SpigotMC Plugin LiteBans 2.3.8 - CRACKED

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Plugin is now properly cracked.

Regression: Fixed 'ignored_kick_messages' in config.yml not working as expected.
Empty kick reasons will now also not be added to the database if `ignored_kick_messages: ['']` is set.

Minor improvements:
Added "default_history_limit" option to config.yml which allows you to set the default amount of entries shown in /history and /staffhistory.
Fixed BungeeCord error: "Cancelled ServerConnectEvent with no server or disconnect.", which could occur in rare situations.

Fixed database indexes for new columns not being generated as intended on existing databases (this fix improves performance)

Minor improvements:
Added warning if a player joins when LiteBans hasn't finished loading yet if late-bind isn't enabled in spigot.yml.
Performance improvements for databases with very large amounts of active IP-bans (>100K bans), and some other query optimizations have been made for large databases in general.