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SpigotMC Plugin Optimized AAC Setup AAC 3.6.3 | AACAP - 4.6.0 | AACHider - 1.4.1

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Over 450 Lifetime members, including many Spigot staff!
If you are here, you likely have AAC and want a solution for false punishments or want to get the max detection performance out of AAC. You came to the right shop! This is the original custom config shop for AAC and these techniques are now mimicked (or at least attempted) by many authors, even for setups on other anti-cheats!

These highly custom-designed configs utilize advanced condition checking to tighten down the strictness, reduce false punishments, and catch the real hackers up to 4x faster! Each config is also outfitted with softer checking so innocent players don't get harassed by AAC!
Spoiler: What do you mean "Harassed"?
AAC's default config + server/player lag

Oᴘᴛɪᴍɪᴢᴇᴅ AAC Cᴏɴғɪɢ - $8.00 (solo config purchase)
Spoiler: Config Features
Strict Conditional Thresholds- Each AAC check is outfitted with advanced punishment thresholds that consult connection speed and server performance before firing commands. This allows us to punish the real hackers without kicking a laggy player!

Special Coded Kick Messages- The default config will tell the hacker what type of hack got detected. The Optimized setup will convince them their connection timed out or even that their client is buggy.

2-Weeks Support- The solo config purchase comes with 2-weeks of support which includes fine-tuning and upgrades if new versions of AAC come out! See LifeTime Package below for an unlimited updates/support option.

Lag-Back & False Kick Reduction- Checks known to harass laggy players are given modifications to eliminate the lag-backs and false kicks. No more canceled block interactions, hits, or movements! See Setup Philosophy for more info on how this is done.

Ping Spoofer Detection- A feature not offered in AAC or any public anti-cheat is available here! Hack clients have started using fake pings to trick anti-cheats that compensate for ping (like this setup). This added feature will help crush those pesky ping spoofers who think they are about to bypass your new setup!

Expert Check Fine Tuning- The author is part of the AAC Dev Team and has in-depth knowledge and experience that goes back to AAC's founding in early 2015. This experience is harnessed by each of my customers. No more trial and error at the expense of your players!
Spoiler: Example Check Layout

LɪꜰᴇTɪᴍᴇ Pᴀᴄᴋᴀɢᴇ - $27 (most popular!) (WE SEEL THIS FOR ONLY 6.00€!!!)
- Optimized AAC Config-
See details above
- AAC Ghost Config- See details below
- AAC Hider Add-On- See details below
- Optimized AACaddition Config- Optimized config for AACaddition Pro
- AACadditionPro not needed to get Lifetime (but recommended)
- Lifetime Updates/Support
- Access to updates and recommended values for life! Even after major releases (AAC 4.0+).
- Dedicated and high-priority support for life!

Gʜᴏsᴛ Cᴏɴғɪɢ - LifeTime Package Only!
Spoiler: Config Features
This add-on is an AAC config made to be invisible to players and mainly function as a notification system for staff members. Your staff will get detailed information about potential hackers and it will only kick if the player has extremely abusive or harmful hacks.

No worrying about false kicks/bans or players complaining about your anti-cheat! This config is separate from the "Optimized Config" and is a bonus config only included in the "LifeTime Package" (see above).

AAC Hɪᴅᴇʀ - LifeTime Package Only!
Spoiler: Features
As an anti-piracy method, AAC forces the version output of the /aac command in game, leaving no traditional workaround (e.g. negating permissions). The downside is that hackers are able to run the command to see if they need to put their client into "AAC Bypass" mode before hacking. AAC-Hider solves this issue with no effort!

No other server has this option unless they make it themselves, but they also risk piracy issues because their solutions are not authorized by the AAC Developer like AAC-Hider!

Authorized by AAC Dev and developed by the AAC team
- Blocks /aac command output and all other AAC commands (e.g. /aacadmin)
- Remove the unconfigurable Fastbow player messages
- Supports latest version of AAC
- Supports 1.8-1.12 of Spigot/Paper
- Custom message (e.g. Fake "Unknown command" output)
- Customizable command(s) to run on abuser (e.g. Staff notify, kick, or ban)
- Bypass for server staff (if desired)
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Latest updates

  1. Few fixes in the code

    Updated few lines in the config. There was sometimes an error with few checks.
  2. AAC Hider 1.4.1

    Small bug fixes.
  3. AAC v3.6.3

    This AAC config version is still not supported as it falls after 3.6.x

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Hello, please read the "Overview". If you want to get a download for one of the configs you will have to buy it. For example. If you pay 3.00€ for AAC config you will receive updates for one month in your DMS. So if you're intrested in buying this service or have any question please message me in private :)