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SpigotMC Plugin ✦ Eggwars/Bedwars X ✦ [Solo, Teams, Kits, Trails, Leaderboards, Mysterybox, Parties] 3.4

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
* Please read the entire page before purchasing, especially the agreement found at the bottom of the page! * I do not take most suggestions, so view what you can do and can not do carefully, and ask me about any concern before purchasing

Eggwars X: The ultimate fun game! Create parties and join teams along with your friends and protect your egg with your life! Upgradeable generators will give you the materials needed to buy all the good gear and needed items for survival from the villagers around the map. Attack other islands and destroy their egg to prevent them from respawning and eliminate their team! Gather coins through winning and unlocking achievements and buy new kits and trails through the shop or the mystery box!

This plugin is mainly designed to be an Eggwars plugin however it can be used as a Bedwars plugin! Read the full features list to get a better idea!

Check out my other projects as well!
Skywars X, SurvivalGames, KitBattle Advanced, Hide and Seek, One In The Battle Advanced

Before you get into the features and get all excited, please read the following.
  • Please read the FULL page before purchasing.
    This is so that you don't purchase the plugin, and regret doing so because of a missing feature, or because you misunderstood what the plugin has to offer
  • The reviews section is NOT the place to be asking for help in. When you are in need of help, please use the discussion area, or send me a private message.
  • Purchasing this plugin means that you agree to the plugin agreement found at the bottom of the page!
  • This plugin is VERY customizable, but NOT FULLY, so if you need to translate every single text or letter, you either have to purchase the source, or look else where.
  • Not all of suggestions will be taken into consideration. If I feel only you would benefit out of your suggestion it will probably not be added. so some suggestions will straight up be denied and probably never added. and customization requests WILL most likely be rejected. So view what you can change and what you can not CAREFULLY.

  • Fully independent and can work by it self
  • You can create as many arenas as you want, and you can have multiple arenas in the same world, you can also give each arena a set of potion effects
  • Bungee Mode! The plugin can run along with other plugins, such as factions or survivalgames, But it can also dedicate the server to itself and force players to join the lobby of the game as soon as they join the server! If you want them to join straight to the lobby of an arena and have the server restarting with the motd being updated then you can also do this by enabling bungee mode and having only 1 arena in the server
  • Built in world manager, you can create, delete, import, backup, restore, tp, setspawn, list, worlds.
  • Create arenas with ease and efficiency
  • You can change the core block type, for example you could change the egg to a bed or anything else
  • Join signs, Auto join signs, Leave signs, Leaderboard signs!
  • Create leaderboards for many stats! kills, coins, deaths, wins, modifier, projectiles hit, player exp, blocks placed, blocks broken, eggs broken, and you can also display a skull above the signs
  • Join the arenas through a sign or a gui that shows a list of arenas with some information about them
  • Kits! You can create kits with any items you want and sell them as well, and customize their rarity in the mystery box
  • Trails! Creates trails that follow projectiles launched by players and sell them in the shop and customize their rarity in the mystery box
  • Awesome shop where you can sell kits and trails
  • Parties system! All done through a gui, You can create a party and invite players, Only the party leader can join a game or leave a game, members follow the leader actions.
  • You can send messages to party members only by starting your message with an exclamation mark
  • Command aliases!
  • Lobby countdown shortening system! If the arena has a certain number of players the timer will be shortened to begin faster
  • Players can not break blocks below team mates
  • Achievements! customize the achievements requirements and awards, and view the achievements in a cool scrollable gui
  • A profile gui where you can see all of your stats and your unlocked kits and trails and achievements
  • A mystery box with a cool unlocking animation! You can customize the chance of each rarity and the chance of getting a kit or a trail.
  • Awesome scoreboards that you can change the text of, but not the order.
  • Spectators! Once players die they become spectators and watch the game, spectators can teleport to players and view their inventory, and can instantly join new games
  • You can spectate active games!
  • A team selector tool to join a specific team
  • Voting system! You can vote for Weather, Health, and Shop items, and each of these categories has its own permission!
  • You can make any block in the arena a generator, and you can make it generate any item in the game, at any speed you like.
  • Generators can be upgraded to generate items faster and you can customize each upgrade level requirements and improvements
  • Broken generators! you can mark some generators as broken and set the required item to activate them
  • A customizable limit for how many times a player can kill the same player in the same match to prevent farming kills
  • You can customize the items that the villager shop sells, and create/delete categories as you like. you can also create different villager shops that people can vote for.
  • You can shift click in the villager shop to spend all the materials you have (Quick purchase of large quantities)
  • Special items! The plugin offers some items that have special effects on use, such as a Teleporter that takes you back to your spawnpoint and a player tracker and a bridge builder and more! as of the version 1.7 there are 7 special items that can be disabled if desired.
  • Arenas that you create can be Solo, or Teams of any size you want!
  • Deathmatch! Where if the time reaches a certain amount, all eggs will automatically be destroyed
  • Players can not break arena blocks, and can not place blocks next to villagers and spawners.
  • You can spawn mobs that target your enemies or protect your base, and you can also equip them with armor and weapons
  • Killstreaks! you can run certain commands once a player reaches a specified kills amount in the config, and the player level also indicates the killstreak
  • Autojoin command/signs that will put the players in the best available arena
  • Enderchests are shared between team members
  • You can customize most of the plugin messages, death messages, scoreboard texts, inventory names, signs format, arena states, items, titles text
  • The plugin contains a broadcaster system that announces certain messages every x seconds
  • Set the coins/exp modifier of players to any number you want
  • Amazing rollback system that rollbacks arenas effectively and quickly with little to no lag, using custom class to decrease memory usage, and a queue system to prevent overloading the server
  • Lightweight cooldown system
  • Edit arenas on the fly!
  • Supports UUID and normal names
  • Built in coins system, but it can also use vault economy
  • A fireworks ending, and you can also give the winners a map and display a custom image on it, and chat will also display the top killers
  • A warning system to prevent spectators from affecting the game
  • You can show the health of the target when hitting it with a bow
  • You can separate the spectators chat, team chat, and the lobby chat!
  • You can have holographic timers above the generators
  • Generators can be automatically upgraded at certain times
  • You can sell kits and trails that you no longer need
  • You can create permissions that allow players to have more slots per party
  • 20 Default kit, 22 Default trail, 46 Default achievement
  • MySQL Support and normal files support
  • Ranks! players earn exp and rank up until they reach the maximum rank which is configurable, you can also run your own commands when a player reaches a certain rank
  • You can customize the commands executed on players when the arena starts or when players win
  • You can have an animated scoreboard title
  • Titles and Action Bar support through TitleManager
  • API and Events to allow other developers to make addons!
  • PlaceholderAPI Support!
  • MVdWPlaceholderAPI Support!
  • Holograms support! you can make holographic stats and a holographic leaderboard through HolographicDisplays
  • An update checker to keep you alert inside your game!
  • Lightweight on the server
  • Smooth, well designed, and created to be able to handle large amount of players
  • Im wondering if you are still reading... but im sure you get the point eh? The plugin cotains features upon features!

This plugin is highly customizable, but not fully. so be aware of that! and please don't complain about that as I have seen too many people talk about it in my other minigames :l, which becomes bothering after a while
So... here is an example of some of the files created by the plugin. You will be able to see what you can change and what you can not!

Spoiler: Version 2.7 Files

Format: /Command -> Permission -> Description
  • /Eggwars | /ew -> None -> Shows a list of commands
  • /Eggwars join -> None -> Puts you in the game lobby
  • /Eggwars leave -> None -> Removes you from the game!
  • /Eggwars autojoin -> None -> Puts you in the best available arena
  • /Eggwars list -> None -> Shows a list of arenas and other information
  • /Eggwars admin -> eggwars.admin -> Shows a list of admin commands
  • /Eggwars setlobby -> eggwars.setlobby -> Sets the lobby location
  • /Eggwars wand -> eggwars.wand -> Gives you a selection wand
  • /Eggwars create -> eggwars.create -> Creates a new arena
  • /Eggwars delete -> eggwars.delete -> Deletes an existing arena
  • /Eggwars setteamspawn -> eggwars.setteamspawn -> Sets a team spawn
  • /Eggwars removeteamspawn -> eggwars.removeteamspawn -> Removes a team spawn
  • /Eggwars setteamegg -> eggwars.setteamegg -> Sets a team egg
  • /Eggwars removeteamegg -> eggwars.removeteamegg -> Removes a team egg
  • /Eggwars addspawner -> eggwars.addspawner -> Adds a spawner to the arena
  • /Eggwars removespawner -> eggwars.removespawner -> Removes a spawner from the arena
  • /Eggwars addvillager -> eggwars.addvillager -> Adds a villager to the arena
  • /Eggwars removevillager -> eggwars.removevillager -> Removes a villger from the arena!
  • /Eggwars setspectators -> eggwars.setspectators -> Sets the location that spectators teleport to
  • /Eggwars updateregion -> eggwars.updateregion -> Updates an arena region!
  • /Eggwars worldmanager / wm -> eggwars.worldmanager -> shows a list of world management commands!
  • /Eggwars start -> eggwars.start -> Force an arena to start
  • /Eggwars stop -> eggwars.stop -> Force an arena to stop
  • /Eggwars coins -> eggwars.coins -> Modifies a player coins
  • /Eggwars setmodifier -> eggwars.setmodifier -> Changes a player modifier
  • /Eggwars holograms -> eggwars.holograms -> Manages holographic features
  • /Eggwars reset -> eggwars.reset -> Resets a player stats!
  • /Eggwars edit -> eggwars.edit -> Allows arena modifications
  • /Eggwars editmode -> eggwars.editmode -> Allows the user to modify surroundings in bungeemode
  • /Eggwars reload -> eggwars.reload -> Reloads the plugin

A video by me on version 2.2

Thanks for @CroNexusGamer for this gameplay on version 1.9!

You first want to set the lobby location by doing /ew setlobby
so that when players do /ew join they will be teleported there
now you should create some arenas

Assuming that you do not have multiverse, and your map is not loaded, you could use the command /ew worldmanager import <Map> and then teleport to it with /ew worldmanager tp <Map>

start by using /ew wand and use the tool given to select the 2 corners surrounding your map.
Once you have selected the 2 corners, create the arena using /ew create <name> <team size> <min teams>
This will create a new arena with your defined name.
Team size is the amount of players per team, if it was set to 1 then the arena is basically solo
Min teams is the minimum amount of teams required for the game to start the countdown.

Once the creation process is over, you can now start adding teams, and to do that you have to set the team spawnpoint and egg location. Go to the team island and set the spawnpoint with /ew setteamspawn <Arena> <Team Color>, Team color is the color of the team, and can only be one of the chat colors, such as blue, red, yellow, light_purple, aqua, green....
and to set the team egg, you have to look at the egg and do the command /ew setteamegg <Arena> <Team Color>, once these 2 steps are done, the team will be registered.

Now you need to mark the generators. look at the block that you want to mark as a generator and use the command /ew addspawner <Arena> <Material> <Speed in ticks> <Broken>
The material is the item that will be spawned, such as IRON_INGOT, EMERALD, DIAMOND, and it can be anything really, even GRASS
Speed in ticks is how frequently this generator will spawn an item, 10 ticks is 0.5 seconds, while 40 ticks is 2 seconds (1 second = 20 ticks)
Broken is a true or false value that indicates whether a generator works by default or needs to be fixed by players, if it is false that means it is not broken and works by default

* It is recommended that before you add the generators and set their speeds that you check the villager_shop.yml. The generators should link well with the villager shop, what i mean by this is that for example, if the IRON_INGOT generators are very fast, that means that iron_ingot is a common item and should not award high end items. while a generator that is slow for example 600 ticks, should provide decent items in the villager shop

You also want to add the villagers, which can be done with a simple /ew addvillager <Arena>, these villagers act as shops

* If you have made any changes to the arena blocks after creating it, you should update it with /ew updateregion <Arena> and it will probably ask you to set the 2 corners again.

* You can set the location that spectators teleport to, but this step is not necessary. To set the location you use the command /ew setspectators <Arena>

Lastly, you need to set the lobby location of the arena where players will wait and vote for stuff until the arena starts, this can be easily done with /ew setlobby <Arena>

After you are finished you can use /ew edit <Arena> to enable the arena and change some other settings.

Bungee mode setup! for this all you have to do is the same steps as before, you should make some maps and when you think that you have enough, go to config.yml and enable bungeemode. This plugin will only be on your game server and NOT in your hub server, if you want to join through signs from your hub server, then you need to have a plugin such as TeleportSigns in your hub

Thanks to @uberstudioshd for this awesome English tutorial!

Thanks to @Leonardo0013YT for this Spanish tutorial

Thanks to @CroNexusGamer for this English tutorial!

To create Eggwars signs, the first line has to be [EW]

To create join signs for the lobby, second line has to be 'join'

To create join signs for arenas, second line has to be 'join'
while the third line must define the arena name

To create leave signs, second line has to be 'leave'

To create autojoin signs, second line has to be 'autojoin'
In this type of signs, you can leave the third line empty, or you can specify 'Solo' or 'Team'

To create leaderboard signs, second line has to be 'top' while the third line must define the stat that you want the plugin to order players stats by. and fourth line is the rank you are looking for!

This will display the top killer!
for a list of stats that you can use, simply keep the third line empty and the plugin will show you a list.

You can also add a skull above the sign, and when the leaderboard updates, the skull will display players skins

Spoiler: Pictures

Spoiler: Gif


The placeholders mentioned below are for PlaceholderAPI, if you want to use MVdWPlaceholderAPI placeholders then use the same placeholders below but replace the first % with { and replace the last % with }


Not player specific placeholders:
%eggwars_player_count% - Gives the total amount of players in eggwars
%eggwars_parties_count% - Gives the total amount of parties created
%eggwars_lobby_players_count% Gives the total amount of players in the lobby
%eggwars_arenas_count% Gives the total amount of arenas created
%eggwars_kits_count% Gives the total amount of kits created
%eggwars_trails_count% Gives the total amount of trails created

Player specific placeholders:
%eggwars_kills%, %eggwars_coins%, %eggwars_deaths%, %eggwars_wins%, %eggwars_modifier%, %eggwars_projectiles_launched%, %eggwars_projectiles_hit%, %eggwars_player_exp%, %eggwars_player_rank%, %eggwars_blocks_placed%, %eggwars_blocks_broken%, %eggwars_eggs_broken%, %eggwars_arena%, %eggwars_party_leader%, %eggwars_selected_kit%, %eggwars_selected_trail%, %eggwars_team_colorcode%

Early versions of the plugin may face some issues or errors, please do not instantly hate on the plugin and instead contact me and i will work on fixing them
Use the discussion area to report issues. This is the biggest plugin i have made so far and chances of mistakes are higher.

Default configurations are provided as a gift. If you do not like them do not complain and instead change them to the way you like.

Any plugin that prevents teleporting while in combat or uses scoreboard features such as teams and prefixes may conflict with Eggwars

Potions may not work on all servers due to the id changes

Using mysql is highly recommended as it increases the performance and protects you from some issues

If you want Titles or Action bar features you need to install TitleManager

If you want any holographic feature, you will need to install HolographicDisplays

If you want to use the Holographic Stats feature, you will need to install HolographicDisplays along ProtocolLib

There are some extra permissions!
eggwars.admin to view admin commands and receive update notifications
eggwars.createsigns to create eggwars signs
eggwars.breaksigns to break eggwars signs
eggwars.unblockcmds to be able to use commands while in game to be able to vote for health to able to vote for the shop items to able to vote for the arena time

If vault is enabled in the config, Leaderboards will not show 'Coins' as the player vault money, and instead it will still display the player coins

Massive thank you to CroNexusGamer for providing me with some ideas and creating the default villager shop as well as some of the artwork

Massive thank you to Il_Picasso from
for providing me a great testing server!

Ask about any concern in the discussion area or in a private message before purchasing.

Im sorry for any grammar mistakes! im not English.

Before posting a negative review, please ask for help!

You can access the api with -> EggwarsAPI api = Eggwars.api;
- api.getPlayerData(Player p); -> returns the player playerdata which holds all of his stats (Everything can be modified)
- api.isInArena(Player p);
- api.isSpectating(Player p);
- api.isPlaying(Player p);
- api.getTeam(Player p); //Returns a scoreboard team
- api.getArenaName(Player p);
- api.getTeams(String arenaName); //Returns a list of all the registered teams
- api.translateChatColorToColor(ChatColor cc); //Returns a color that hold the rgb values (Which can be used to dye leather armor)
- api.getItemStack(String itemString, boolean amount, boolean extras); //Used to read the plugin item format which is 'ITEM
URABILITY : AMOUNT : EXTRAS' if the item string contains an amount then the boolean should be true, if the item string contains enchantments and what not then the extras boolean should be true
- api.getItemStackString(ItemStack item); //Returns a string that can be read by the getItemStack() method

Now for the methods that are a little more complicated

Code (Text):

//Getting top players
//First you have to load all players data, this should be Async

try {
HashMap<String, String> playersData = api.getAllPlayersData();

//You can now get top players out of the playersData, ordered by a specfic stat
//If the third argument (int) is bigger than the amount of entries in the playersData hashmap, it will be filled with 'NO_PLAYER'

List<Entry<String, Integer>> top = api.getTopPlayers(playersData, Stat.KILLS, 10);

//Top now contains the top 10 players, ordered by their kills stat
//Entry key is the player name, and the entry value is their score

for(int i = 0; i < top.size(); i++){
Bukkit.broadcastMessage("# " + (i+1) + " is " + top.get(i).getKey() + " with a score of " + top.get(i).getValue());

} catch (SQLException e){

//If you want to modify offline players stats, then you have to use a different method, because you can't use the PlayerData class on offline players
//The following method returns true if the stat was updated, and it returns false if the player name wasn't found or the stat wasn't updated for some reason
//The boolean at the end 'increment' is whether you want to SET their stat to the give value, or you want to add it up

try {
boolean updated = api.modifyOfflinePlayerStat("Wazup92", Stat.COINS, 50, true);
} catch (SQLException e){


- EWArenaStartEvent
- EWArenaStopEvent
- EWPlayerJoinArenaEvent
- EWPlayerLeaveArenaEvent

Why is my holographic stats colliding with other players holographic stats?

When you buy this plugin, you agree to the following terms!
  • You are buying a digital good that can not be returned whatsoever, meaning you are not allowed to request a refund at any time.
  • You are not allowed to redistribute the plugin on other websites or with your friends.
  • Im not obligated to update the plugin every so often. you buy the plugin as is and do not expect anything extra, nor do you expect that your suggestions have to be done or even be considered.
  • Source costs additional money
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