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english, german
This is a network system with lot of functions. It allows you to ban, mute, kick, report players and many other features such as block chat messages and commands.

[Deutsch]Dies ist ein Netzwerk System mit diversen Funktionen. Es ermöglicht dir Spieler zu bannen, muten, kicken, reporten und viele weitere Funktionen wie zum Beispiel chat messages und commands zu blockieren.

  • UUID supported
  • Offline player support
  • MySQL
  • AltManager, autoban
  • Kick players from the network
  • Mor bans = longer ban time(configurate able)
  • Mute players
  • Get player and ban information via commands
  • Show the history of a player
  • Block messages and commands via a command
  • Everything is configurate able
  • Report system with accepting and deny reports
  • Jump to player or write in the teamchat
  • /plugin block and make your own help command in the config
  • Tabcomplete is blocked, you can add allowed commands
  • SpigotAPI connection, connect from spigot to bungeecord
  • ChatLog
  • Information about a IP
  • GUI addon
  • CloudNet Multiproxy supported
  • A BungeeCord network
  • A MySQL server
  • java 8
System description

Set up all reasons in the config.

name: is the name of the reason
permission: the player needs this permission for this reason
historytype: form which history the reason thaks the amount of bans/mutes, NETWORKBAN or NETWORKMUTE
reasonvalue: the 1 is for Players with 0 bans, the 2 for Players which 1 ban
time: the time in secconds, -1 is permanent
Spoiler: banreasons.yml
name: name of the reason
banid: autoban id on acccepting the report
subcommands: subnames of the reason
Spoiler: reportreasons.yml


The AltManager will ban player which are banned an joining with a NEW account, the altmanager works with the ip of the client.


You can show the History of a player, it shows all bans, kicks and unbans.

The filter is to block messages and commands, ther are 4 types:
Message: is for block normal messages in the chat.
Promotion: is to block promotion messages (.eu).
Command: is to block commans
MuteCommand: is to block commands if the player is muted


You can set a color for a group of players, for example admins red and normal Players grey.
Spoiler: Color config(config.yml)
If the player has the permission dkbans.color.admin so he is red(&4);

Spigot Connection:
You can also install this plugin on the spigot server and use the API for PlayerMangement(in stats) or ban players from the whole network via the spigot/bukkit server(via API).

If you also install the bansystem on your spigot/bukkit server you can use the PlaceHolderAPI.
Spoiler: Placeholders
All messages are editable, a german message file is also in the download.
The German message file is translated by Tigerpanzer_02(
and @Priincee .
Spoiler: message.yml
/ban <player> <banid> | dkbans.ban | Ban a player for a reason(editable in the config).
/tempban <player> <reason> <time> <timeutil> | dkbans.tempban ban a player with own reason and time.
/tempmute <player> <reason> <time> <timeutil> | dkbans.tempban mute a player with own reason and time.
/kick <player> <reason> | dkbans.kick | Kick a player form the server.
/unban <player.> | dkbans.unban | Unban a player.
/baninfo <player/banid> | dkbans.baninfo | Gives information about a ban.
/playerinfo <player> | dkbans.playerinfo Gives information about a player.
/history <player> | dkbans.history | Shows the history of a player.
/resethistory <player> dkbans.resethistory | reset the history of a player.
/report <player> <reason> | report a player.
/report <login/logout> | | login/logout to receive a report.
/reports | | Shows all open reports
/teamchat <message/login/logout> | dkbans.teamchat | Send messages in the team chat.
/jumpto <player> | dkbans.jumpto | Jump to a player.
/broadcast <message> | dkbans.broadcast | Broadcast a message.
/filter <reload/list/add/remove> <type> <message> | dkbans.filter | add blocked messages/commands.
/ipinfo <Player/ip> | dkbans.ipinfo | Shows all playerss which are joining from this IP
/chatlog player/server <player/server> dkbans.chatlog | Show all chatlogs
/autobroadcast | dkbans.autobroadcast | add/remove messages to the broadcast
/joinme | dkbans.joinme | send a joinme request.

Unban all players: dkbans.unban.all
Bypass: dkbans.bypass
Ignor bypass: dkbans.bypass.ignor
Bypass plugin block: dkbans.bypass.plugins
Bypass chat check:
Bypass TabComplete block: dkbans.bypass.tabcomplete
Receive a report:
For all commands: dkbans.*

Receive a ban: dkbans.extension.banbroadcast.ban
Receive a kick: dkbans.extension.banbroadcast.kick
Receive a unban: dkbans.extension.banbroadcast.unban

Examples of the API are in the download file.

If you have problems or questions, contact me about a conversation or discord(@Dkrieger#5142)

Please report bugs and errors over a connversation and not in a review.​
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