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SpigotMC Plugin ⭐BuildBattlePro⭐ [1.8-1.12.2] 4.5.4

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
Languages Supported:
  • Multi-Version compatibility [1.8 - NEWEST (1.12.2)]
  • Multi-Arena / BungeeCord support
  • BungeeCord features like:
    • Auto Joining players into first available arena
    • Sending players back to specified server
    • Automatic server MOTD changing
  • Easy and effortless setup
  • Translate almost everything to your own language
  • Setup game length to your own likely
  • Fancy in-game and main lobby Non-Flickering Scoreboard
  • Join arenas through GUI menu or command
  • No limit of creating arenas
  • Command Whitelist
  • Unlimited themes
    • Solo and Team themes
    • Restriced themes.
  • Solo/Team mode
  • NEW Super Votes
    • Players can super vote for theme they want if they have any super vote
    • Give or take super votes from or to player
  • Loading plugin later
    • If you have a server with lot of plugins and BuildBattlePro is not being loaded properly, you can use this feature to delay plugin's load !
  • VIP Permissions
    • Joining full arenas
    • More coming soon on your requests !
  • GUI Arena Editor
    • New amazing in-game Arena Editor
    • Edit all arenas with ease
    • Edit arena mode, minimum players, game time, team size or even delete an arena !
  • Parties
    • Players can create parties to play with friends together !
    • Smart automatic managing of parties(Join together, disband if player leaves, assign free team for party)
    • Set maximum party size in config
    • Flexible party size depending on permission !
    • Smart invitation system and handling of parties
  • Change Floor NPCs
    • Requires Citizens plugin
    • When player Right/Left click this NPC with item in hand, it will change floor of his plot !
    • Create Change Floor NPCs with ease
    • Unlimited amount of Change Floor NPCs
  • Leaderboards:
    • Leaderboards strictly requires HolographicDisplays plugin
    • Easy managing leaderboards with commands
    • Automatic smart updating system of leaderboards
    • Set how many players will be displayed
    • Set your own refresh time
    • Custom format of leaderboards
    • Create unlimited leaderboards
  • Signs
    • Auto-Join signs
    • Custom signs design
    • Smart automatic sign update system with updating also block behind signs
    • Unlimited signs per arena
  • Reports
    • Players can report inappropriate builds during voting
    • NEW Saving of reported builds schematics!
    • Smart report system - Cannot report someone twice, cannot report your build, anti-spam report system
    • NEW Reports GUI - Check and manage all reports with ease!
  • PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI support
    • buildbattlepro_wins - Shows wins
    • buildbattlepro_played - Shows played times
    • buildbattlepro_most_points - Shows most points
    • buildbattlepro_blocks_placed - Shows blocks placed
    • buildbattlepro_particles_placed - Shows particles placed
    • buildbattlepro_super_votes - Shows super votes amount
  • Rewards
    • After-game rewards (PointsAPI, Vault)
    • Want another rewards ? PM me, I will add them!
  • GUI Theme Voting
    • Vote for theme you wish to build
    • Voting for themes with live percentage in GUI ! See GIF in "Screenshots" section.
  • Player's statistics:
    • MySQL / Flat file support
    • Played games
    • Wons
    • Most Points gained
    • Blocks Placed
    • Particles Placed
    • Super Votes
  • Smart arena handling system and automatic resets
  • Advanced in-game build options which includes:
    • Banner creator
      • Create your own banners easily !
      • Includes all banner patterns and colors !
    • Changing plot biome
      • Plains, Mesa, Ocean, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Swamp, Savanna
      • Asynchronous changing of biomes ! No need to reconnect !
    • Changing plot floor
    • Changing plot time
    • Changing plot weather
    • Particles
    • Clearing whole plot
    • Decoration Heads
      • Fully customizable categories
      • Fully customizable menu
      • Unlimited heads in each categories
      • Fancy menu design
  • Lot of cool in-game effects:
    • Voting sounds
    • Countdown sounds
    • Winning fireworks
    • XP-Bar Countdown during voting
    • Titles
    • Green particles around created plot (in setupping arenas)
  • Frequently updated resource with support ready for you anytime !
  • Developer API
Player Commands:
  • Arena Commands:
    • /bb join » Automatic join first available arena
    • /bb join <arena> » Join specified arena
    • /bb join <solo/team> » Automatic join first available solo/team arena
    • /bb leave » Leave your current arena
    • /bb list » Open up GUI with all arenas
    • NEW /bb list <team/solo> » Open up GUI with all solo/team arenas
  • Other Commands:
    • /bb help » Show list of available player commands
    • /bb stats » Show your BuildBattle stats
  • Party Commands:
    • /bb party invite <player> » Invite player to your party
    • /bb party accept » Accept invitation to party
    • /bb party decline » Decline invitation to party
    • /bb party leave » Leave your current party
Admin Commands:
  • Leaderboard Commands:
    • /bb lb create <type> » Create leaderboards with specified type
    • /bb lb select » Select leaderboard closest to you to manage
    • /bb lb teleport » Teleports leaderboard to your location
    • /bb lb delete » Delete your selected leaderboards
    • /bb lb refresh » Manually refresh all leaderboards
  • Arena Commands:
    • /bb create <name> <solo/team> » Create a solo/team Arena
    • /bb delete <name> » Delete an Arena
    • /bb addplot <name> » Add build plot for arena (must have selection)
    • /bb delplot <name> » Remove last added plot in specified arena
    • /bb setlobby <name> » Set arena waiting lobby location
    • /bb start » Start arena you are currently in
    • /settheme <theme> » Force set-theme for current arena
    • /bb start <name> » Start specified arena
    • /bb start <name> <theme> » Start specified arena with specified theme
    • /bb stop » Stop arena you are currently in
    • /bb stop <name> » Stop specified arena
  • Other Commands:
    • NEW /bb supervote <give/take> <player> <amount> » Give/Take super votes to/from player
    • NEW /bb reports » Manage all reports
    • /bb addnpc » Create Change Floor NPC
    • /bb setmainlobby » Set main lobby location
    • /bb exportstats » Export players stats from stats.yml to MySQL
    • /bb help » Show list of available admin commands
    • /bb reload » Reload plugin
    • /bb editor » Open arena editor
    • /bb version » See which version are you running
  • buildbattlepro.admin - Admin permission. Allows to reload plugin, start / stop game, and reload plugin. Default given to all OP's
  • buildbattlepro.* - Permission for everything in this plugin
  • buildbattlepro.create - Permission for creating and setting arenas and managing arenas plots
  • - Permissions for creating parties. Default given to all OPs.
  • buildbattlepro.joinfull - Permission to join full arenas. Default given to all OPs.
  • buildbattlepro.player - Player permissions, includes join, leave, and using in-game build options. Default given to all players.
  • buildbattlepro.settheme - Permission that allows to force-set themes. Default given to all OPs.
  • buildbattlepro.start - Permission that allows to start arenas. Default given to all OPs.
  • buildbattlepro.stop - Permission that allows to stop arenas. Default given to all OPs.
  • buildbattlepro.bypass - Permission that allows to bypass using only BuildBattle commands in game. Default given to all OPs.
  • buildbattlepro.manage.reports - Permission that allows player to watch and manage all reports. Default given to all OPs.
  • NEW* - Permission that allows to have unlimited players in your party. Default given to all OPs.
  • NEW<amount> - Permission that allows to have up to <amount> players in your party.
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