FPSHelper - Toggle Packets - Sand / TNT / Pistons / Mobs / Spawners & More! NOW WITH 1.13+ SUPPORT!

SpigotMC Plugin FPSHelper - Toggle Packets - Sand / TNT / Pistons / Mobs / Spawners & More! NOW WITH 1.13+ SUPPORT!

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.7 - 1.14 +
Languages Supported:
English + More
Spigot Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/fpshelper-toggle-packets-sand-tnt-pistons-mobs-spawners-more-now-with-1-13-support.60587/

Native Minecraft Version: 1.13
Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.7
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14

FPSHelper is a small plugin which allows users with less powerful computers toggle the visibility of certain things which can massively impact their FPS while using large cannons or spending time in large factions bases. It can also make crackshot servers much more playable for players with lowend computers. It utilises ProtocolLib to prevent the server from sending certain packets to clients who have opted out of receiving them, and will not impact server performance, or affect the functioning of cannons on your server.

FPSHelper currently offers the ability to toggle the visibility of the following:
  • Sand Entities
  • TNT Entities
  • Common Farm Drops (Configurable)
  • Piston Animations
  • Mobs
  • Spawner Blocks
  • Chests
  • Hoppers
  • Particles
Any feature you do not want to use can be disabled in the config.

In addition to player toggles, FPSHelper also allows you to set worldguard regions in which players will be invisible. This allows you hide players in spawn, solving FPS issues at SOTW when mass amounts of players are in the same area.

All messages and GUI items are fully configurable. You also have the option of disabling the in built GUI and using your own DeluxeMenus (or other menu plugin) GUI.

PlaceholderAPI is supported, and placeholders are available for all of the toggles.

All database calls are asynchronous.

If anyone has any suggestions for things that could be added to this list, I am willing to add them.

Here is a video demonstration of a few of the plugins features:

Here is a comparison video of firing a 255 OneShot w/ Reusable Cobwebs with and without FPSHelper:

(Please note, I only have my gaming laptop to record with, results would be much more noticeable with a low end PC)

Fraps FPS Benchmark with FPSHelper disabled: https://i.imgur.com/RRdRe58.png
Enabled: https://i.imgur.com/vlbbWEx.png

Tested and working on 1.7.10 - 1.13.2, should work with 1.14 too.

ProtocolLib and WorldGuard are required to run this plugin!

If you have any questions or require support for this plugin, my discord is: Markimus#7102


Default Config:



  port: 3306

  database: 'fpshelper'

  user: 'dev'

  pass: 'testing123'

features: #Set any of these to false to disable them completely

  sandToggle: true

  tntToggle: true

  pistonToggle: true

  mobsToggle: true

  spawnersToggle: true

  particlesToggle: true

  dropsToggle: true

  chestsToggle: true

  hoppersToggle: true

  hidePlayerRegions: true


  enabled: true

  menuCommand: 'dm open fpshelper %player%' # ommand to run if the in built gui is disabled. Allows you to use your own DeluxeMenus menu instead of the built in GUI.

  name: '&9FPSHelper'

  sound: CLICK #If you get an error on InventoryClickEvent relating to FPSHelper, this is likely your cause. Change this to a valid sound name that works with your version.

  size: 45

  glassColor: 15


    enabled: '&aEnabled'

    disabled: '&cDisabled'



      slot: 10

      material: SAND

      data: 0

      name: '&aSand'


        - '&7Toggles the visibility of sand entities.'

        - ''

        - '&bStatus: %status%'


      slot: 12

      material: TNT

      data: 0

      name: '&cTNT'


        - '&7Toggles the visibility of TNT.'

        - ''

        - '&bStatus: %status%'


      slot: 14

      material: PISTON_BASE

      data: 0

      name: '&ePiston Animations'


        - '&7Toggles the visibility of piston animations.'

        - ''

        - '&bStatus: %status%'


      slot: 16

      material: MONSTER_EGG

      data: 0

      name: '&bSpawned Mobs.'


        - '&7Toggles the visibility of spawned mobs.'

        - ''

        - '&bStatus: %status%'


      slot: 20

      material: MOB_SPAWNER

      data: 0

      name: '&bSpawners'


        - '&7Toggles the visibility of spawners.'

        - ''

        - '&bStatus: %status%'


      slot: 22

      material: FIREWORK

      data: 0

      name: '&bParticles'


        - '&7Toggles the visibility of particles.'

        - ''

        - '&bStatus: %status%'


      slot: 24

      material: CACTUS

      data: 0

      name: '&bFarm Drops'


        - '&7Toggles the visibility of common drops from farms.'

        - ''

        - '&bStatus: %status%'


      slot: 30

      material: CHEST

      data: 0

      name: '&3Chests'


        - '&7Toggles the visibility of chests.'

        - ''

        - '&bStatus: %status%'


      slot: 32

      material: HOPPER

      data: 0

      name: '&9Hoppers'


        - '&7Toggles the visibility of hoppers.'

        - ''

        - '&bStatus: %status%'

farmDrops: #Item drops to hide when a player toggles drops, fill this list with drops that are common on your server - THIS LIST IS NOT COMPLETE










  - BONE




hidePlayerRegions: #Put 'regionname' in the list below for any regions you want players to be invisible in

  - 'test'

spawnerMaterial: STONE #Replace spawners with this material

spawnerData: 0 #Metadata for material above

chunkRenderDistance: 3 #Set this to the same view distance value you have in your servers configs.


  prefix: '&7[&9FPS&7] '

  noPermission: '&cYou do not have permission to do this.'

  invalid: '&cThat is not a valid toggle, available toggles: %toggles%'

  disabled: '&cThat toggle is currently disabled.'

  sandOff: '&aYou will now see sand again.'

  sandOn: '&aYou will no longer see sand.'

  tntOff: '&aYou will now see tnt again.'

  tntOn: '&aYou will no longer see tnt.'

  pistonOff: '&aYou will now see piston animations again.'

  pistonOn: '&aYou will no longer see piston animations.'

  mobsOff: '&aYou will now see mobs again.'

  mobsOn: '&aYou will no longer see mobs.'

  spawnersOff: '&aYou will now see spawners again.'

  spawnersOn: '&aYou will no longer see spawners.'

  particlesOff: '&aYou will now see particles again.'

  particlesOn: '&aYou will no longer see particles.'

  dropsOff: '&aYou will now see farm drops again.'

  dropsOn: '&aYou will no longer see farm drops.'

  chestsOff: '&aYou will now see chests again.'

  chestsOn: '&aYou will no longer see chests.'

  hoppersOff: '&aYou will now see hoppers again.'

  hoppersOn: '&aYou will no longer see hoppers.'

Permission for use is "fpshelper.use"

Command to bring up the GUI is /toggle or /fps
You can also toggle individual entities with /toggle [type] (eg; /toggle sand)

Placeholders are available for use using "%fpshelper_toggle_NAME%". For example, if you want to display whether the user has the "sand" toggle enabled, you would use "%fpshelper_toggle_sand%". For MVdW placeholders (featherboard, etc) use {fpshelpder_toggle_NAME}.

If you wish to disable the GUI and use your own deluxemenus GUI, simply set "gui -> enabled" to false in the config, and put your deluxemenus open command in the "menuCommand" section. For example, if you have a menu called "fpshelper" set up with DeluxeMenus, enter "dm open fpshelper %player%". This command will be run any time a player tries to open the gui, instead of displaying the in built one. To enable players to toggle the features with DeluxeMenus, simply have your icons run the command "/toggle [featurename]" for the player.

Join my discord for support, and to be alerted when updates or new plugins are released!

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