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MC-Market Setups Advanced Lobby Setup - Cosmetics ✸ Global Money ✸ Parkour ✸ Tutorial ✸ Mystery Crates ✸ Custom MAP 2018-11-18

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Used by big servers such as:
- (>1500 Players)
- (>40 Players)

The lobby is the first sub-server your players will see and is very important for the servers' design. Advanced Lobby Setup offers a high-quality lobby setup that makes sure your server is looking great to any new players that might arive. Nice both on the frontend and the backend, this resource is made to withstand even the harshest bot attacks, player spikes or overall player curiousity

Alternative Configs:
The following premium plugins can be used to replace the free out of the box plugins:

  • BossShopPro - Can replace DeluxeMenus Entirely
  • Featherboard - Can replace TitleManager Scoreboard
The following are necessary to fully set up the money, (and optional AuthMe):

  • Mysql Database (or MariaDB)
Setup Collection:
This resource can run separately, but you can also use it with other resources in this collection. Doing so offers you a pre-made network with good design and quality.


  • Server Side
  1. Highly Optimised Server ( 20 tps with ~20 players with mid-range equipment)
  2. Secure (Both for cracked and premium servers)
  3. No Useless plugins (vanilla replacements preffered. Ex: No WorldGuard)
  4. No memory leaks (Kept the lobby open for 34 days with 2Gb ram, no difference)
  5. Low Memory & Cpu usage (2GB RAM & i3 can sustain 40+ players per thread)
  • Player Side
  1. Map (made exclusively for this lobby setup)
    • Beautifull Design
    • Optimised map (inaccessible blocks deleted in order to boost FPS)
    • Story-Based (the Castle is under siege, on parkour you see this)
    • Hidden places (something to make players be more happy about it)
  2. Join items
    • Minigame Selector
      • Pre-made features lore
      • Has Placeholder (coming soon, whitelist, etc)
      • Simple Design
    • Cosmetics Selector
      • Custom menu
      • Pets
      • Mounts
      • Hats
      • Suits
      • Emotions
      • Crate Buy Menu and Opener
    • Store Gui
      • Can open Buycraft & MinecraftMarket GUI on right click
      • Very simple and elegant
    • Player Visibility
      • Simple, efficient
      • People with a permission can be blacklisted from being hid.
    • Music Selector
      • Noteblock Music Player
      • 141 Songs
  3. Tutorial NPC
    • Briefly explains players features (global money, selector, parkour, etc)
    • Begginer-Friendly (nothing complex, easy to understand)
    • Teleports players to the tutorial position, without locking their view.
  4. Global Money (souls)
    • Well integrated (Parkour gives 3 souls, mistery crates cost 10 souls)
    • Easily integrated on minigames (can be done via command or api)
  5. Scoreboard
    • Nice Design, not cluttered by too many colors
    • Shows User, Souls, and if the minigames are online + ip
  6. Holograms
    • Welcome Message
    • How many online players
    • Store
    • Forum
  7. Welcome Titles
    • Server Welcome Message
  8. Tablist
    • Clean Design
    • Servername slot
    • Website slot
    • Forum & Store slot
    • Slogan slot
  9. Mistery Crates
    • Configurable prices (current: 10 souls)
    • Are summoned at your location (you need to be in an empty area)
    • Cool Animation
    • Adds permissions automatically
  10. NoCheatPlus
    • Properly Configured
    • Only usefull checks are enabled
    • Player is unable to find if nocheatplus is on the server
  11. Parkour
    • Pays Players for finishing the parkour
    • Has Checkpoints
    • Has reset points
  12. AntiWDL
    • Stops players from stealing your world
    • Respectful kick message
  13. Ambient npcs
    • Fun Suited ArmorStands posing different actions
    • Help design the map story
  14. Join Message (MOTD)
    • Interesting (square frame)
    • Server Info slot
    • Forum Slot
    • Store Slot
  15. AuthMe (optional)
  • Fully Secure - Via MySql or SqLite
  • Fully Prefixed
Proof of ownership:


Test Server:
(!) : some features don't work because there aren't more servers on the bungeecord proxy.

Skype contact - stefatorus
Discord Id - Stefatorus#9382

Questions & Technical Support:
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