SpigotMC Plugin BannerBoard 1.10.1

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13
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Update: As of the latest version BannerBoard has support for banners on the ground and floor! :O
(Only supported by 1.13 clients)

A full documentation of the plugin's inbuilt renderers can be found


BannerBoard can show different banners to different players. You can also put the skin of the player on a banner!


As of version 1.7.0 BannerBoard also supports changing banners. Please note that for performance reasons I recommend not to set the update interval to lower than 30 seconds.

BannerBoard does not support animations. So it doesn't support .gif files either.

BannerBoard is not compatible with any Spigot 1.7 build or lower.

Are you looking for an awesome way to communicate with your players personally? Please keep reading!

BannerBoard does not require any client side modifications. Everything is run on the server side.

PlaceholderAPI support was added in version 1.3.5.


Shop implementation NOW available!


Credits to @ASTRACRAFT for the screenshot above
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