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SpigotMC Plugin ⭐ [60% SALE] WildTools ⭐ Trench & Tray Pickaxes, Sell Wands, Harvester Hoes and more! 2.4.0 2.4.0

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Spoiler: More Information
tools give <player-name> <tool-name> [amount] - Gives a tool to a specific player.
tools info <tool-name> - Checks information about each tool.
tools reload - Reload the settings and the language files.

wildtools.* - Gives access to all the command.
wildtools.use - Gives access to use the custom tools.
wildtools.give - Gives access to give tools to other players. - Gives access to get information about tools.
wildtools.reload - Gives access to reload all configuration files.
wildtools.sellmode - Give access to use harvester sell mode

Updated config.yml | Updated lang.yml
API Usage

Fully Customizable Tools
Trench Pickaxes
Tray Pickaxes
Wall Wands
Sell Wands
Harvester Hoes
Cannon Wands
Hooks up with any plugin that preventing block breaks
Whitelist & Blacklist Blocks
Whitelist & Blacklist Drops
All Messages are Customizable
All Settings are Customizable
Supports 1.7 - 1.13.2
First release
Last update
3.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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