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Tested Minecraft Versions:
Janmm14 (parts of code, testing), geNAZt (parts of code, testing), Celebrimbor (overview, config), konsolas (providing AAC and tips)

Welcome to the overview of my plugin, AACAdditionPro.
This anticheat is different.
It is not a comprehensive anticheat, it does not even fit the definition as a part of a pure anticheat.
But it is one of the most sophisticated addons for an anticheat existing, one which strives to support the main anticheat AAC to a full extent, compensating weak spots of your setup, adding unique checks to protect your server and providing several utilities to make your life easier.
My plugin covers a broad range of applications which reach from easy tasks such as automatic log deletion or convenient automation features like Log-Bot to highly advanced checks such as KillauraEntity, Scaffold and Tower.

It is my hope this plugin can live up to your expectations.
~ Photon

Plugin Support
  • For setup support, use the #aacadditionpro channel on the AAC Discord (follow steps in #welcome to gain access to the AACAdditionPro channel).
  • Please use the official Issue-Tracker if you find issues in the plugin or want to request features.
Private messages and comments on the Discussion page may not be actively checked.

Huge servers trusting this resource:
  • Twerion.net | 300 concurrent players
  • GommeHD.net | 4000 concurrent players
  • LPmitKev.de | 150 concurrent players
  • mc.universocraft.com | 1200 concurrent players
  • play.brover.network | 1000 concurrent players
  • neruxvace.net | 700 concurrent players
If you want to see your server on this list please open an issue on the Issue-Tracker.

  • Relinquished
Please message me if you want to join the donators club.
Donations are always appreciated

AACAdditionPro currently features 18 checks.
  • AutoFish: This check will prevent Auto-Fishing mods (Only available in Minecraft 1.11 and above). It consists of 2 parts which are seperately configurable:
    • Inhuman reaction: Detects robot-like reaction times after a fish bites the lure.
    • Consistency: Detects consistent reaction times over many fishing events.
  • AutoPotion: This check provides a very fast and reliable detection of some AutoPotion cheats (Only available in Minecraft 1.11 and above)
  • Esp: Prevents clients from seeing players through solid blocks by hiding information which cannot be obtained in a legit way. It also considers 3rd person cameras and uses exact hitbox calculations.
    • Even though this check is named "Esp" it will also block all other render modifications such as Tracers, Radar and Nametags.
    • Sneaking-Hider: This will completely hide sneaking players when you cannot see them directly (Available on all versions)
    • Equipment-Hider: This will censor the equipment of a player when you cannot see him directly, thus making it harder for cheaters to estimate the strength of a potential enemy. (Only available in Minecraft 1.11 and above)
  • Fastswitch: This will detect some Autotool and Scaffold mods.
  • GravitationalModifier: Improves the detection of various movement cheats, especially those that rely on faster jumping like b-hops, low-jumps, y-ports and similar speed exploits. Although these are usually already detected by AAC, this check offers a second layer of defense and better detection speed.
  • ImpossibleChat: This check rejects a message if it was sent while the player had an open inventory, was dead or in other situations that make sending a chat message impossible. This is useful if you want to prevent players chatting with illegal client modifications. The check is disabled by default due to potential incompatibilities with some gamemodes.
  • InventoryHeuristics: A powerful machine learning detection for cheaters who otherwise go by unnoticed! This is a framework for the creation and training of neural networks. It applies real machine learning to your server.
    • Checking: InventoryHeuristics has pre-built patterns that a server owner does not need to configure. More patterns will be added over time.
    • The full framework: Inside the config you will find an option to unlock the full framework of the InventoryHeuristics to create and train your own patterns. It is a powerful tool, but does require some initial knowledge of neural networks.
    • Hardcoded patterns: In addition to trained patterns, AACAdditionPro comes with several hardcoded standard patterns, which are not based on a neural network, but instead try to detect some more general behavior associated with cheats.
  • InventoryHit: This check blocks the hitting of other players if an inventory is open. Many Killaura/Triggerbot and AutoArmor clients trigger this check.
  • InventoryMove:
    • Part one of the check detects sprinting/sneaking while an inventory is open.
    • Part two is a packet-check-module that detects walking players and blocks their movement.
  • InventoryRotation: This check detects head movement while having an open inventory. This check detects lots of AutoArmor / AutoItem mods if those are silent.
  • KillauraEntity: This adds advanced entities that are key to catching many Aimbot/Killaura clients. (Please note that 1.8.8 - 1.12.2 setups via ViaVersion are only supported if you deny joining with 1.9 clients. This can be easily set up with VersionControl):
    • Legit movement simulation: The entity has gravity, jumping, velocity and collision simulation. Moreover, it also uses the packet management of a normal Minecraft client.
    • Randomized gear simulation: The entity is not just some naked person floating around you. Armor, equipment, random ping, switching items and joining teams are only some of the features the entities have to trick the more intuitive hack clients.
    • Extensive API and config: The section of the check is by far the largest in my config. Even without knowing java and how to use an API you can refine the entities to a big extent, but if you can use it your possibilities are almost infinite: You can easily spawn and despawn entities, request only items to be equipped that are obtainable in your gamemode, alter the movement engine on the fly and set custom GameProfiles to make skins work.
    • Checking on demand: KillauraEntity can be used solely on demand if configured. In this case, you can use the entitycheck subcommand to invoke a manual check for a specified duration. This is helpful if you do not want a 24/7 visible entity and just want to check users who have triggered checks associated with Killaura.
  • Spoiler: Entity example (default config)
  • MultiInteraction: This check enforces delays between the interactions of a player, thus slowing all inventory cheats down.
  • PacketAnalysis: This check examines the packets sent by a player to detect various modifications.
    • Compare: The main anti-pingspoof check in my plugin. It compares the response times of the client with certain packets to detect malicious delays.
    • EqualRotations: Detects invalid angles sent by the client which are equivalent to the last angle. This detects some mods that modify your server-sided view, such as Tower, Scaffold, Killaura and Aimbot.
    • KeepAlive: This is foundation of the other check and prevents illegal KeepAlive packets from being sent in order to bypass other parts of PacketAnalysis. Moreover it helps to speed up the detection of various cheats.
    • PositionSpoof: A check which main goal is to prevent illegal position packets that may bypass other parts of the check.
  • Pingspoof: This will detect spoofed pings which can be used to partly bypass your setup. Very few anti-cheats have a comparable and reliable check like this. It also increases the detection speed of Derp cheats. This check is disabled by default as PacketAnalysis is going to absorb (and partially already absorbed) Pingspoof's detection methods.
  • Scaffold: A check designed to detect Scaffold, a building cheat popular in games like Bedwars. It consists of multiple parts which can roughly be divided into 2 categories:
    • Average: This will slow down Scaffold-cheats to a speed that is achievable by legit players. In conjunction with reliable AAC checks this part is pretty much unbypassable, and there have not been any bypasses for several months.
    • Behaviour analysis: These checks will try to detect Scaffold by analysing the behaviour of the player detecting most Scaffolds very fast.
  • Skinblinker: This check detects Skinblinker modifications.
  • Teaming: This check alerts you of possible teamers. You can configure it to only flag teams above a certain amount of members (this check is currently in beta).
  • Tower: This check will prevent towering up too fast, one of the last movements that is not completely blocked by AAC. Even pretty slow tower-mods will be detected. Important for almost every server with Bedwars/Eggwars or similar. In conjunction with reliable AAC checks this check is pretty much unbypassable, and there have not been any bypasses for several months.
Please notice that the inventory-checks can only recognize an open inventory when a plugin opens it or the player changes items. Otherwise it is hardly detectable without breaking the achievement system.

AACAdditionPro currently has 1 addition.
  • LogBot automatically deletes log files of your server, AACAdditionPro and AAC that are older than a configurable amount of time. Each category (server, AACAdditionPro, AAC) has its own time-span that can be configured. It also verifies that the deleted files are indeed log files to ensure no accidentially dropped files are deleted.
AACAdditionPro currently has 10 supported mods in ClientControl.

ClientControl can instantly detect some cracked versions of the popular ghost client "Vape" upon login as of a leaked backdoor, a feature that is also used in Hypixel's Watchdog and Badlion's GCheat.

Moreover AACAdditionPro can spoof the health of all living entities, including players, rendering DamageIndicators, HealthTags, and similar mods useless.

Furthermore AACAdditionPro can hook ViaVersion to only let players with a certain client version join your server. Blocking 1.9-1.9.4 clients is required to make your setup compatible with the KillauraEntity check.

Spoiler: What is ClientControl

The full list of supported mods and actions can be found on the bottom of the config-gist.

Commands and Permissions:
  • aac.verbose: Players with this permission will be able to get the verbose messages of AACAdditionPro if verbose is enabled in the config.
  • aacadditionpro.bypass.*: Players with this permission bypass all checks and clientcontrols.
Spoiler: Bypass permission system
  • aacadditionpro.entitycheck: Players with this permission have access to the entitycheck command to invoke a manual entity check (you have to enable this in the config).
  • aacadditionpro.info: Players with this permission have access to the info command to show all violation levels of a player.
  • aacadditionpro.neural: The initial permission for the full framework of InventoryHeuristics
  • aacadditionpro.neural.create: Allows the creation, deletion and renaming of patterns.
  • aacadditionpro.neural.train: Allows the training of patterns.
  • aacadditionpro.tablistremove: This permission grants access to the tablistremove subcommand to temporarily remove a player from someone's else tablist. This can be helpful for catching cheaters with a Killaura.
AACAdditionPro supports tabcompletion of commands and subcommands.
Just type
followed by a space and press tab to get to all subcommands or autocomplete arguments of the desired subcommand.
In order to get a quick overview of the effects of a certain command just type it in without arguments and add ? to make AACAdditionPro show you the command help.

Spoiler: Full list of commands

The AACadditionPro config is heavily commented to explain every option and configurable feature in-depth. For simplicity, AACAdditionPro's config has an identical layout to the AAC config and functions the same with command configuration.

Warning: AACAdditionPro does not auto-update config values, so make sure you check the config revisions after each update and keep up with changes.

Here you can see the default config part for InventoryMove, the latest complete config.yml is available here.

Spoiler: Multi-command-thresholds
Spoiler: Placeholders

In order to get Verbose messages you need to have the verbose option in the config set to true and you need to have the permission aac.verbose.

AACAdditionPro always needs the latest build of AAC and recommended build of Protocollib.

Minecraft versions 1.9-1.10.2 are not supported.

Minecraft versions below 1.8.8 are NOT supported as well. Please update to 1.8.8, this also fixes several critical security and crashing issues.

This plugin is not compatible with reloads. Please restart your server.

While AACAdditionPro will function on most major release versions of MC, more recent versions will generally run better since more tools for optimizing have become available.

AACAdditionPro has an extensive api with a main class and several events.

The API of AACAdditionPro allows to set violation levels of a player as well as disable and enable checks and additions while the server is running.

This event is called once the plugin is loaded and ready for hooks.

Called after joining with a client that is covered by ClientControl and can be detected.

This event is called when a player is detected by a pattern of InventoryHeuristics. It can be used to disable specific patterns, nerf or buff them by modifying the confidence or any other task you want to connect to the check.

This event gets called when a command is executed from the config and can be cancelled.

The basic event that gets called on a violation and can be cancelled.

The KillauraEntityAddon-system allows you to take full control over the spawned entities in the KillauraEntity check.

When downloading this plugin you agree to the following
Terms of Service:

  1. You are not permitted to redistribute the plugin in any form, including as a part of any software package.
  2. You are not permitted to deobfuscate or decompile or modify the plugin in any form.
  3. You will not receive any refunds.
  4. You will not file a chargeback, dispute, or perform any similar action. Doing so will result in your licence revoked along with further action from SpigotMC
    1. The exception to this is if you have already contacted SpigotMC, and they have approved a chargeback. If this is the case, we will gladly refund your money.
  5. You agree to make an effort to get help (by opening a ticket in the issue tracker and waiting at least 48 hours for my response) if you are having problems before leaving a review. You will not ask for features in the reviews
  6. We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this.
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