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Tested Minecraft Versions:
Max Kreminski for the Fanciful Library! Funnycube for everything, Maximvdw for an awesome placeholder expansion!

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Customize your chat with a powerful formatting system that allow you to add tooltip messages when you hover over different chat sections!
Now includes bungee compatibility for cross server chat!

You can see a live version of DeluxeChat by logging into:

DeluxeChat allows you to create endless customizable chat formats that add "hover tooltips" and also "suggest/execute command on click" to your chat!

This plugin should be compatible with most chat spam+chat utility plugins but it will override your chat format to be displayed through the formats defined in the DeluxeChat config.yml. (This will override any essentials chat formats/chat channel plugins to display the DeluxeChat format)
DeluxeChat is made to handle all aspects of how your chat formatting looks.

Chat formats are loaded from the config.yml and are tied to permission nodes.
To give a player/group a specific/custom chat format, you will need to give the player/group the permission "chatformat.<yourFormatIdentifier>".

If a player has multiple chat format permissions available, the chat format priority will determine what format should be active for the player/group.
You can assign the priority of each chat format!

DeluxeChat is also fully compatible with Towny. It will work alongside TownyChat so you can manage your chat channels within TownyChat and allow DeluxeChat to handle your chat formatting. If you would like To use TownyChat integration, there is only one requirement. In your Towny channels.yml you must add a new option to every channel - hooked: true

        commands: [g]
        type: GLOBAL
        channeltag: '&f[g]'
        messagecolour: '&f'
        permission: ''
        craftIRCTag: 'admin'
        range: '-1'
        hooked: true

Command: /dchat
Description: View plugin version / info
Permission: deluxechat.admin

Command: /dchat reload
Description: Reload DeluxeChat configuration
Permission: deluxechat.admin

Command: /gtoggle
Description: Switch from global to local chat if bungee is enabled
Permission: deluxechat.bungee.toggle

Command: /msg <player> <message>
Description: Send a player a private message
Aliases: [message, pm, tell]

Command: /reply <message>
Description: reply to a private message
Aliases: [r]

Command: /socialspy:
Description: spy on private messages
Aliases: [deluxesocialspy]
Permission: deluxechat.socialspy

If you have bungeecord enabled, players need permission to speak across servers! Give the player the to allow them to chat across servers!

All formats require a special permission node for the format to be applied to a player/group:


The <formatIdentifier> is the key for the format section which you want to apply to the player

        description: default chat format
        default: true
        description: ability to use color codes in chat
        default: op
        description: ability to use formatting codes in chat
        default: op
        description: ability to use special utf characters in chat
        default: op
        description: ability to use dchat commands
        default: op
        description: ability to see hidden tooltip messages
        default: op
        description: ability to bypass the chat filter if enabled
        default: op
        description: ability to send clickable links in chat
        default: op[/LEFT]
        description: ability to send clickable links in private messages
        default: op
        description: ability to chat globally if bungee is enabled
        default: op
        description: ability to chat globally if bungee is enabled
        default: op
        description: always send to all players when in global chat even if player is in server only chat
        default: op
        description: ability to use /msg and /reply to private message
        default: op
        description: ability to use /socialspy to see private conversations
        default: op
        description: will toggle socialspy on for the player when they join the server
        default: op

All of your chat formats are loaded from the config.yml

To create a custom chat format just copy the default chat format section from the formats: section and paste it below default!
Here is an example config!

# DeluxeChat version 1.5 config file
# Created by extended:clip
# list as many format sections you want under formats:
# each format section requires a default template that should be modified and
# also requires a unique number for the priority higher number = lower priority
# ex: guest-100, owner-1
#   YOU MUST KEEP A default TEMPLATE! It is used when players have no other template assigned!
# example format template:
# formats:
#   default:
#     priority: 2147483647
#     channel: ''
#     prefix: '&8[&7Guest&8] '
#     name_color: '&7'
#     name: '%player%'
#     suffix: '&7> '
#     chat_color: '&f'
#     channel_tooltip:
#     - '&7%player% &bis a Guest'
#     prefix_tooltip:
#     - '&7%player% &bis a Guest'
#     name_tooltip:
#     - ''
#     suffix_tooltip:
#     - ''
#     channel_click_command: '
#     prefix_click_command: '/ranks
#     name_click_command: '/msg %player%
#     suffix_click_command: '
#   Member:
#     priority: 100
#     channel: ''
#     prefix: '&8[&aMember&8] '
#     name_color: '&7'
#     name: '%player%'
#     suffix: '&7> '
#     chat_color: '&f'
#     channel_tooltip:
#     - '&7%player% &bis a Member'
#     prefix_tooltip:
#     - '&7%player% &bis a Member'
#     name_tooltip:
#     - ''
#     suffix_tooltip:
#     - ''
#     channel_click_command: '
#     prefix_click_command: '/ranks
#     name_click_command: '/msg %player%
#     suffix_click_command: '
check_updates: true
  enabled: true
  servername: '&8[&cTest&8]'
  join_global: true
relation_placeholders_enabled: true
timestamp_format: MM/dd/yy HH:mm:ss
ops_use_group_format: false
  enabled: false
  - '.; '
  - fuck;fuck
  - '&7-=[&cClick to vist the site!&7]=-'
    priority: 2147483647
    channel: '%deluxetags_tag%'
    prefix: ''
    name_color: '%factions_relation_color%'
    name: '&7%player_name%'
    suffix: ' %vault_suffix% &7&l» '
    chat_color: '&f'
    - '&c%player%s &7custom tag'
    - '%deluxetags_description%'
    prefix_tooltip: []
    - '&7-=[&6✦&7]=-  &7-=[&e%player_name%&7]=-  &7-=[&6✦&7]=-'
    - '&5Sent: &f%player_timestamp%'
    - '&eStatus: &f%deluxestatus_status%'
    - '&cCurrent rank: %ezrankslite_rankprefix%'
    - '&cNext rank: %ezrankslite_nextrankprefix%'
    - '&cRankup progress: %ezrankslite_progressbar%'
    - '&cCurrent prestige: %ezprestige_prestigetag%'
    - '&6Blocks broken&7: &f%ezblocks_broken% blocks'
    - '&eEnchant Tokens&7: &f%tokenenchant_tokens%'
    - '&aBalance&7: &a$&f%ezrankslite_balance%'
    - '&aChatReaction wins&7: &f%chatreaction_wins%'
    - '&bServer: &f%player_server%'
    suffix_tooltip: []
    channel_click_command: '[URL]'
    prefix_click_command: '[EXECUTE]/ranks'
    name_click_command: /ranks
    suffix_click_command: ''

Funnycube also made a config.yml breakdown to explain it a bit better!
Click here to view it!

DeluxeChat 1.12.0 or higher uses any placeholder provided by Placeholderapi.
You must have PlaceholderAPI installed on your server for DeluxeChat 1.12+ to work.

Information on pre 1.12.0 placeholders below

click for DeluxeChat pre 1.12.0 placeholders

Maximvdw was kind enough to share all of his placeholders with his plugin MVdWPlaceholderAPI and they are available to use if you have purchased any of his plugins that have placeholders included in them.

You must have one of the following plugins installed and the plugin MVdWPlaceholderAPI installed to use his placeholders:


To enable his placeholders, make sure you meet the requirements above, and simple enable the hook by setting:

After this is done, you can begin using his placeholders with the following placeholder format:

%mvdw_<placeholder without brackets>%

    - 'Maxims placeholders from MVdWPlaceholderAPI:'
    - 'name: %mvdw_player%'
    - 'Plugin count: %mvdw_pluginscount%'
    - 'Ram: %mvdw_usedram% / %mvdw_freeram%'
Click here for Maxims 2000+ placeholders

If you are a developer and want to add placeholders to DeluxeChat, you can too!

Placeholder hook example (adding placeholders)
Here is the API package if you don't have DeluxeChat but want to add placeholders for people who use your plugin

DeluxeChat placeholder API

The latest version of DeluxeChat is compatible with Bukkit/Spigot 1.9/1.10/1.11/1.12
for older version support check the version history tab. those old versions are available but no longer supported.

If you want support for any problems, bugs, or features, t is expected that you are running the latest version of DeluxeChat on a 1.9 or higher server!

This plugin modifies chat completely to send tooltip messages and allow clickable chat format parts! There may be some incompatibility issues with other chat related plugins...

If you are using a plugin such as Factions, make sure all Factions chat config options are set to false or it will override DeluxeChat and you won't see your DeluxeChat formats when talking in chat!

Legal Notice:
This plugin utilizes the Fanciful library by Max Kreminski.
Fanciful is licensed under MIT, the Fanciful license can be found
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