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SpigotMC Plugin New Amazing Lucky Blocks 1.2.5 BETA 1.8

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Only English at the moment. You can help by translating the language file into your language
This luckyblock plugin is based on RewKun AmazingLuckyBlocks plugin (

I have added to it some new features like:
  • More personalization
  • A new wand (shield wand)
  • A new section: objects, with the DarkHole and the MiniVolcano items
  • New commands that will give you all the wands or the objects
  • A command that will place random lucky blocks around you
  • Lots of bugs that were in the original plugin have been fixed
If you don't have any lucky block resource pack, you can use this:


  • /alb --> Shows help page
  • /alb reload --> Reloads the config and the language files
  • /alb wands --> Gives you all the magic wands
  • /alb objects [Amount] --> Gives you all the objects. The parameter Amount will be available in the next update
  • /alb randomblock <rad_x> <rad_y> <rad_z> <number_of_blocks> <floating_blocks> --> Places random lucky blocks around you

  • amazinglb.* --> All NewAmazingLuckyBlocks permissions
  • amazinglb.reload --> Reload permission
  • amazinglb.update --> Updater-message permission
  • amazinglb.wands --> "/alb wands" permission
  • amazinglb.objects --> "/alb objects" permission
  • amazinglb.randomblock --> "/alb randomblock" permission
  • amazinglb.wands.WAND --> Permission for using the wand WAND. Can be enabled and disabled. Disabled by default.
  • amazingly.objects.OBJECT --> Permission for using the object OBJECT. Can be enabled and disabled. Disabled by default.
These are the default permissions, but you can customize them.


In the near future there are lot of things that I want to add to this plugin, also if you have any idea or suggestion, don't hesitate to tell me it.

  • Ability to enable/disable the update checker
  • Add the /alb give command for wands, objects and luckyblock
  • Permissions for giving, placing and using luckyblocks
  • Ability to change the preffix. By default: [NewAmazingLuckyBlocks]
  • Outcomes with percentages
  • Ability to add custom outcomes (blocks, entities, items, structures, etc) with its own percentages

  • 0: Diamond sword + firework effect
  • 1: 32 emerald + villager tower
  • 2: Stone pickaxe, axe and spade
  • 3: RegenWand (It heales you)
  • 4: It generates another lucky-block next to the lucky-block that was before
  • 5: InvisibilityWand (It makes you invisible)
  • 6: Iron pickaxe, axe and spade
  • 7: It generates a block of water
  • 8: It generates a block of lava
  • 9: 2 carrots
  • 10: Blaze
  • 11: 9 chicken around the location of the lucky-block
  • 12: Diamond pickaxe
  • 13: 2 ender pearls
  • 14: 38 blocks of sandstone
  • 15: 30 blocks of stone
  • 16: A bow with 12 arrows
  • 17: 4 apples
  • 18: 2 x bread
  • 19: 37 blocks of dirt
  • 20: A zombie with chainmail chestplate, diamond leggins and chainmail boots
  • 21: TNTWand (It throws a TNT in the direction you are looking)
  • 22: SlimeWand (It throws a Slime in the direction you are looking)
  • 23: A zombie with iron helmet and iron chestplate
  • 24: DragonBreathWand (It throws blocks of fire in the direction you are looking)
  • 25: LightningWand (It summons a lightning bolt at the location where the cursor is)
  • 26: A zombie with chainmail chestplate
  • 27: A zombie with iron leggins and chainmail helmet
  • 28: It generates an iron block and suddenly it strikes a lighning in its location
  • 29: 32 blocks of sandstone
  • 30: 20 blocks of dirt
  • 31: 2 apples
  • 32: Stone sword with sharpness II enchatment
  • 33: It generates a diamond ore block
  • 34: ShieldWand (It generates a 5x5x4 block shield that will protect you)
  • 35: DarkHole (It generates a 3x3xA hole) [The parameter 'A' is the depth of the hole and can be customized in the configuration].
  • 36: MiniVolcano (It generates a 3x3x3 block volcano)
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