Board Games [GUI & MAP GAMES] [25 GAMES] [Stats, Tops, Records...] [1.8-1.13]

SpigotMC Plugin Board Games [GUI & MAP GAMES] [25 GAMES] [Stats, Tops, Records...] [1.8-1.13] 3.3.10

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13

MiniBoardGames is a GUI minigames plugin, with easy Java API for chance other developers make their games and share with the community, it's my 2th premium plugin and my 4th public spigot plugin, and i am very exited about this project i spend tons of time on it


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Current Games:
FlappyBird, ThisIsXmas, Game2048, Pong, CoinFlip, CandyCrush, ApplesToApples, RockPaperScissors, Minesweeper, Memory, WhackAMole, SlotMachine, Checkers, HearthStone, FabulousFred, Sudoku, TicTacToe, UNO, MasterMind, MathGame, Connect4, SnakeGame, HigherLower


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  • Easy & documented Java API with Configuration API, TimerAPI and other utils for create your own games
  • At least one new official minigame per month
  • Fully configurable (Included sub-commands)
  • SQLite/MySQL stats
  • Easy rewards API by commands
  • Fast support (I do all best i can)
  • Game spectator system
  • The best possible optimization
  • Over 10 games!

  • /mbg /miniboardgames /games:
  • play (Open the select game menu) []
  • accept (Accept play request) [No permission needed]
  • cancel (Cancel play request) [No permission needed]
  • force <game-to-play> <players (Separate with spaces)>(Force two players to start game) [miniboardgames.force]
  • spectate <player-to-spectate> (Spectate player game) [miniboardgames.spectate]
  • stats <game> (See your stats) [miniboardgames.stats]
  • top <game> [page] [stats] (See the stats top) []
  • list (See all games loaded) [miniboardgames.list]
  • reload (Reload games/configuration/dabatase) [miniboardgames.reload]
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