CustomGUI - 1.13 Updates - Bug Fixes + Feature Additions

SpigotMC Plugin CustomGUI - 1.13 Updates - Bug Fixes + Feature Additions

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13
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Update: This plugin is now under new ownership by OutOfTime. I'll be regularly updating this plugin, please check the updates page for more information about how you can get involved and help me out
In the meantime, here's a sale for any of you interested in buying the plugin, as a gift while I get things back in shape! Thanks!

Please note that any responses by the previous author to reviews that were not up to standards for politeness have been removed, and I have replaced the most recent review responses with my own.

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"The most configurable chest menu plugin"
Updated and Maintained by: OutOfTime
Formerly Created By: JC_Plays_MC



CustomGUI gives server owners an opportunity to create rich GUI's to make certain tasks much easier to accomplish while looking aesthetically appealing to the users. With complete control over each and every GUI you create the possibilities are limitless.

What can it be used for?

  • Server selectors
  • Shop menu (with item checks)
  • Kit menu (with timer delay)
  • Vote menu, Warp menu
  • Player stats menu
  • And much more!
Optional Dependancies:


If there is any sort of economy plugin which is not supported by Vault's methods feel free to send me a PM with a link to it and I should be able to add support for it!

Compiled and tested for 1.8.7 and above, support for earlier versions will not be provided, however version (1.x) has been tested for 1.8.3 and above.


So you may be wondering what makes this plugin so unique and different from the other menu plugins out there, well here is a list of just some of the many features found throughout the plugin:

- In-game creator to edit each GUI
- GUI Animated items
- Customizable hotbar items
  • Specialized click delays
  • Open GUI's with NPC's
  • Register signs to open GUI's
- Individual GUI files or config based
  • Overriding GUI items
  • Op display item
  • Permission display item
  • Balance display item
  • Experience display item
  • Open/close GUI actions
- Required item check
  • Required economy check
  • Economy plugin support
  • Supports custom player heads
  • Completely configurable messages
  • Bungee teleportation support
  • Per world GUI support
- Access to Placeholder API's placeholders
- And much more!

The original purpose of the plugin was to provide a easy way to show different items in the same slot depending on player factors such as operator status, user permissions, user balance, and user experience. The plugin has far exceeded the original concept with a complete in-game GUI creator and editor making simple or even complex changes seem seamless. Also with the newly added animated items it gives GUI's a new redefined and unique user experience.

More info can be found on the wiki page:
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