SpigotMC Plugin AirBar 3.1.0

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12


More than 5k+ placeholders! that you can use in both the TEXT and thePROGRESS

Test it live @
@clip's server using his plugin placeholders

I am not good in video's. But at least I tried

Above image showing a rainbow animated text and the current RAM usage. The bossbar shows the progress of the used ram (placeholder) VS max ram

A complex animated scoreboard with lines that only run once (The welcome) and various preset effects

AirBarCreator + result

A quick combat trigger example showing your target's health

Multiple bars at the same time

  1. 5000+ efficient placeholders [No reflecting, cached when needed if the plugin didn't do this, very fast parsing]
  2. 1.9+ AND 1.8 support (1.9+ can use multiple boss bars, colors and styles)
  3. Change the bar color frame by frame!
  4. Change the amount of segments frame by frame!
  5. Have multiple running boss bars at the same time (or triggered boss bars using event triggers)
  6. Don't like a lot of bars at the same time? You can configure the plugin to only use one AirBar at the same time (like in 1.8)
  7. A lot of preset animations that you can use
  8. No lagg [Can even run on a Raspberry Pi]
    1. Efficient placeholder parsing: Only placeholders used in the config are used
    2. Efficient animation and placeholder caching: Placeholders are cached when the plugin doesn't do this (usually smaller plugins where the API directly connects to a database). Animations are cached several frames before sending so it doesn't 'stutter' the boss bar without actually taking up heaps of memory.
    3. Efficient sending for 1.8 servers. The packets are up to half as less comparing to other boss bar plugins.
  9. Change/Animated the boss bar progress. Even use placeholders to update their values
  10. Tweak-ability: You can tweak advanced things such as movement thresholds,etc... allowing you to boost every single millisecond out of it.
  11. Many updates
  12. Event triggered boss bar to show relevant information based on what the player is doing
  13. Internal Developer API and external Developer API (MVdWPlaceholderAPI) to add your own placeholders
  14. In depth placeholder configuration to define what they return
  15. Players can toggle their boss bar on an off
  16. Toggled boss bars can be stored in a database to save their choice after server restarts.
  17. Players can switch between airbar groups using commands
  18. Console or an OP can switch airbar's of other players
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Great work, please keep update plugin .............
thank you so much <3
also this should support 1.13 smoothly, right?
I'm not 100% sure if it'll be compatible with 1.13 since the dev has never mentioned it.
Thx u ;)