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MC-Market Plugin BungeeNPC [Command NPC is here!] | No dependencies! 1.20.6

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
Languages Supported:
  • /bnpc create <name/name;with;spaces> <NPCtype> <a r g s> - Description: You create a NPC at your Location!
  • /bnpc edit - Description: Open a in-game editor for the NPC! - NEW!
  • /bnpc select - Description: You select the nearest NPC or you can just Shift + Right Click to select!
  • /bnpc info - Description: It shows the info of the NPC!
  • /bnpc list - Description: Shows every created NPC!
  • /bnpc skin <list/set/upload> <skinFileName> - Description: Upload, list or set skins for a NPC!
  • /bnpc line <add/addAt/remove/set> <index/text> - Description: Edit the lines of the NPC
  • /bnpc cmds <add/remove/removeAll/list> <commandType> <command> - Description: Edit the commands ran by a NPC!
  • /bnpc delete - Description: You delete the NPC that you select!
  • /bnpc update - Description: Update the NPC info!
  • /bnpc togglejoin - Description: You can toggle if the players can join!
  • /bnpc equip <add/remove/reset> <slot> - Description: Equip the selected NPC with the item in your hand in the slot you choose!
  • /bnpc toggleLC - Description: You can toggle if the NPC will follow players with the eyes!
  • /bnpc tp - Description: Selected NPC will teleport to your current location!
  • /bnpc withelist - Description: You can toggle if the players without permissions can join!
  • /bnpc setserver <server1,server2> - Description: You set the new server that the NPC points!
  • /bnpc setstatus <status> - Description: You set what the NPC shows when you toggle the entrance!
  • /bnpc setname <name> - Description: Set the name of the NPC!
  • /bnpc reload - Description: Reload the config and NPC's!
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