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SpigotMC Plugin CMI - 240+ Commands/Insane Kits/Portals/Essentials/Economy/MySQL & SqLite/Much More!

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ATTENTION!!! Plugin name was changed from Check My Inventory to Content Management Interface due to misleading name, as old name was created for original 0.8 version where only one feature was available, but plugin currently handles allot more than just checks players inventories. While updating to new version please don't forget to remove old CheckMyInventoryX.X.X.X.jar file before putting in new CMI5.4.0.0.jar. Old CheckMyInventory folder will be renamed to CMI on first run to keep all old data, or you can rename folder manually. From now on plugin will be know simply as CMI or you can use long name if you can remember it ^.^
  • Added support for spawner egg and spawners when trying to use search or scan function. Now you can find particular item by providing its type id or its name, in example to find spider spawner egg's you can use /scan id 383:spider or for spawners is same /scan id 52:spider
  • Some fix for /tp command showing wrong online status
  • Fix for ProtocolLib incompatibility
  • Added new feature for 1.11 servers. Its "BackPacks". Why its in quotes you ask? Because its not usual backpacks, but system to utilize new shulker boxes. Now with "cmi.openshulker" permission node you can shift+right click shulker box in your inventory to open it for getting items out of it in same way as it would be placed on ground. Makes it more convenient and you can use them as BackPack's
  • Fix related to turning off nickname but its not updating properly in tablist right away
  • Fix for placeholder error appearing in some situations when getting vote count
  • Fix for error message when removing customalias command line
  • Fix for totem listener trying to load in 1.10 servers
  • Fix related to 1.7.10 servers and plugin trying to apply custom skin.
  • Added confirmation requirement for /cmi clear command to avoid unintentional item removals. Player will have 2 options: click on a message in chat window or to repeat command second time in next 10 seconds. Possible to disable this in config file. Confirmation will be enabled by default.
  • Added Experimental tablist sorting by multiple criteria. Disabled by default. Now you can sort tablist by: Group, CustomGroup, Name, NickName, Balance, World. Where Group and CustomGroup is players main permission group. CustomGroup provides option to specify which group should go after which one. So you can have tablist sorted like: Admins -> Staff -> VIP -> Peasants. NickName will sort by players current nick name, this is not a display name, but nickname itself. Balance will sort... yes... by balance. This has bigger delay as we want to avoid uneeded recalculations each time player earns money. Keep in mind that if you are not using CMI economy, then tablist will not update by itself, you will have to turn on AutoUpdate for it. And there is option to sort list in Ascending and Descending order for all criteria. By default tablist will perform recalculations when player joins, quits server or changes world. This entire feature is packet based, so in case it will start showing strange stuff, simply disable it, reload plugin and after relog it will go back to normal as it should. Tested on 1.13.2, 1.12.2, 1.11.2, 1.10, 1.9, 1.8.8, 1.7.10
  • Small typo fix for default delete locale line
  • Fix for PlayerVaultsX not working with search feature properly
  • New specialized command variable ptarget:[name]! which will use target player name as source when replacing placeholders or checking conditions. This should be added at start of specialized command and will only work when performing from console to avoid possible issues if we would allowed this usage ingame. This allows us to have custom alias with command as something like ptarget:$1! lp user $1 permission set cmi.command.sethome.%cmi_equationint_{cmi_user_maxperm_cmi.command.sethome_1}+1% which can be performed from console like /alias Zrips and placeholders will be replaced by Zrips object.
Reactions: MrAle15 and MadFox
  • Some changes to eventCommands. Renamed Use into Enabled. Renamed List into Commands. Added default example commands for convenience sake as not everyone knows what [] means. All this will be done automatically and your current eventCommands should not be impacted.
  • Fix for issue with custom recipes and cook times/exp option throwing error message in 1.12 and older versions as they cant handle this information.
  • Slight change for tpallworld to pick world name even if we could not find valid world by that name, in case you have removed that world and its no longer present as valid one. You will get message informing about this and teleportation sequence will continue as regular.
  • Fix for error message related to afk playtime stop feature
  • Fix for issue with some GUI's containing stones for empty slots.
  • Fix for sound command when player name or -all is not defined and you are getting error message, even tho sound is still playing at target location
  • Some of specialized commands conditions got new variable @ which will check opposite condition. In example perm:[email protected]! will perform command when player doesn't have this permission node. This currently applies for: perm, hasmoney, hasexp, hasitem, votes.
  • Quick fix for afk command throwing error message
Reactions: MrAle15
  • Flight charge enable/disable option removed from config file
  • New placeholders %cmi_equation_[equation]% and %cmi_equationint_[equation]% which can solve and return results of equations like 2+25/4-6(56)*pi-sin(5) and so on. So now passing throw placeholder replacer something like cmi.command.sethome.%cmi_equationint_{cmi_user_maxperm_cmi.command.sethome_1}+1% if player has cmi.command.sethome.5 will return cmi.command.sethome.6 so you can use this in alias or IC or anywhere where you have placeholders working to add one extra max home location for player.
  • New command /cmi solve [equation] which can solve and output result of equation
  • Extra check when removing items from player who donated item
  • Some code optimizations for better performance with particles
  • Changed default custom recipe furnace cooking time from 1 second to 3
  • Added option to define cook time for custom furnace recipes
  • Added option to define exp gain from custom furnace recipes. This is limited to a range from 0 to 1 as of minecraft limitations. Blame Mojang for this.
  • New file will be created as Modules.yml in which you will have 47 modules which can be disabled. This will completely disable quite few features and their listeners to avoid any unneeded checks running while you don't use related feature. This allows you to have as little impact on server as you wish and use only what you need. Keep in mind that not all features got included into that list and some of them will be added in future. Some of them will not be included at all. Like specialized command handling or GUI handling, which are responsible for quite few features working properly and they don't have any heavy checks running anyways. Some modules, when disabled will disable related commands. In example disabling rank system will disable rankup, ranklist, rankdown commands. Disabling afk will disable afk and checkafk commands and so on. In case some one tries to use command from disabled module, you will get notification message into console informing about this. This is in case you forgot to reenable feature and wondering why its not working.
Reactions: MrAle15
  • Added missing tabcomplete for mute command
  • Added new variable all for heal command to heal everyone who is online
  • Now when player receives healing, hearth particle will be shown above his head
  • Added option to prevent private messages when you are muted. Enabled by default.
  • Some adjustments to fix issue with double chat event when you have afk player, paperspigot platform and he sends public chat message which takes him out of afk mode
  • Some adjustments when you have 3rd party plugin which creates new enchants but doesn't set correct enchant name which causes some errors
  • Fix for stone being used to fill up empty fields in GUI instead of setting it to... well... Empty field
  • Now attacker and victim will be marked with combat mode. This can be changed to only mark attacker. By default both players will be marked.
  • Now tpallworld works from console and requires target destination to be added /cmi tpallworld [worldName] (worldName;x;y;z(;yaw;pitch)) For example: /cmi tpallworld lt_craft_nether LT_Craft;10;150;10
  • Fix for issue with monster eggs in offhand still changing spawner type even tho you should not be able if permission is required and you don't have one
  • Now elevator particles will be shown on 2 locations, source and destination.
  • Now elevator particles are in different colors depending on a block color you are standing on. This only works for colored blocks like wool, glass, clay and so on
  • Added option for sleeping night speedup to define amount in percentage and not in exact player amount. Old format still works. But now if you have 10 players and you are requesting 30% sleeping before speedup starts, then atleast 3 players will have to be sleeping
  • Fix for issue when red rose is not being removed from iron golem drop list when needed
Reactions: Pyario
  • Fix for tpahere and when you have CMIPlayerTeleportRequestEvent canceled event still showing and processing teleport request
  • Some fixes related old 1.7.10 and moded servers throwing errors.
  • Some adjustments and extra fail safes for playtime rewards when giving out rewards
  • is no longer in use and now we will use cmi.colors.books.[color] format for it. Which is used to allow book text coloration. This adds extra line for /cmi colorlimits
  • Some changes to address possible issue with MySQL data base missing column check
  • Fix for msg command throwing error messages
  • Extra adjustment for UltraPermissions compatibility
  • Added option to define players which should be excluded from playtimetop list
  • Fix for anti afk not working correctly when player uses pistons to bypass it
Reactions: Kote_xD
  • Fix for staffmsg bungeecord feature only working when you have persistent chat of this feature enabled but not when sending message directly... Don't ask... Will not tell...
  • Fix for issue when creating portals (or using selection tool in general) error message is being shown in console.
  • New command /cmi jaillist (jailName) (cellId) which will display list of jails, cells and jailed players by each cell with option to unjail player by clicking on his name
  • Fix for mirror feature. Now it should properly flip stairs to all directions even if you have all mirror options enabled
  • Fix for ifonline and ifoffline passing throw command if argument is empty field.
  • Fix for cuff and whitelisted commands
Reactions: Kote_xD