HeadHunter RPG System

SpigotMC Plugin HeadHunter RPG System 2.0.14

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12

Always wanted to add to your server a mob level based system?

Then this is your lucky day, HeadHunter creates an amazing rpg experience where you must kill mobs, sell their heads, wear their powerful masks and become the HeadHunter Master!


  • RPG mob based system
  • Fancy sell GUI
  • Mob Masks with a lot of possible effects
  • Multiple sell systems: GUI, Sign, Right click
  • Spawner shop
  • EnderPearl Cooldown System
  • Fast skull render system
  • Ability to make blocks open the sell menu
  • Friendly interactable command system with JSON's
  • Fully customizable.
  • Execute custom commands on level up
  • SilkSpawner and EpicSpawner support
  • PlaceholderAPI & MVdWPlaceholderAPI
  • LeaderHeads support
  • MassiveFactions & FactionUUID support
  • WorldGuard support
  • No compatible with 1.7.x Servers

The main objective is start killing the level 1 mobs, sell their heads to get XP and money; and then level up.

Each level is a new mob type, so you'll unlock new mobs as you level up. With the default config of the plugin, you can't kill mobs, place or break spawners that are not unlocked (configurable, but recommended to leave this way).

Each head worths "x" amount of money and XP. When you sell one head you get the full amount of money and XP that this head worths. The XP is used to level up. When you type /headhunter rankup you need to have a specific amount of XP and money. The amount of money and xp needed can be modified in the Ranks.yml file.

You can also kill players and sell their heads, depending of how you have the plugin configured, when you sell one head of a player you can steal a percent of the balance of the (player) that the head belongs. If you don't want this you can set a default value for the player head.

You can access the main GUI by typing /headhunter or /hh. Then a GUI like this one will pop up.


You can sell heads in this GUI by clicking the items.

if you want to sell multiple heads of different types, you can create signs for that!

You only need to set the first line of the sign to: "sell-heads" and click 'done'. The plugin will automatically transform the sign to the sign template.


If you right click it, you'll open the sell heads GUI:


PD: You won't be able to sell heads that are not unlocked.
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