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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
Turrets is a plugin which allows players to build automatic firing turrets to defend their base. Turrets are easy to build, but by default, somewhat costly to upgrade. You can upgrade a turret by right clicking it and place upgrades into it. By default emeralds upgrade damage, diamonds upgrade range, iron adds ammo, chests increase ammo capacity, and gold increases health.

Build or destroy
Turrets can be destroyed by the owner via command, with a weapon or your fist, or explosions. To build a turret simply put any skull item on top of a normal fence. Turrets will have the head of the player who created the turret (unless disabled in the config)

What do they shoot?
A turret will only target one player / mob by default, but you can set it up to attack everything around it at once. Turrets can also attack hostile mobs. If you want to use turrets on only one world you can add banned worlds to the config.

Premium player capabilities?
Turrets also has a premium permission which gives players access to build more turrets or unlimited turrets. This can be used to encourage voting or donating to your server.

Destroying a turret
Turrets may seem over powered with the default settings. They are very powerful, but since they provide a warning to players within a turrets range, players can strategically build up to a turret to destroy it. All arrow types have been tested with the default maxed out turrets, and they are able to be destroyed using a normal set of diamond armor.

How do they shoot
Arrows shot from turrets are spawned directly one block above the turret skull. Keep this in mind when setting turrets up in your base. Also ammo does not get subtracted unless it successfully hits a target. This is to avoid players from manipulating the AI to force it to lose ammo without getting hit.

Arrow types
Turrets also have multiple arrow types. Each type may be useful in a specific situation. Each arrow type has a different inaccuracy and/or a different minimum range.
  1. Normal: 0.5 Inaccuracy - 0 Minimum Range
  2. Explode: 7 Inaccuracy - 6 Minimum Range
  3. Blindness: 2 Inaccuracy - 0 Minimum Range
  4. Poison: 6 Inaccuracy - 5 Minimum Range
  5. Fire: 5 Inaccuracy - 0 Minimum Range
  6. Slowness: 2 Inaccuracy - 3 Minimum Range
  7. Gravity: 2 Inaccuracy - 0 Minimum Range
Exploding arrows will explode on impact, but will not destroy blocks. Blindness arrows will make a player go blind for a few seconds. Poison arrows will make a person have poison for a few seconds. Fire arrows will make a person burn. Slowness arrows will give a player the slowness potion effect for a few seconds. Gravity arrows will pull a person toward the turret with each successful hit. Each arrow type can be disabled. The default arrow type will always bypass any disabled arrow types, so be sure to change the default arrow type based on what arrow types are enabled.

Adding Upgrades:
Upgrades can be added to a turret in two different ways. You can use a command (explained in the commands section), or you can use the turret GUI. To use the turret GUI right click a turret and click on the upgrade you want to add or setting you want to change. The only time upgrades can not be added, is if it is fully upgraded or you do not have the items needed for that upgrade.

Other information about turrets
Turrets will not fire on faction members if you have factions installed. Turrets will also make a gun like sound effect when shooting.
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