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MC-Market Plugin DynamicBungeeAuth [PREMIUM] 10-03-BETA

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Current Dev: UraharaNZ
Author: DynamicJK (Zumorik)
Tested By: ItsPandemic, DrAuzi

Official Test Server: (Soon...)
Second Test Server: (Chinese)


DynamicBungeeAuth is an Advanced premium player authentication, with the option to give offline servers the ability to give premium players/names protected and a free login without register or steal of the account. DBA only can run on BungeeCord and an Addon for Spigot to insure fast, secure and easy player registration. DBA requires an MySQL Server/Database for store the player info. Our plugin offers some options like Server Balancer, Multiple BungeeCord support, Multiple Lobby-Auth servers support and an easy configuration.

DBA is 2 plugins in 1 (BungeeCord and the addon for Spigot) only in one jar.

  • AntiBot Attacks: If the server reach to many logins on X time "configured" the server will block the next connections on the rest of the time for clean the Cache.
  • Backwards Support: Our plugin support 1.7.X all the way to 1.12.x!
  • Community Driven: Enter your ideas for them to be build into the next updates.
  • Blacklist Passwords: Block any password you want like 123, test, etc.
  • Maximum Logged/Registered Accounts per IP: You can set a Maximum for registered accounts and logged accounts per ip.
  • BungeeCord & Spigot Support: You can run both BungeeCord and Spigot plugin at the same time but everyone has a different work
  • Premium Player System: Premium players do not have to /register or /login, they will be auto sent to a lobby or the server you specified on the config
    BungeeCord: Auth System // Spigot: Movement handler.
  • Legacy Check (Name Spoof) Protection: Cracked players cannot login with a premium players name.
    Also, Let's say a fake player logged in with the name "Zumorik," and registers on the server. Later on a Premium player changes his or her name to "Zumorik," and logins into the server. Instead of logging in automatically, the player will require to enter the password the fake player created with that name. This feature stops premium players from stealing offline player accounts. (This can be disabled).
  • Auth Server: Ability to enable or disable weather or not to use a auth login server.
  • Multi BungeeCord Support: You can run our plugin in multiple BungeeCord instances.
  • Multi Lobby/Server Support: The Spigot/Bukkit version can be installed on any server, and you can configure more than one lobby with player balancers! (You can also just have one lobby and multi auth servers, or just one of each!).
  • BungeeCord OnlineMode or Offline mode Support: You do not need to set your bungeecord to offline mode to run our plugin! Our plugin will imitate a offline bungeecord but will actually be an online bungecord! (Protection)
    Yes, the plugin can be placed in a offline mode bungeecord and will function the same way. "But we recommend to use on Online Mode".
  • Player Effects: You can configure some effects to the player like block the player movement, blindness and more "this effect will be removed on the session start".
  • Cache: This will lower the amount of requests sent to the mojang API, this allows login to be faster. The cache will also cache cracked/offline players to make login faster.
  • Premium players Skins: Premium players will not loose their skins within any of the servers.
    (Bungeecord must be set to true for this function to work)
  • Multiple Password Encryption Types: Default: "Hash and Salt", Sha and Sha-512.
  • Command Blocked Until Login: Players cannot run commands until they login!
  • Sessions: The cracked user will be auto-logged the second time if he started a session when he joined for the first time.

Updates are released every week even if there only minor bug fixes. If there are major bugs reported we will Quickly Fix, and upload a fix the fix ASAP.

  • /register pass pass - Register your account.
  • /login pass - Login to your account.
  • /changepassword pass pass - Change your password
  • /authadmin forcelogin player
  • /authadmin unregister player
  • /authadmin register player pass pass
  • /authadmin cacheremove player
  • /setlocation - Set the spawn location (Spigot Version)
Auth Admin commands requiere the permission "auth.admin"

  • Java 8
  • BungeeCord Server
  • MySQL Database: MySQL or MariaDB Supported.
  • This plugin was designed for a BungeeCord Network!
  • IpForward must be set to TRUE.
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