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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
Languages Supported:
German, Dutch, Italian, Turkish
FusionCoding, Jouii, CodeCo
Get a server at DeluxeNode, the transparent host created by the developers behind AntiBotDeluxe. The servers listed there are extremely close to the cost of running it all. Every package has 1Gbps internet with 1.2Tbps+ DDoS Protection. Help support AntiBotDeluxe by choosing DeluxeNode.


AntiBotDeluxeEX is a sophisticated and the most advanced Anti Bot plugin there is currently available. We use a combination of 14 checks all happening autonomously every single time a player joins until we decide that a player is definitely not a bot using a list of complicated algorithms hand produced by us which have been incorporated into our plugin.

We have created a complex and sophisticated, and unique system which no other anti bot plugin has. IPTables support can help prevent the bot attack at it's earliest chance, ensuring minimal lag and little to no bots reaching the server altogether to ensure that your server can focus on running the game that it needs to. We have made our system completely automatic and made this something that all our plus members can enjoy.

The plugin handles its portion of rules and updates them at every load to keep you updated. This can make it appear to proxy users that the server is offline so they give up attacking it white keeping genuine and honest players who don't use proxies and such. After incredible testing, we averaged less than a few minutes to completely clear all rules added by AntiBotDeluxe and refresh them with new and accurate ones.

We thought about what we could do to make the plugin better. We thought long and hard for hours after hours and after this time, we concluded that certain users with larger networks or certain needs will want higher quality detections for thier server. After concidering this, we worked hard to make AntiBotDeluxe Plus, a cheap and efficient way to get super high quality Proxy and VPN detection. We're working with to bring you thier accurate definitions to you through us at super-fast speeds and without you having to do a thing after activating plus.

Plus also get automatic access to our exclusive IPTables support which no other antibot plugin has. It costs a lot to power our services, and we decided that additional features which aren't essential to bot protection wouldn't be used by everyone, so this is a plus only feature to allow the small few who need this can also help run our services.

AntiBotDeluxeEX+ is getting better every update, and even more features are on its way to your server very soon, so stay tuned. We're working with our sponsors to bring you a higher quality service.

We have carefully studied different checking algorithm values until we were happy with the most efficient and accurate one which least impacts the performance. We have tortured the plugin throughout our testing to ensure it will meet all expectations and demands it is required to do.

After our studying and research, we settled that you will gain the best results if your server is running with one to nine gigabytes of random access memory. Not doing so may cause issues with Java refusing to clear up wasted ram which then has en effect on the plugin being refused access to clearing up waste information it no longer needs.

The server shouldn't be affected by bots when our plugin is in place. We have designed the plugin to work to be on caution at all times, which causes the elimination of more than ninety nine percent of bots from joining the server.

But please notice that massive attacks are possible, make sure that your Server is good enough to handle connections, we guarantee that we detect bots, but we can't guarantee that your server is good enough to workaround with all the packets. Dont expect to handle 200 bots per second with a 2 core VPS. DeathBot & co attacks are no problem, but if you receive a bigger attack the Server can struggle, same issues you will face when using OVH, due OVH's DDoS Protection you will have lag, not because the Server lags but the Internet gets throttled. Also notice that load increased of upto 400% are possible, depending on the CPU.

  • Proxy Blocking
  • VPN Blocking
  • APN Blocking
  • DNS Blocking
  • Accurate Geo Checking Functionality
  • Action Bar Support
  • Async Events
  • Automatic Player Memory
  • Automatic Title Broadcasts
  • BungeeCord and Spigot Compatibilty
  • Console Filter
  • Custom File System
  • Custom In Depth Logs
  • Fully Automatic and Blacklist Updater
  • Fully Customizable
  • In Game Commands
  • In Game GUI (Spigot Only)
  • IPTables Support
  • MySQL Support
  • Online Web Panel (Currently offline)
  • Paperclip Compatibility
  • Statistic Viewing
  • Waterfall Compatibility
If at any point do you require any support, do not hesitate to get in touch with our support agents over at Discord. We do not respond to support requests sent via Spigot PM as they are slower and make providing support difficult.

Getting support is fast and easy and we also provide support in a large selection of languages. All you got to do is tell us your issue and run /ab report in game!

If you need support, we only respond on our Discord to make proving support fast and simple. Be ready to run /ab report which can be run in game with the permission, or in the console, and give us the link inside the Discord. We do not allow PM support in any case whatsoever as it is complicated and difficult to manage across multiple support agents.

To install AntiBotDeluxeEX on your Network which contains one or more proxies, install the plugin on your proxy by dropping the jar file inside the plugins folder inside your proxy folder as it prevents the bots from even connecting to your servers.

AntiBotDeluxeEX is compatible with RedisBungee so statistics and actionbar messages will be synced across all proxies automatically, and you don't need to do anything to enable this.

To install AntiBotDeluxeEX on your Network which contains one or more proxies, and also contains one or more authentication servers, you have the choice of installing the plugin on your proxy or the authentication server although this may stress the proxy if bots join through the proxy and into your authentication servers to then be kicked.

If you only have one server, simply drop the plugin inside the plugin folder. You will have access to the GUI command to view some statistics in game.

The alternative commands for antibotdeluxeex is ab.
  • /ab › Main administration
  • /ab toggle › Toggle informations
  • /ab gui › Get informations
  • /ab check <User> › Player informations
  • /ab blacklist add <User> › Adds a player to the blacklist
  • /ab blacklist remove <User> › Removes a Player from the blacklist
  • /ab whitelist add <User> › Adds a player to the whitelist of AntiBotDeluxeEX
  • /ab whitelist remove <User> › Removes Player from the whitelist of AntiBotDeluxeEX
The permission system works with the arguments. This means the pattern looks like that, antibotdeluxe.perform.arg0.arg1, for example antibotdeluxe.perform.toggle or antibotdeluxe.perform.whitelist.add.
Proxy / VPN detection by

We would like to thank for offering thier premium services to us so you can enjoy high quality and accurate proxy detection and accurate VPN recognition at an affordable price so you can easily be able to access thier features with no configuration. Without them, it would be less efficient and slower for accurate definitions for recognising proxies and VPNs.

If you would like to sponsor us, let us know on our Discord or at [email protected] as and we can discuss this further.
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