✦ DeluxeHeads ✦ | 17,000 Heads | Economy support | Search Menu | Updated daily [1.8 - 1.13]

SpigotMC Plugin ✦ DeluxeHeads ✦ | 17,000 Heads | Economy support | Search Menu | Updated daily [1.8 - 1.13] 2.2.3

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✓ Updater - A built-in update checker will look for a newer updated version on each server startup.
✓ Categories - There are nice categories for heads to let you easily pick the heads you want quickly.
✓ Search - Search over thousands (17,000) unique heads with an easy to use clean search menu.
✓ Active - DeluxeHeads is currently active and will be updated frequently for the best experience.
✓ Economy - Economy resources are supported, you can sell, buy or trade heads in an economy.
✓ Cheap - DeluxeHeads is being sold for cheap compared to the other premium heads resources.
✓ Versions - All versions are supported from 1.8 to 1.13 including protocol hacks and snapshots.
✓ Support - Request amazing support through Discord or private messages with a quick response.
✓ Commands - There are tons of nice commands which you can use for anything in this resource.
✓ Addons - Everyone can easily create addons for anything with the built-in calls and methods.
✓ Placeholders - Placeholders are included and supported by default, but you can always add more.
✓ Cracked - DeluxeHeads does support online and offline mode servers including UUID support.
✓ Customize - You can customize everything, from settings and menus to languages and heads.
✓ Hooks - DeluxeHeads can hook into a lot of supported dependencies for more awesome features.
✓ Performance - DeluxeHeads has a minimal CPU and memory usage which means it is not heavy.
✓ Compatible - Heads work really perfectly and can be stored in vaults, crates, votings, and everything.
✓ Source - You can easily contribute to help the development of DeluxeHeads on the repository.
✓ Coffee - Your money is being spent on a cute student that wants to buy a cup of nice hot coffee.
✓ Statcher - Instead of stack traces, DeluxeHeads tells you what is wrong and avoids errors.
✓ Explore - Explore it yourself because there are tons of more awesome features you can find out.

Spoiler: Click for screenshots.

This file allows you to configure every setting including ecomomy support.

This file allows you to configure every menu to your own nice preference.

This file allows you to configure (or translate) messages and color formats.

Click below here to view the documentation which is currently outdated.
Spoiler: Click for documentation (old).

Heads menu will open with the categories as shown in the screenshots.
Permission: deluxeheads.menu, deluxeheads.category.[category]
/deluxeheads search [query]
Search for accurate heads quickly based from your query parameters.
Permission: deluxeheads.search
/deluxeheads get [name]
Get a specific head from a player or a mob based on the head name.
Permission: deluxeheads.get

/deluxeheads reload
Reload all files instantly or create them if they do not exist or corrupted.
Permission: deluxeheads.reload

/deluxeheads add [name] [category] [displayname]
Add a specific custom head into a category (creates it if it does not exist).
Permission: deluxeheads.add

/deluxeheads hand [category] [name]
Add the head in your hand into a category (creates if it does not exist).
Permission: deluxeheads.hand

/deluxeheads remove
Remove menu will open to manually remove, disable and delete heads.
Permission: deluxeheads.remove

/deluxeheads random [player]
Gives the online player from the parameter a random head from the menu.
Permission: deluxeheads.random
/deluxeheads cost [amount]
Economy menu will open where you can set the price for specific heads.
Permission: deluxeheads.cost

/deluxeheads rename [name]
Rename menu will open where you can rename the head from the menu.
Permission: deluxeheads.rename
/deluxeheads id
Sends you a quick message with the head ID of the head in your hand.
Permission: deluxeheads.id

/deluxeheads give [id] [player] [amount]
Gives the online player from the parameter a head from your parameters.
Permission: deluxeheads.give
/deluxeheads categorycost [amount]
Economy menu will open to let you set a cost for a category you select.
Permission: deluxeheads.categorycost
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