SpigotMC Plugin KiteBoard 1.8.10

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13
  1. Extremely efficient and customisable scoreboard plugin with no lag and no flicker (as seen above)
  2. Animate the tablist header and footer. Supports multiple lines.
  3. Permissions based scoreboard groups (Can be used for per-world and region-specific scoreboard)
  4. Dynamically update the lines of the scoreboard with text, color, placeholders, animations and more.
  5. Create animations simply with animations tags to easily create scrollers, color scrollers, pulsing text, typewriter effects, with one line of text.
  6. Send custom title/subtitle and actionbar messages when a player joins the server
  7. Animate the server tablist, supports animations, multiple lines and placeholders.
  8. Send custom action bar/titles to users via command. (with animations)
  9. Players can enable/disable the scoreboard with an ingame command which also saves their preferences after join/leave or server restart.
  10. PlaceholderAPI support, adds thousands of placeholders into animations.
  11. Tweak settings such as delaying display of scoreboard and refresh rates.
  12. Separate configuration files for each scoreboard with simple and effective layout. (see configuration)
  13. Customise command messages.
  14. Change scoreboard via in-game command.
  15. Options to use asynchronous scheduling for servers with a high amount of cores.
  16. Update notifications shown when a new version is available
  17. In-game Graphical interface for quickly executing commands.
  18. Scoreboard automatically shows after minigame (e.g Bedwars)
What makes this plugin worth the price?
- Frequent updates.
- Full help & support.
- Alot of features you just wont find in free scoreboard plugins.

/kiteboard (open the GUI selector)
/kiteboard reload (reloads the plugin database and config)
/kiteboard status (outputs the current scoreboard objects for the player)
/kiteboard on (turn scoreboard on)
/kiteboard off
/kiteboard send <user> <actionbar/title> <refresh speed> <message> NEW!
/kiteboard sendall <actionbar/title> <refresh speed> <message> NEW!
/kiteboard set <board> (change board)
/kiteboard reset (reset board back to permission based)
/kiteboard about (view general product information)
/kiteboard debug generates a hastebin report

Before buying, please make sure your server meets the requirements
- Bukkit/Spigot 1.8 or higher
- Fast internet upload/download for fast animations.
Scoreboard cannot be positioned.
- Red numbers can not be changed or removed.
- Not compatible with other plugins using scoreboard/teams.
1.8 - 1.12.2
- Scoreboard is limited to the width of 32 characters.
- Scoreboard title is limited to 32 character.
- Scoreboard supports 128 characters.
- Title supports 32 characters.

Sending custom announcements.
/KiteBoard send <player> <actionbar/title> <interval(in ticks)> <message>

Messages can be static or animated e.g
/kiteboard send Niall7459 title 2 <glow>Hey there</glow>
/kiteboard send Niall7459 actionbar 100 &6Static &eMessage.
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