Head Database

SpigotMC Plugin Head Database 4.8.6

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13

This plugin only works on SPIGOT based servers!

  • 16.000+ Custom URL heads
  • External Database with regular updates.
  • Easy to use GUI with multiple tabs and pages.
  • Up to 3 customisable categories which allows you to add your own heads.
  • Vault, Item & PlayerPoints as currency supported
  • Advanced Search Function to browse for heads.
  • Picking up heads that are in the database maintain their names
  • Exclusive heads for this database only!
  • Suggest heads to future database updates
  • Very customisable menu
  • Async loading of heads to spread the lag out
  • Customizable featured tags in config
  • Functional API system

Multiple Categories


/public > /plot auto > /hdb

Skyblock.xyz - Economy enabled

Permission "headdb.open":
, /hdb, /heads: opens the user interface
/hdb info | i: Shows info about the plugin and database
/hdb search | s [input]: search for heads in the database.

Permission "headdb.phead":
, /phead, /playerh [name]: gives you a playerhead

Permission "headdb.admin":
/hdb reload | r:
reloads the entire plugin
/hdb random [player] [category] : gives a random head from the database to the player
/hdb open [player] [category/search]: opens the database for the specified player (requires renamed category name)
/hdb give | g [ID] [amount] [player]: Gives the specified player the specified amount of heads.
/hdb base64 : gives you the base64 code of the head you are holding.
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Latest updates

  1. Added 106 more heads to the database

    Added 106 more heads to the database, use /hdb r to reload the database.
  2. added category specific buy permissions

    added support for Ukrainian fixed double message appearing in console when loading a language...
  3. Bug fixes

    updated language files (delete "texts" folder to update) lore for suggest item not being...

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