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SpigotMC Plugin BedWars1058 - The most modern bedwars plugin. [bungee/multiarena/shared] 0.9beta (API 12)

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13
Languages Supported:
English, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian
Pinky#9352 (images), Fabian03#4583 (tester), MrDarkness462#8491 (tester)

BedWars is a minigame where you have to defend your bed and destroy the others.
Once your bed is destroyed, you cannot respawn.

Updates are focused for the latest supported version. Older versions may not receive further updates.

ViaRewind, ViaBackwards and PlugMan may cause issues.
ProtocolLib Plugin is creating ghost players sometimes.

Made with love in Romania

Player Levels - click
Bed Coins Money Rewards - click
Win Streak - click
Execute Reward Commands - click

Romanian Tutorial by Askarion#8083

Spoiler: Old Tutorials

Waiting screen

Web Interface

Spoiler: More Screenshots


Help chat in English, Romanian and Italian.
Please red the WIKI aka DOCUMENTATION before asking for help. Thanks!



- Nexuser 55€ (

1. No refunds
You can test the plug-in, read the documentation and then you can choose to buy it. "I'm not satisfied" or any excuses like this are baseless. Users which do refunds are banned from
2. No redistribution
You are not permitted to redistribute my plug-in in any form, reverse engine or including as a part of any software package. Copyright infringement it's a crime.
3. One purchase is valid for one server
One purchase is valid for one Minecraft server or multiple Minecraft servers connected at the same Bungee network.
4. Unlimited time support
Buyers get unlimited time support on my (the author) Discord server for the plug-in they've bought. This is only guaranteed for english, romanian and italian speakers having manners and a good attitude.
Images by Splash#9242 and Pinky
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