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SpigotMC Plugin EZRanksPro 1.7.2

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This video was made for EZRanksLite but it is still supported for EZRanksPro
The best and most customizable /rankup plugin!

This plugin relies on Vault, and a Vault compatible economy and permissions plugin to function properly.

Compatible and tested with PermissionsEx, GroupManager, bPermissions, zPermissions
SQLPerms is also supported :)

Player Commands:

Admin Commands:
Admin commands require a player to have a certain permission to be used! Console supported!

The first time EZRanksPro is started on your server, 4 configuration files will be created. Each file allows you to customize every aspect of your rankup plugin. In addition to these 4 files, there is also a "debug" option in the config which when enabled will create a debug.log file. There is also an option to log all rankups, if this config option is enabled, a rankup.log file will also be created.

To give a player or group access to a rankup, they need access to the permission node associated with it! Without it EZRanksPro does not know what rankup they have access to. If you create a rankup for rank A to B, you will need to give the A rank the permission node: ezranks.rank.A. This will tell EZRanksPro that players in A should have the rankup associated with A. Players can have access to multiple ezranks.rank,<rank> permission nodes, the highest order rankup will always be applied for the player.

For a player to be considered the last rank, they NEED to have the permission node: ezranks.lastrank
This tells EZRanksPro that the player is at the last rank and has no more rankups available.

Inside of your rankups.yml you will see a section with each rankup named rankup_actions.
In this section you may list many actions that the plugin will perform when a player ranks up. The format for actions are:
- '<action> <arguments>'

You must include required arguments
<required>, (optional)

You may delay any rankup action by ending the action String with <delay=(time in seconds)>
- '[consolecommand] eco give %player% 100 <delay=10>'

Placeholders can be used in your rankup actions and messages:

EZRanksPro uses MetricsLite to collect anonymous statistics such as the amount of servers using the plugin etc. You can disable metrics in your /plugins/pluginmetrics/ folder

If you have any suggestions or feedback please post in the discussion thread!

If you enjoy the plugin, please leave a rating and comment :)
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