SpigotMC Plugin MergedMob 13.5.21

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.7 - 1.14+
Languages Supported:
English + More
Spigot Link:

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.7
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
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NEWS! : MergedMob now maintains/recovers removed McMMO metadata upon server reset!
NEWS! : You can now control noAI feature for each mob type!
NEWS! : It now supports Mythicmobs.

Since there is not any mob merge plugin which does what I wanted, I made this...

This plugin allows nearby living entities to be merged into one entity. By doing this merging, you can significantly reduce the number of living entities (mobs) on your server -> reduce lags.

  • /mergedmob | /mergedmob help : displays the help menu
  • /mergedmob reload : reloads the configuration file.
  • /mergedmob killall [radius:xxx] [type:XXXX]: kills all merged mobs
Permission Node:
  • mergedmob.reload: allows you to reload the config file.
You just install MergedMob.jar into "plugins" folder.

# This is a template config file
# define your parameter and its value like:
ErrorMsg : "&c[MergedMob] : Some error occured."
NoFakeEgg: "&c[MergedMob] : You cannot fake merged mobs!"
MergedMobAllKilled: "" # "&a[MergedMob] : a merged mob killed."
MergedMobKillAllCompleted: "&a[MergedMob] : Kill all completed."
NeedOnline : "&c[MergedMob] : You need to be an online player to do this!"
MobSpawned : "&a[MergedMob] : &b%amount% &e%type%&as spawned."
NoSuchType : "&c[MergedMob] : No such mob type (&e%type%&c) is available."
Toggle : "&a[MergedMob] : Your KillAll status is %killallstate%."
TrueString: "On"
FalseString: "Off"

msg: "=== &e[&aMergedMob Commands List (%version%)&e] &r==="
msg: "&a/mergedmob help : displays this help menu."
msg: "&a/mergedmob reload : reloads config file."
permission: "mergedmob.reload"
msg: "&a/mergedmob debug <true|false> : turn on / off the debug mode."
permission: "mergedmob.debug"
msg: "&a/mergedmob check : checks the status of the merge process."
permission: "mergedmob.check"
msg: "&a/mergedmob killall [radius:xxx] [type:XXXX]: kills all merged mobs [option: within the specified radius]."
permission: "mergedmob.killall"
msg: "&a/mergedmob toggle : toggles KillAll status."
permission: "mergedmob.toggle"
msg: "&a/mergedmob spawn <type> <amount> [atfeet] : spawns the specified mob. [atfeet] should be either true or false (default: false)."
permission: "mergedmob.spawn"

# Available merge scheme 1, 2, or 3.
# scheme 3 is recommended for performance reason.
MergeScheme: 3

MergeCheckInterval: 20 #in ticks.

NumberRegex: "([0-9]+)(X)" #this corresponds to %number%X in DisplayFormat
DisplayFormat: "&d%number%X &6%type%"

# this option will define the default AI feature of the spawned mob.
# "all" (default) : all spawned mobs will NOT have AI
# "none" : ALL spawned mobs will have AI
# "spawner" : only spawner spawned mobs will NOT have AI
NoAI : all

# you can customize which AI feature you wish to turn off
Speed: false
Attack: false
Follow: false
KnockBack: false

# whether tamed and leashed mobs should be merged
MergeTamedMobs: false
MergeLeashedMobs: false

# limit merge to spawner mobs
MergeOnlySpawnerMobs: false

# whether villager zombies should be merged
MergeVillagerZombie: false
MergeBabyZombie: false

# whether leave 10 villagers nearby
LeaveMinimumVillagersForIronGolem: true

# whether villager with different profession should be merged or not.
MergeDifferentProfession: false

# whether baby mobs get merged with the normal mob.
MergeBabyAnimal: false

# for merge_type,
# AVERAGE : merged mob's health would be the average of all merged mobs
# MINIMUM : merged mob's health would be the minimum health of all merged mobs
# MAXIMUM : merged mob's health woudl be the maxinum health of all merged mobs
# FULL : merged mob's health would be always full.
DefaultMergeType: FULL

# if the cause of mob death was one of reason listed beloe
# only one mob in the merged mob will be killed.
# all other cause will kill entire merged mobs.
# followings are the cause of damae you can specify
# Full List:
# BLOCK_EXPLOSION : Damage caused by being in the area when a block explodes.
# CONTACT : Damage caused when an entity contacts a block such as a Cactus.
# CUSTOM : Custom damage.
# DROWNING : Damage caused by running out of air while in water
# ENTITY_ATTACK : Damage caused when an entity attacks another entity.
# ENTITY_EXPLOSION : Damage caused by being in the area when an entity, such as a Creeper, explodes.
# FALL : Damage caused when an entity falls a distance greater than 3 blocks
# FALLING_BLOCK Damage caused by being hit by a falling block which deals damage
# FIRE : Damage caused by direct exposure to fire
# FIRE_TICK : Damage caused due to burns caused by fire
# LAVA : Damage caused by direct exposure to lava
# LIGHTNING : Damage caused by being struck by lightning
# MAGIC : Damage caused by being hit by a damage potion or spell
# MELTING : Damage caused due to a snowman melting
# POISON : Damage caused due to an ongoing poison effect
# PROJECTILE : Damage caused when attacked by a projectile.
# STARVATION : Damage caused by starving due to having an empty hunger bar
# SUFFOCATION : Damage caused by being put in a block
# SUICIDE : Damage caused by committing suicide using the command "/kill"
# THORNS : Damage caused in retaliation to another attack by the Thorns enchantment.
# VOID : Damage caused by falling into the void
# WITHER : Damage caused by Wither potion effect
##### NOTE #####
# if you don't want to list anything here just put - DUMMY


# if this option is true, you can give 'mergedmob.killall.xxxx' (where xxxx is the type of mob)
# to control who can kill all certain types of mobs.
UserPermissionForKillAll: false

# default is LOW, you can have LOWEST, LOW, NORMAL, HIGH, HIGHEST or MONITOR
# adjust these event priority if those event processes from this plugin
# interfere with other plugins' event processes.
EntityDeathEvent: "LOW"
CreatureSpawnEvent: "MONITOR"
EntityExplodeEvent: "LOW"
EntityDamageByEntityEvent_check: "LOW"
EntityDamageByBlockEvent_check: "LOW"
EntityDamageEvent: "LOW"
ItemSpawnEvent: "HIGH"
PlayerShearEntityEvent: "HIGH"
PlayerInteractEntityEvent_onClick: "HIGHEST"
PlayerInteractEntityEvent_onFeed: "MONITOR"
PlayerInteractEntityEvent_onEquip: "LOWEST"
PlayerInteractEvent: "HIGHEST"
SheepDyeWoolEvent: "LOWEST"
EntityTameEvent: "LOWEST"
EntityTargetEvent: "MONITOR"
EntityDamageByEntityEvent: "MONITOR"

# if this option is true, the plugin will attempt to kill all merged mobs
# when the mergedmob is killed.
EnableKillAll: false

# if this option is true, the slimie and magmacube wont' split upon kill when kill-all is enabled.
# default is "false"
# NoSplit : true

# if thie option is true, the drops from kill all will be randomized.
# if it's false, drops will be simply multiplied by the merged count.
# if you have a plugin which customize mob drops, it is strongly recommended to set this option to false
RandomizeKillAllDrops: true

# Chicken Egg Drop Randomisor
# if one egg is dropped, the percentage represented by the following rate
# would also drop eggs.
# num_of_egg = merged_count * EggDropRate * random (0.0 - 1.0);
EggDropRate: 0.5

# Sheep related
# if MergeSheard: true, shearing will drop wool * merged count
MergeSheared: false
MergeColored: false

# Mobs with armors/weapons
# if MergeEquipped is false, mobs with different armors/weapons won't get merged.
MergeEquipped: false

# if this option is true, Lore is used to tag spawned mob's equipment.
UseLore: false

# this option will discard equipped armors and weapons (in hand) for stacked drop
# only the 1st skilled one will drop it.
CopyEquipment: false

# this option will permanently show the merged mob name tab.
PermShowDisplayName: false

# merging will be disabled in the world listed here.
# - plotworld

# merging will be disabled in the worldguard region listed here.
# - plotworld

# This option will limit the number of stacked-up dropps from mob killing
MaxNumberOfStackedDrops: 200

# this rate is used for custom mob drops specified under "Mobs" section.
# for each Loot enchant level, LootEnchantRate will be added to the chance
LootEnchnatRate : 0.01

# if this option is true, when Clearlag plugin clears entites, this plugin will remove merged mobs
UseClearlag : false

#if this option is true, when a merged mob is unmerged, the new merged mob will have full health.
RefreshHealthOnDeath: true

# if this option is false, killed mobs might not drop items.
EnsureDrops: true

# this option is to specify the default max stack count for all mobs.
# if this option is not specified or set to '-1', no max limit will be applied.
# you can also specify the max count for each mob type in Mobs: section.
#DefaultMaxStack : 20

# If you don't want to specify the radius for each mob types and don't mind having the same radius
# you can set the default radius for all mob types here.
DefaultRadius: 1

# list all mobs you wish them to merge in this section.
radius: 1
leave_pair: true
merge_type: AVERAGE
exp_drop: 3
max: 10
radius: 1
leave_pair: true
# if this option is true, when you feed merged animal, you can get baby, whose number is merged count / 2.
# default option is false;
breeding: true
alias: "&dPiggy!"
radius: 1
leave_pair: true
chance: 0.7
item: "35:1 min:1 max:1 name:'My_Egg!!' lore:This_is|my_Egg!! Sharpness:1"
chance: 0.5
item: "35:1 min:1 max:5 name:'Wool!!' lore:This_is|my_Wool!! Efficiency:1"
radius: 1
leave_pair: true
radius: 1
leave_pair: true
merge_type: MAXIMUM
radius: 1
leave_pair: true
radius: 1
radius: 1
# all mobs that are merged mobs will have a multiplied damage depending on their
# stack number where as higher the number of the merged mobs, the higher their
# damage will be
multiply_damage: true
# the damage multiplier that each merged mob stack will have where 1.0 will be
# the default damage done and it will not inflict any additional damage
# lower numbers will decrease the damage
damage_multiplier: 1.0
radius: 1
exp_per_orb: 500
merge_type: MINIMUM
radius: 1
radius: 1
radius: 1
radius: 3
radius: 1
radius: 1
noAI: all #none or spawner or all
radius: 2
radius: 1
radius: 1
radius: 1
alias: "&6Wither"
radius: -1
chance: 1
item: "NETHER_STAR:0 min:1 max:1 nofortune"
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