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SpigotMC Plugin InventoryPages 1.1.0 2018-09-20

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for Spigot/CraftBukkit 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
Severs running Minecraft 1.11 or older please use InventoryPages 1.0.1
Java 7, 8

Add pages to your inventory for extra storage!

Clicking the next and previous items will turn the page. It's that easy! No commands necessary. Can be used while crafting, enchanting, at a chest, etc.


- Crash protection
- Periodic saving
- UUID support
- /invsee support
- Resource efficiency
- Extensive customization


  • /clear - remove all items from your current page and hotbar.
    • Aliases: /clearinventory, /clearinvent, /ci, /clean
    • Note: Aliases can be changed in the config.
  • /clear all - remove all items from all pages and hotbar.
    • Aliases: /clearinventory all, /clearinvent all, /ci all, /clean all
    • Note: Aliases can be changed in the config.
InventoryPages has the following permissions:

  • inventorypages.pages.[number] - add pages to your inventory.
    • You can use any number between 2 and 100
    • Ex. inventorypages.pages.5 will give you 5 pages.
  • inventorypages.clear - allows you to use /clear to clear your inventory.
  • - only drop your current page and hotbar on death.
  • inventorypages.drop.none - do not drop any items on death.
Click the spoiler below to view the configuration file:

This plugin collects data on the number of servers it is being run on, as well as the combined amount of players. All data is kept anonymous. No server ips/names or player names are collected. If you would like to opt out of this data collection, feel free to change the "metrics" value in the config.yml from true to false.

Collected data can be viewed at

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Thank you to everyone who helped beta test, especially @Pr0totype2, @Stef, @crazyhoorse961, @Assasinsheep, @KrypticDev, @Aubameyang, @Menfie, @cococow123, @Ticklemypp, and @Emekuber for giving me helpful feedback.
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