
kick-player-on-wrong-pin: true
sounds-enabled: true
allow-chat-before-login: false
allow-movement-before-login: false
timeout-in-seconds: 10
force-gamemode: false
force-gamemode-mode: SURVIVAL
notify-ops-on-player-registers: true
no-permissions: '&c&lYou do not have permission for this!'
wrong-pin: '&c&lThat pin is incorrect!'
op-notify-message: '&6%player% has registered their pin on the server'
kick-msg: '&c&lWrong pin!'
must-login-to-chat: '&cYou must login to be able to chat!'
kick-msg-pin-reset: '&6Your pin has been reset!'
error-msg-you-must-login: '&c&lYou must log in!'
please-enter-code: ยง6Please type your two step verification code in chat!
2fa-code-incorrect: '&c&lYour two factor authentication code is incorrect!'
illegal-username: '&c&lIllegal Username!'
pin-reset: |-
&6&lYour pin has been reset using
your two factor authentication code
title: '&6&lLogged In'
subtitle: '&7You can now play on the server'
title: '&6&lRegistration Complete'
subtitle: '&7You can now login with the pin: &f%pin%'
- help
- rl
- forums
enabled: false
world: world
x: -193.0
y: 65.0
z: 230.0

pinauthentication.use - Access to use the plugin's features
/pinauth -
/pinauth changepin (player) - pinauthentication.changepin
/pinauth resetpin (player) - pinauthentication.resetpin

Discord - Soon...
Email - [email protected]

If you have found an error, a bug or a glitch, please do not report it on a review, please pm me or add me on Discord.

Thank you for reading,

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