Fiona AntiCheat - The best killaura detection on spigot!

SpigotMC Plugin Fiona AntiCheat - The best killaura detection on spigot! 2.5

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
XTasy (Development Team), Martin (Development Team), Nature (Dev-help), Luke (Brainstorm buddy), Robert Kreamer (My personal test dummy), Levensles (Breaks what I create), Mr_Java_ (My emotional dump)

Why switch?
Here are some reasons why...

Accurate Detection
Our development team aspires to be the most accurate on the market. Find any bugs? We HATE bugs, so please let us know ASAP to get them exterminated!

Unheard of Innovation
We never quit pushing the limits of what an anti-cheat can provide you. Whether it would be small things like a cheat being detected a fraction of a second faster, or getting that one cheat to be detected.

Drag, Drop, and GO!
No dependencies or stress to get this baby workin'! I have always aspired to keep things simple for the customer and leave the dirty work for my team. We make sure that "optional" features like a paid configuration don't become necessary.

Fiona can pack a huge punch on cheaters in a tiny package and in a HIGHLY efficient manner. Don't mean to brag, but you can basically run Fiona on 1000 player singular server and it won't cause your server lag. Isn't that just neat?

We. Care.
We provide the best anticheat support in the entire game! In fact, our support team is one of the best on spigot. You want to leave a negative review? Go ahead! We love criticism since it helps us improve the experience for you. Unlike other developers, we won’t blast you for a bad review. Want to leave a positive review? Even better!

The best detection on Spigot!
Yeah it’s true, there is nothing that detects cheats in a more accurate and efficient manner. We strive to remove any unfair advantage from your server!

The fiona.admin permission will grant you access to all these commands.
/fiona -
/fiona alerts - fiona.alerts
/fiona view <player> - fiona.violations
/fiona toggle <check> - fiona.toggle
/fiona executable <check> - fiona.exec
/fiona reload - fiona.reload
/fiona status - fiona.status
/fiona debug <check/box> <args> - fiona.debug
/fiona delay <enabled/millis> - fiona.delay
/fiona lag [gc] - fiona.lag
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