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SpigotMC Plugin Heroes v1.9.0 Beta 4

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Minecraft RPG Plugin

Class / Professions with Levels
Heroes Skills & Permission Skills
Skill Binding
Inventory Restrictions
Alternative Health/Damage System
Party EXP Sharing & Party Loot Rolling
Improved Skill Framework
Mana & Stamina System
Improved Help and Commands
Stat/Scoreboard System
Cool-down Action Bar
Toggleable Mob Health Bars
Attributes with GUI
Enhanced Targeting System
Vanilla Crafting Restrictions
Bonus EXP Permission Nodes for Subscribers
Improved Party System with Split EXP Gains
Skill Icons + Hot Bars when combined with Magic
Commands on Class Change
Abstracted Class Progression
Shielding Health System
SQL or YML Storage
PlaceholderAPI support
Language Support for Skills


Premium Skill Packs
Blood and Fire
Runes and Rage
Songs and Serenity
Crafty and Buff
Arcane and Dreadful
Honor and Nature
Death and Divine
Stealth and Darts
Magic Skills

Java 8 + VAULT + Spigot (Bukkit wont run)
Skill Depends > EffectLib
Recommended Perms > zPermissions

Public Skills Pack > 1.11+ | 1.10~

Planned Features
Proper Citizen Support
Heroes Attribute Custom Item Support
Full Translation/Language File
Scriptable Skills

API | Java Docs Here | Best with PaperSpigot | Default Configurations
FREE Public Build: (MC 1.8 only)

The first Minecraft Role-playing plugin created for the multiplayer server Herocraft! Heroes is a dynamic, flexible and highly configurable class, skill and experience system. Heroes itself is the hub of your players RPG experience, boasting classes, multi-tiering, and advanced skills. Along with classes, Heroes offers your players a new style of PvP & PvE through our well-developed skill system and our weapon + armor restrictions. No longer will your mages have the ability to use diamond swords, your rogues will no longer sneak around in their heavy diamond tunics and most importantly, you can now hurl fireballs and stun your targets. The best part of this? It's your choice how your Heroes is set up, don't want a certain skill, that's fine, you can just remove the skill and be done with it!

What can I do with it?
With Heroes, you can do almost anything you'd want to do on an RPG server. The main feature is our customizable tiered class system, which offers as much to the server owner as possible when tied with our skills and permission skills. Your Heroes could be totally unique to your server, it could be the reason players play your server over other servers. The same can be said about our skill system, it's unique to any of the other RPG plugins out there. Other plugins dub "Skills" as methods which you level up, this isn't the case with Heroes. Skills are abilities you can perform which are unique to your class. Some of our favorite skills are Fireball, Jump and Port. These are what makes Heroes unique.

Features Indepth
  • Classes
    • Create your own unique classes or use the defaults!
    • Permission nodes to set what classes are obtainable for the default user
    • Custom class names
    • 'Parent | Child' optional relationship, (example HEALER -> CLERIC)
    • Configurable inventory restrictions
    • Dual-Classing! (either primary, secondary or both, multi-classing)
  • Attributes
    • Strength - increases damage with melee weapons, as well as damage with physical based abilities
    • Constitution - increases your maximum health pool, and also provides slight resistances to magic based damage
    • Endurance - increases your base stamina regeneration, and also increases your maximum equipment weight. A high equipment weight value will be required to wear several pieces of armor at once
    • Dexterity - increases damage with projectile based weaponry, as well as your base movement speed. The effectiveness of certain abilities may also be increased by this attribute
    • Intellect - increases your maximum mana pool, and also increases the damage dealt by magic based abilities
    • Wisdom - increases your base mana regeneration, and also increases the effectiveness of healing based abilities
    • Charisma - increases the potency of songs, and increases the duration and effectiveness of certain disabling abilities
  • Amazing Skills
    • Over 100+ base skills! Get more with the Premium packs!
    • Usable with /bind to your item or /skill
    • Pair with the Magic hotbar wand system or MacroMod client!
    • Works with Attributes, Mana, Health and other reagents!
  • Permitted Skills
    • Skills in the base platform of Heroes
    • All permitted skills start with /skill <skillname>
    • Allows for developers to add in their own code for new skills
    • Adjustable through skills.yml or overwritten in the class setup
  • Permission Skills
    • Based on the permission-node system, ability to set the level required to learn certain permission-nodes to have a highly configurable system.
    • Does not use the /skill prefix - Permission skills are not linked to any commands they simply give players permissions
  • Using Skills
    • Ability to '/bind <skillname>' to an item to right click and use that skill
    • Use '/bind' again to clear the bind and remove the right click ability
    • Currently only works for Permitted-Skills
    • Integration with Magic plugin via "/mskills"
  • Hot Bar Skill Use
    • Alternative to the bind system
    • Let players use a hot-bar configured with the Magic plugin
    • Add "skills_use_heroes: true" to your Magic config!
  • Inventory Restrictions
    • Armor & Weapon restrictions based on class
    • Configurable in the class files
  • Levels
    • /level - to show information about the level - comes with a nice interface to show you how much left to obtain the next level.
    • Set a mastery level - once achieved the user may switch to different classes and have their level/skills saved on the mastered class.
    • Configurable curves of exp to make lower levels easier and higher levels harder to get through
    • Optional Health gain per level
    • Configurable loss of exp (0.10 = 10% per death) by current level
  • Exp-Sources
    • SKILL - exp for using a skill
    • CRAFTING - exp for crafting an item
    • MINING - exp for mining blocks
    • KILLING - exp for slaying mobs
    • LOGGING - exp for jacking lumber
    • PVP - exp for PVP
    • QUESTING - used in API's for quest plugins
    • EXTERNAL - used in normal API's
  • Health/Damage
    • Set environmental damage
    • Set monster health/damage
    • Allow bed healing for players to regenerate health in bed!
    • Set player health (works with heart ratios)
    • Set across the broad item damage or override single classes in their class files!
  • Mana
    • /mana - shows the current amount of mana - caps at 100%.
    • Configurable mana regen rate per-class
    • time between regen is server-wide
  • Stamina
    • /stamina - alternative system to mana
    • regenerates faster than mana
    • can toggle the vanilla hunger system!
  • Shielding
    • /shields - alternative before-health system
    • regens slowly over time
    • similar to Diablo 2 style "magic shields"
  • Parties
    • Experience -Sharing - on/off
    • PVP - on/off
    • Bonus Exp per extra party member
    • Group-Skills
    • Volatile

Skill Showcase

Placeholders for PAPI
Code (Text):

prefix = %heroes_PLACEHOLDERNAME%
Spoiler: Experience
Experience is how Heroes gain levels. Currently there are eleven different sources of gaining experience:

Skill experience is set per-skill in the skills configurations, and is usually not enabled, but can be enabled if you want specific skills to award or cost the player experience. PvP rewards are set under Killing as shown in the default configuration below.
Enchanting is required for a player to enchant items, as it will be used to deduct the exp cost from the heroes.
Questing & External require extra addons to be functional, they are not used internal to the Heroes plugin.
The experiences.yml file controls which experience types award experience and how much they award. Killing goes by entity names, while the other options go by block and item names
Spoiler: Commands
General Commands
  • /hero - /heroes
  • /hero help
  • /hero armor
  • /hero choose <path>
  • /hero prof <path>
  • /hero paths
    • Only shows those paths which are set as 'tier: 1' in their class file
  • /hero reset
    • resets the player to the default class and wipes ALL experience/levels gained
  • /hero tools
  • /hero scroll
  • /hero skills - /skills
  • /hero specs
  • /hero leaderboard
  • /hero who <player>
  • /hero verbose
  • /hero suppress <skillname>
  • /hero scroll
  • /hero level - /level - /hlevel - /lvl
  • /mana
  • /health - /hp
  • /cooldowns - /cd
  • /bind
    • removes a binding for the held item
  • /bind <skill> [args]
    • adds a binding for the item being held to the skill specified, if the skill requires arguments they can be supplied
Admin Commands
  • /hero admin class <player> <class>
  • /hero admin prof <player> <profession>
  • /hero admin exp <player> <class> <amount>
    • class can also be 'prim' or 'prof' to give exp to a player's primary class or profession.
  • /hero admin level <player> <class> <amount>
    • class can also be 'prim' or 'prof' to give a level to a player's primary class or profession.
  • /hero admin heal <player>
  • /hero admin hp <player> <amount>
  • /hero admin reload
  • /hero admin saveall
  • /hero debug dump
Skill Commands
/skills - /skilllist
/skill <skill> <args>

Party Commands
/party invite <player>
/party accept <player>
/party leave
/p <message>
/mode +[option]
/mode -[option]
/party who
Spoiler: Permissions
Heroes supports zPermissions and bPermissions
  • heroes.classes.*
    • Choose all classes that are tagged as 'wildcard-permission: true'
  • heroes.classes.class-name
    • Choose the specified class
  • heroes.reset
    • Allows the user to RESET and go back to default class
  • heroes.admin.exp
    • Set a player's experience
  • heroes.admin.class
    • change Set a player's class
  • heroes.admin.level
    • Set player's level
  • heroes.admin.heal
    • Heal a hero to full
    • Set a player's health
  • heroes.admin.reload
    • Reload configuration files
  • heroes.admin.saveall
    • saves all online heroes
  • heroes.boost
    • allows players to use Heroes /boost - cmd
  • heroes.bind
    • allows players to bind skills to items
Bonus % EXP Permission Nodes for Subscribers

Plugins that support Heroes
Heroes API
FAQs / Untested / May have Issues
  • Citizens - (NPCs loaded as playerObjects cause some conflicts - contact Citizen for possible fixes) Full support would require a major rewrite of Heroes Framework on how we load/save classes. Avoid using Citizens named as players on your server.
  • /reload - this will cause instability with the class manager. Do not use /reload. Spigot recommends not using it ever.
  • GM & PEX permission systems are untested/unsupported, YMMV.
  • McMMO - while this will load and not cause errors, there may be some philosophical overlap due to both being "RPG" plugins.
  • 1.7 and 1.8 may have some issues. The more advanced skills may not function properly unless compiled against these versions. 1.8.8 is the only supported 1.8 build.
  • Craftbukkit is NOT supported.
  • We do not have a FULL language file, there is sections you can customize and change descriptions however. Please use MessageFilter for the time being.
  • Can I localize the skill descriptions? Yes. You can do this in skills.yml by editing the Description section.
Have an Issue/Question?
  • By purchasing this resource you are gaining the right to use this plugin on a server you own, manage or work for for as long as you are in contact with the actual Minecraft aspect of the server and as long as the following conditions aren't violated.
  • By purchasing this resource, only you will have support access for the duration of the project.
  • You are not allowed to distribute this plugin in any form to anyone who has not obtained the right to use the plugin himself for example by purchasing it from this resource page.
  • You cannot refund your purchase after already acquiring the resource. It should work as described and if you have problems contact us and we will resolve them! Opening a chargeback will have your access revoked immediately and permanently.
  • You are allowed to modify this plugin as long as you follow the previous terms.
  • All of the rights given to you can be revoked at any time by the author, especially in the case that the terms were violated.
  • By downloading you accept the previous terms and that this resource is distributed without any (not even implied) warranty or liability by the author.
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