[HQ] Custom NCP Configuration + Patchwork Plugin (1.4.5 - 1.12.x)

MC-Market Config [HQ] Custom NCP Configuration + Patchwork Plugin (1.4.5 - 1.12.x) 4.4.3

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Currently the #1 anti-cheat solution on mc-market with over 1,100 sales!
I have spent over three years now, since early November 2015, focusing on improving the default configuration of NoCheatPlus (NCP) to reduce false positives while maintaining the high accuracy that many server owners seek. I've personally seen this configuration used on a very wide variety of game modes including Factions, HCF, Prison, Kit-PvP, Survival, Skyblocks, Minigames, and other gamemodes that exist across the 1,100+ servers that have purchased it. I dedicate a large degree of time to constantly focus and improve the fundamentals of this configuration; hopefully, this shines true after purchasing it and assessing it for yourself.

Please note this is not a comprehensive list of every hack blocked.
Notifications progress from green, which means likely hacking, to red which means bluntly hacking.

  • Phase (Block | Notify)
  • Fly (Block | Notify)
  • NoFall (Block | Notify)
  • Fast Fall (Block | Notify)
  • V-clip (Block)
  • Step (Block | Notify)
  • Spider (Block | Notify)
  • High Jump (Block)
  • Glide (Block | Notify)
  • Speed (Block | Notify)
  • Timer (Block | Notify)
  • AirJump (Block)
  • Blink (Block | Notify)
  • FastLadder (Block)
  • Longjump (Block)
  • SelfHit (Block | Notify)
  • Jesus (Block | Notify)
  • Infinite/Extra Elytra (Block | Notify)
  • Bunny Hopping (Block up to ~13% speed)
  • Regen (Block | Notify)
  • Fast Bow (Block | Notify)
  • FastEat (Block | Notify)
  • AutoClicker (Block | Notify)
  • Reach (Block | Notify)
  • Criticals (Block | Notify)
  • NoSwing (Block | Notify)
  • Fight Bot (Block | Notify)
  • Aim Bot (Block | Notify)
  • Kill Aura (Block | Notify)
  • TP Aura (Block | Notify)
  • ClickAura (Block | Notify)
  • LegitAura (Block | Notify)
  • Fast Place (Block | Notify)
  • Nuker (Block | Notify)
  • CivBreak (Block | Notify)
  • FastBreak (Block | Notify)
  • Derp (Block)
  • Inventory Move (Block)
  • Bedfu*ker (Block)
  • Ping Spoofing (Notify)
  • BoatFly (1.9+) (Block)
  • ElytraFly (1.9+) (Block)
  • GhostHand (Block)
  • NoWeb (Block)
  • Chest Steal/Store (Block | Notify)
  • Freecam (Blocks breaking blocks)
  • Force OP via book (Block)
  • Force OP via sign (Block)

What makes this better than any other configuration or anti-cheat plugin?
  • Lag generated by NoCheatPlus is reduced, or entirely removed, as tasks such as logging to flat file and console - which are unnecessary - are not active.
  • Hit direction is improved dramatically; this allows for PvP to be much smoother than the average delay between hits with the default configuration, especially with the legacy combat system found in 1.8.x.
  • Accurate notifications - you will no longer be spammed by NCP's false positives. NCP will send color-coded notifications from green to red based upon bluntness of a cheat.
  • Players aren't going to have odd movement errors with slabs, anvil, and chest collision bug(s). I've spent countless hours to ensure movement is as smooth as it gets without allowing hackers to cheat!
  • All server-side hacks such as FastPlace, SpeedMine, etc are properly blocked based on vanilla gameplay to not impact regular players.
  • Every single string is redone to optimize NCP's performance and reduce lag dramatically.
  • The ability to review a player's actions first hand if anything seems out of place (Requires MySQL).
I heard that NoCheatPlus is easy to bypass and that other anti-cheat plugins are better:
  • NoCheatPlus is run on a large number of servers for the reason that it works against countless hacked clients. However, since NoCheatPlus is available for all, hacked clients have adapted to function under a VL that would trigger a regular check, hence why I have modified values to be stricter without disturbing regular player's gameplay on top of providing the latest development build which resolves a majority of flaws in older builds.
  • On top of an optimized configuration, I've included a patchwork plugin that solves countless flaws found in the normal code of NoCheatPlus, including the addition of a Jesus check, several combat checks including via npc, and server + player latency checking before notifications are sent - something that most other anti-cheats don't offer.
What is included:
  • An optimized NCP Configuration (1.4.5 - 1.12.2).
  • A configured Patchwork plugin for NoCheatPlus (1.8 - 1.12.2)
  • Replay plugin that works with NoCheatPlus and the Patchwork plugin to review a player's action via an npc recreation (1.9 - 1.12.2 with MySQL)
  • The latest NoCheatPlus Development Build.
Test Servers:
  • Legacypvp (IP: legacypvp.net) owned by Flase
  • Aquacraft (IP: play.aquacraft.eu) owned by FrankHeijden
  • Realty3MC (reality3MC.com) owned by Devo
  • If you would like your server here, let me know!
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