Discord Mass DM Script

MC-Market Config Discord Mass DM Script 3.0.0

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1. It can now ignore staff members and bots.

2. The chance of getting banned is really minimal.

3. It can also detect if the bot is banned/kicked from the guild, if so it will stop the DM process.

4. The bot can now ignore the users that were already DM'ed

5. Random interval works now which means it will now dm people in a random time limit which ranges from 2-3 minutes.

6. The bot will now first DM active users then the offline ones.

7. You can also configure the bot to ignore offline users or users that are on online, dnd or idle.

8. If the bot detects that it has hit ratelimit, it will automatically go to sleep for 5 minutes.

9. If your script has multiple guilds enabled and you are kicked out of one guild, it will move onto the next one.

10. The bot will now notify you if it gets kicked out of a guild, encounters an invalid guild or hits the rate-limit.

11. I have now added a check to see whether the guild exists or not before proceeding further.

12. The bot will change its status every 6-7 minutes.

This is a discord.js bot/script bought on MC-M whilst it still was there. If you need any help while setting it up, please dm me, I will gladly help you out!

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