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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
joehot200 (Developer), onemoreplays (Exploits + Bug Testing), ItsMennyo (Support + Bug Testing), EthanTG (Config + Bug testing)
Welcome to AntiAura!
is the longest standing premium anti-cheat plugin on the market, giving users an effective anti-cheat plugin, without the high price. AntiAura offers a high level of protection from almost all detectable hacks on your server, and even blocks some hacks which can't be detected.

Version compatibility
  • AntiAura will work with any Spigot (or PaperSpigot) server running Minecraft 1.7.10 or above.
  • ChestESP and X-Ray blockage only works on servers running Minecraft 1.8 or above.
  • TrollPotion and KillPotion blockage only works on servers running Minecraft 1.12 or above.
What is AntiAura?
AntiAura is one of the first ever complete Anti-Cheat solutions, blocking all major Minecraft hacks, including KillAura,Flight, Speed, and a lot more. It has hundreds of users and some of the most advanced detection out there!
AntiAura is specifically designed for Survival, PVP, and KitPVP servers, boasting good KillAura detection as well as focusing on fast In-PVP hack detection.

Show me a video!

But why watch a video when you can test it yourself? The test server IP is - It is a 1.12 only server for now, and it has the X-Ray check disabled, as it's on a small VPS with low bandwidth. Sorry!

I have a problem with a hack. Does AntiAura block it?
Open the spoiler to view the list of hacks blocked by AntiAura!
This list is not complete or exhaustive. New hacks and new names for old hacks are being created all the time. Just because a hack is not listed here doesn't necessarily mean it isn't blocked. If in doubt, send me a PM.

PVP Hacks:
ForcefieldLegit/KillauraLegit, on most clients.
TP-Aura (ranged reach attack).
TPAura (an attack where the hacker teleports around the target).

Render hacks:
ChestESP (MC 1.8+ only).
X-Ray (MC 1.8+ only).
Freecam (Entities and tile entities only. Players can still see ordinary blocks).
Anti-Blind (Entities only. Players can still see blocks).

Movement hacks:
ElytraDistance (makes sure a player can't fly further than a legit player from their take off location).
NoClip (up).
Some versions of Derp.

Block hacks:
Basic protection from Spambots.

A few notes about detection:
  • KillAura detection does not use NPCs. Killaura detection works by watching player behavior. The longer a PVP fight is, the higher the chance of a killaura detection occurring. The worst servers for detection are servers where players die in few hits hits, because this does not give AntiAura much time to study the players' behavior. If you have a server where PVP fights end very quickly, I recommend you change the killaura configuration and lower the thresholds.​
  • ElytraDistance is not as precise with rocket propelled Elytra at the moment, however ElytraFlight is. In other words, if a player uses a rocket, ElytraDistance will be disabled until the player lands.​
  • AntiAura blocks hacks such as ESP, ChestESP, and X-Ray by hiding the entities or blocks that you can't see. This was what I meant on the first paragraph when I say I "block hacks that can't be detected". I can block ChestESP, however I can't detect it, and therefore a player will never be detected or kicked for using it.​
  • The hack detection names are as accurate as they can be, however it is impossible to detect precisely which hack a client is using. On some clients for example, Flight can be detected as NoFall (because the Flight tries to fake ground packets and that's what NoFall does too).​
  • At this moment in time, FastBreak protection is not able to prevent clients breaking blocks slightly faster, say 10%. The main reason for this is that AntiAura has more time spent on PVP detection as opposed to world or block related detection.​
  • AntiFire and AntiPotion will, by default, require the player to lose their effect multiple times. You can configure it not to, however if you did that, a simple /heal when you are on fire would put the fire out and incorrectly detect you for AntiFire.​
  • There are many clients who claim to have a Criticals hack which actually just jump up and down. In a lot of these cases, a vanilla Minecraft client jumping up and down with well-times hits can often get more critical hits than the hacked client can! If you have a client with Criticals that just jumps up and down and it isn't detected, thatdoesn't mean Criticals detection isn't working. It just means you're using a useless client.​
  • The X-Ray check successfully blocks the vast majority of X-Ray, and the performance is excellent, however it may use more bandwidth than other X-Ray blocking plugins. I'll get around to improving this ASAP!​
Keep in mind the above list isn't exhaustive, please PM me about any hacks which you're not sure are blocked.


Is AntiAura false positive free?
There currently aren't any "100% false positive free" Anti-Cheat plugins on the market. AntiAura has a detailed configuration that you can modify ingame. AntiAura's default configuration should give enough leniency for all servers, however some servers may wish to make some checks more lenient, which can be done with the configuration.

Advantages of AntiAura:

Command-based configuration
Do you just hate messing around with configuration files and reloading your configuration every time you want to make a change? Me too! That is why AntiAura allows you to modify almost all of it's configurable parameters in-game with commands! With one simple command, you can modify configuration values and test out the results immediately! You can also allow your administrators to configure AntiAura for you, without needing to give them console access!

Built for PVP/KitPVP servers
AntiAura is built for PVP/KitPVP servers. A lot of time has been made making and perfecting killaura checks, and over a year has been spent on perfecting in-PVP hack detection.

No notifications, unless you want them
Ever hated those annoying spammy messages telling you someone may be hacking? Luckily for you, AntiAura doesn't have any! It will only display messages when it is certain of somebody is hacking and has already kicked them. Of course, you can configure it to notify you or install another plugin to notify you, if you wish!

No bots
AntiAura's killaura checks work by studying player behaviour. AntiAura does NOT use bots to detect killaura.

BungeeCord compatible
Do you want to punish players from your BungeeCord ban plugin? Well, now you can! Click here to read all about AntiAura's BungeeCord compatibility.

Quality support
Do you have a problem with the plugin? Is the huge, detailed configuration confusing you? Feel free to send a PM or a reply on the discussion thread asking for support! Support requests are typically answered in less than two days, and the majority of problems encountered are usually solved.


Why should I buy AntiAura?
Affordable -
AntiAura is affordable, at only £7. For this cost, almost all hacks on your Minecraft server will be blocked. All updates are completely free, so you will be protected against the latest hacks!
Advanced -
AntiAura is the first ever Anti-Hacking plugin to block important hacks like KillAura, AntiKnockback, and more. It has had the most time to perfect it's techniques and a high amount of users to do so, making PVP hack detection fast and efficient.
Sensitive -
Because AntiAura just punishes the hackers, this allows it to be more sensitive than many of it's counterparts that send notifications! This allows me to implement forcefield checks based on studying player behaviour, as well as making checks more sensitive.
Compatible -
AntiAura is compatible with almost all existing plugins on your server, including launchpads, and more! Make sure to read the incompatibilities list before buying.
Configurable -
AntiAura gives you over 100 configuration options, so you can modify the punishments for hacking, or tweak hack detection as you wish! AntiAura has log files for every kick, telling you what exact information to improve detection for every check.
For those who would like to try a different configuration, an AntiAura contributor has created a custom "optimized" configuration that may be worth trying.
Silent -
AntiAura will run automatically in the background, detecting hacks on your Minecraft server! You won't even notice it - Until it kicks someone for hacking.
Optimized -
The truth is, there is no "light weight" anti-cheat. Any anti-cheat plugin is going to cost you some performance due to the amount of data it has to store and analyze. However, AntiAura processes as much as it can (which is a lot) asynchronously, which makes AntiAura very efficient.

AntiAura has special code to make it compatible with some plugins.
  • McMMO.
  • MagicSpells.
  • Magic (Please note that this is not fully tested. Please report problems)
  • CrackShot.
  • Heroes.
  • Launchpad plugins.
  • ViaVersion (No special code to make it compatible, just listing it here so people don't keep spamming me about it).
Read the incompatibilities list here.

  • /areload - Reloads most configuration values of AntiAura!
  • /atps - Get the actual TPS right now, not the average TPS.
  • /anotify - Get notified of all drag-backs in your server.
  • /aconfig - Modify AntiAura's configuration with in-game commands. Click here to read a tutorial on how to use it.
If you set "CommandPermissions" to true in your configuration, players without permission won't be able to use AntiAura commands and so will have no way of knowing your server is running AntiAura as it will return as an unknown command.
Even if CommandPermissions is false, permission is still needed to use the /aconfig command.

  • antiaura.bypass - Don't get kicked by any of AntiAura's checks.
  • antiaura.reload - Use the /areload command.
  • antiaura.command - Use AntiAura's commands.
  • AntiAuraAPI.ViolationEvent for an event when players are detected as hacking.
  • AntiAuraAPI.API for various methods. API features are added by request.
Any server owners may send the plugin to a developer with the sole purpose of the developer using the plugins' API, and not to run the plugin their own server(s) except for testing.

Before buying...
  1. Make sure you have no incompatiblities (read here, or PM me if unsure).
  2. Read the installation instructions and realize that you need ProtocolLib installed to also run AntiAura.
  3. You need to have basic knowledge to modify simple configuration values, just in case the plugin does not work 100% out of the box for you.
  4. There won't be any refunds after you purchase. If the plugin somehow doesn't work this is either the users' fault or their server setup.

Common issues:

My players are being kicked without using hacks!

Please read this. It contains some basic information about configuring. You will need to use the configuration to lower false positives.

AntiAura is lagging my server!
For large servers who would like to optimize AntiAura as much as possible, please read this guide. It should tell you most things you want to know about reducing as much lag as you can.

I have another issue with the plugin!
Please read the FAQ before contacting me:
What does the config look like?
Here is the config from AntiAura 10.94:
Configurations never change drastically, so use this as a rough idea as to what the configuration will look like.

Why is AntiAura not showing up in my plugins list?
Make sure that you have got ProtocolLib installed to run the plugin. You can download the correct version from There should be no other reason the plugin does not load. If there are any errors on the console that prevent the plugin from loading, contact me and send me the error.

Why is AntiAura not detecting anyone at all?
If you have done a /reload, make sure that all players on the server log out and re-join. If they don't, AntiAura will not know they are there, and will not check them for hacks.

Why is AntiAura detecting legitimate players as hackers?
Depending on the hack, there are always configuration options inside the configuration to make detection weaker so to not catch legitimate players. The default configuration should not get any false positives, but if it does, the configuration is incredibly detailed and will help you solve them.

I use launch pads on my server, but players keep getting dragged back when they use them.
If you use launch pads, enable "FlightCompatibility" in the configuration. This will temporarily disable flight detection when a player is given a large velocity by another plugin (for example, that of a launch-pad). If the launch pad launches them far away, you will also need to enable "SpeedCompatibility" so that they do not get dragged back for moving too fast.
If these options are enabled and people still get dragged back, please report it to me as a bug.
AntiAura should take into account of velocities automatically. If a player is dragged back for this sort of issue, please PM me.

More FAQ coming soon. Please ask me a question via PM for me to put it here.
What other AntiCheat plugins can you recommend?
NoPos (free) - Prevent people from viewing their location by pressing F3 on the keyboard!
NoCheatPlus (free) - Blocks the majority of movement and block-related hacks. Although AntiAura mostly replaces it, it still is a possible alternative.
AntiCriticalCheat (paid) - A sort-of (possibly expensive) add-on to AntiAura, which blocks criticals much better than I do, and blocks AutoFish (whatever that is).

Any other plugins that may go well with AntiAura?
HideAntiCheat (free) - Hides Anti-Cheat plugins from users without permissions.
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